The love of my life


2. Meeting the kids

Lexis P.O.V.

I'm walking to my locker at the end of the day and JC and Sam come next to me and puts his arm around my shoulder.

JC-Hey gorgeous


JC- What are you doing after school today?

Lexi-What I do every single day. I'm going to get Hannah and Troy from school right now then I'm home with them the rest of the day! You guys should come over!

JC-Text me when you leave their daycare

I drive to their daycare and when I get in Hannah runs over to me and hugs me and Troy runs over and hugs my leg since I'm holding Hannah. I tell to go get their backpacks and I go sign them out. I take one of both of their hands like I always do and we walk out to the car and I put Hannah in her car seat and tell Troy to get in his while I buckle Hannah and he does.

Troy-Momma I really missed you today!

Lexi-Mommy missed you too buddy! Mommy misses you every day when she's at school!

I kiss his nose and he laughs

Lexi- Mommys friends are coming over for a little while today so you'll get to play with them for a little while!

Hannah-What their names momma?

Lexi-Their names are JC and Sam

I get into the front seat and text JC

Text to JC- I'm leaving there daycare now

Text from JC- Okay beautiful! Tell them I can't wait to meet them 😄

Lexi-JC is excited to meet you guys!

Troy- I'm excited mommy!

We get to my aunts house and I unbuckle Troy and give him a raspberry on his belly and he laughs and I unbuckle Hannah and give her a raspberry and she laughs. The kids run around on the driveway while we wait for Sam and JC to get there. I get out the chalk for them and Troy sits in my lap. He draws a picture and says momma you like my picture and I say I do buddy!

JC and Sam drive up and Sam gets out of the car and JC does too and they both walk over to me Sam tries to give me a hug.

JC-I get to hug her first

I laugh and JC gives me a long hug and I smile and I hug him back and he whispers into my ear hi beautiful and I smile

He let's go of me finally and looks at Troy and Troy walks over to him and he puts his arms up

Lexi-He wants you to pick him up

JC picks him up

JC-What's your name buddy?

Troy-My names Troy Anthony Jacobsen and I'm three years old

JC-Well Troy Anthony Jacobsen my names JC Andrew Caylen and I'm 19 years old

Sam sits next to me and Hannah walks over and sits in his lap and I laugh

Lexi-Hannah sweetie you have to ask if it's ok if you sit on his lap first!

She gets up

Hannah-Can I sit on your lap?

Sam-Of course come here cutie

She sits on his lap and he holds her

Lexi- I'll be right back I'm gonna go change fast

I go inside and go upstairs to my room and get changed.

JC's P.O.V.

Troy- Is my mommy your girlfriend?

JC-No buddy but I wish she was!

Troy-You should ask her to be your girlfriend!

JC-I don't know buddy!

Lexi comes back outside and sits on the ground and Sam is holding Hannah and I'm holding Troy. I can't stop looking at Lexi cas she is so beautiful!

Sam blows bubbles with Hannah and Troy on the grass and I sit on the grass next to Lexi.

Lexi- Why did you keep looking at me a few minutes ago?

JC- Because your so beautiful

Lexi- JC I'm not though

I put my hands on her cheeks

JC- Yes you are Lexi and I really wish you would realize it

She looks at the ground and I lift her head up so that she's looking at me.

JC-Say that your beautiful

Lexi- I'm beautiful

JC-Good girl!

She laughs and I kiss her cheek and she smiles.


She laughs again and yawns

Lexi- I'm tired

JC-Come here

She scoots closer to me and I pat the spot in front of me and she lays on the grass in front of me resting her head on my lap. I look down at her and move a piece of hair out of her face. Hannah comes over and sits next to me.

Hannah- Hi JC

JC-Hi Hannah banana!

Hannah- Your silly!

JC-No your silly!

Hannah- No your silly!

JC- No your silly!

I start tickling her and she laughs like crazy!

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