The love of my life


3. Alone Time

Lexis P.O.V.

The kids go to bed later and I come downstairs crying after I put them to bed. Jc comes over to me and says what's wrong??

Lexi-Nothing's wrong I'm fine Jc

I wipe my eyes and keep walking but JC grabs my hand and stops me.

Jc-Lexi what's wrong?

Lexi-Jc I'm fine

Jc-No your not if you were you wouldn't be crying

I go into the family room and lay on the couch with my head buried in the pillow. Jc follows me and sits at my feet.

Jc-Lexi please look at me

I sit up and look at him as I keep crying

Jc- What's wrong beautiful?

Lexi- Hannah asked me if you were her daddy

After I say that I bury my head in my hands and cry even more. Jc wraps his arms around me as I cry.

Jc- Your life isn't easy is it Lexi?

Lexi- Jc my life is everything but easy

I cry and Jc wipes my tears

Jc- Come on lets go out on the trampoline!

I shake my head no

Jc- Nope your coming come on it will be fun!

He takes my hand and he walk outside to the trampoline and Sam follows us. I just sit on the trampoline still crying but just a little and watch Sam and Jc jump and Jc sits next to me and puts his arm around me.

I rest my head on his shoulder still crying a tiny bit.

Jc-Are you cold?

Lexi-Yeah but I'll be ok

Jc- Wanna go inside?

I nod and Jc tells me to get on his back and I do

We go inside back into the living room and he drops me on the couch and I laugh like crazy.

Jc- There's that smile!

I grin and Jc sits next to me and I jokingly scoot away from him.

Jc- Get back over here missy!!

I shake my head no as I smirk

Jc- If you don't get your butt back over here I'm gonna tickle you!

I shake my head no again and I smirk

Jc- That's it I'm gonna tickle you!

He comes over to me and keeps pretending like he's gonna tickle me but every time he doesn't and I laugh like crazy!

Jc- Girl I'm not even touching you and your cracking up!

I laugh and he tickles me and I scream and I laugh! Sam comes in and helps Jc tickle me.

Lexi- Guys please stop!

Sam goes to the other couch and sits on it. Jc hovers over me and whispers I wanna kiss you so fucking bad right now!!! He brushes my hair out of my ear.

Lexi-Do it!!

He puts his thumb on my cheek and rubs it and he kisses me for a minute and he keeps doing it. I smile as we kiss and I hold his face.

Jc- God damn girl!!

I smirk and Jc sits up and pats his lap and I crawl into his lap.

He wraps his arms around me as I sit on his lap. Sam takes Jc home to get clothes for tonight and tommorow and then brings him back then he goes home. When Jc comes back I run over to him and hug him and he picks me up.

Lexi- I missed you

Jc- I was only gone five minutes!

Lexi- I still missed you though!

Jc- What do you wanna do?

Lexi- Wanna go swimming?

Jc-Sure, I wanna ask you something first though

Lexi- What's that?

Jc- Will you please be my girlfriend?

Lexi- I don't know Jc, everytime I get a boyfriend I get attached to them and so do the kids and then they just leave me.

I look down after I say that and Jc lifts my chin up.

Jc- Lexi your the only one that I wanna be with and I would never leave you and the kids. Will you please be my girlfriend?

I just grin and take his face and kiss him.

Jc-I take it that its a yes?

I nod and he smiles and kisses me again.

Lexi- Lets go swimming

Jc- I don't have my bathing suit though!

Lexi- You can go in your boxers silly!

We go upstairs and I grab my bathing suit and go into the bathroom to change and I go back into my room and Jc immediatly smiles when he sees me.

Jc- Come here baby

I ignore him and he comes over and picks me up and goes to sit on my bed, puts me on his lap and starts tickling me.

Lexi- Jc I gotta pee stop!

Jc- No you don't I know that trick!

He keeps tickling me and I laugh

Lexi- Jc please stop!

Jc- Not until you say Jc is a sexy ass mother fucker and I love him!

Lexi- I'm not saying that!

Jc- Then I'm not stopping!

He keeps tickling me and I keep laughing

Lexi-Jc is a sexy ass mother fucker and I love him!

Jc- Good girl

He wraps his arms around my waist as he holds me in his lap.

Jc-You look sexy as fuck baby

I smirk and kiss his cheek

Jc- You missed

I smile and I kiss his lips and he holds my chin as we kiss for a good minute

Lexi- You ready to go swimming baby?

Jc- Almost just let me take my pants and shirt off then I'm ready

I sit on the bed smirking as Jc takes his shirt and pants off

Jc- Girl what are you smiling at?

Lexi- How fucking sexy my boyfriend is

He comes over to the bed and lays on top of me and I jokingly groan

Lexi- Can you please get off of me your kinda squishing me

He flips us over so I'm on top of him now. He runs his fingers through my hair and I press my nose to his and we start making out.

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