Curiously Destroyed

At the age of 18 you are classified as Intelligent or Voiceless the Intelligent get the best type of life possible. The Voiceless lose any ability to speak and must work in terrible conditions.


4. Voiceless

     We walk out to see our parents. I look over at my parents who look like they saw a ghost. I look around to see if Cranda is out here. I don't see her and I realize why my parents are so down... Crandra is Voiceless. How could this be? I spent half my life working with her and preparing for this test this is not fair to me or her. I spot Crandra's mom, she knows I know, she gives me the saddest face.

     "Welcome children or should I say newly adults. I am proud to say you adults will be representing Philber. I am pleased to inform you parents that Layla of house 7 got the highest score in history. She will be given the choice to become a Leader or choose a starter job. Come on up Layla." The President says.

     "I would be happy to represent Philber as a new Leader." I say half heartedly.

     I don't remember much after that other than me knowing that Leaders go to visit the Voiceless. Which I'm not supposed to be happy about but I am I may see Cranda again.

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