Curiously Destroyed

At the age of 18 you are classified as Intelligent or Voiceless the Intelligent get the best type of life possible. The Voiceless lose any ability to speak and must work in terrible conditions.


2. The Grand Test Day

     "Don't be nervous, you are going to be Intellegent, unlike me I'm going to be a stupid Voiceless." says Cranda.

     "Are you kidding? You are a smart young lady. Why or how would you be Voiceless?" I reply.

      They said my brother would be Intellegent; he was a worthless Voiceless. Everyone knows I'm smart but Cranda gets me worried she is my best friend but I have a feeling that she is not going to make the cut. The government has the strictest rules ever for making Intellegent. 'The Test' is in an hour and everyone is nervous. They have us stand in first name alphabetical order, which is really crazy even if we are 18. I'm extremely nervous for the test because my brother was one of the smartest people I knew but he turned out to be a Voiceless; we aren't aloud to speak to the Voiceless because they don't deserve that right, so I'm not sure if my brother is even alive, nor do I care. We are not aloud to speak or cry for the Voiceless.

     " Layla, are you listening I told you to stand behing Kendra four times. I think we now know who is becoming a Voiceless." growls a teacher.

     Oh no. That might be true, I may have lost my chance at becoming a Intellegent. My parents will never forgive me. After a couple have two Voiceless children they are not aloud to ever have children again and they must become Voiceless themselves.

     The test is taken with each child in seperate rooms with one instructor watching them at all times. There is typically around 100 children in each room. For those of you wondering why I refer to 18 year olds as kids,the reason is you are not considered an adult until you are Intelligent. After the test is over the instructor will leave the room with your test and send it to 'The Leaders', there are about 300 Leaders and they make the rules and grade the tests. Ever since I was young I have wanted to be a Leader. If you are Intelligent you stay in the room; if you are Voiceless you must walk throught the main area where all the parents will see you (the parents never cry). After all the Voiceless have been sent to a different part of the city to learn what they must do, the Intelligents come out and are assigned a starter job. As you get better at your job you can rank up and get a better job.

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