Curiously Destroyed

At the age of 18 you are classified as Intelligent or Voiceless the Intelligent get the best type of life possible. The Voiceless lose any ability to speak and must work in terrible conditions.


8. How could she?

     This test is super hard. How could Lyla not prepare me more. If I actually pass I am going to kill her. I know she probably thought I was so stupid I wouldn't understand anything she taught me but that does not mean you can just send me to the wolves and I am a sheep or something. To make things worse the instructor i ahve is totally gorgeus. Whenever I look up and he is staring at me I just melt. I know what Layla would say, she would say that boys are stupid so I should just forget about them. I know she only says that because her brother is a Voiceless.

     "Are you done sweety?" my instructor says to me.

     "Oh. Me? Yeah I'm done." I say half drooling.

     In ten minutes he returns. He is expessionless.

     "Miss Cranda, I am here to inform you that you are...," he pauses for dramatic effect,"Voiceless."

     I cry for five minutes and then its my turn to enter the room of parents who scold the kids. When I walk out there I spot Laylas' parents and my mom. Both families are crying. Almost all the kids are crying. I see the mayor.

     "You children will not help support your world with your intellect. However, you will support Philber by doing the athletic jobs. parents who are crying must stop crying now. You have faild your parents." the mayor walks away.

     They load us on a bus without letting us say goodbye. That is not right. We may never see our parents again.

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