Curiously Destroyed

At the age of 18 you are classified as Intelligent or Voiceless the Intelligent get the best type of life possible. The Voiceless lose any ability to speak and must work in terrible conditions.


9. Camp

The camp that they make us stay at is desturbing. We are used to staying at well kept Intellegence houses but these are filfy and we have to share. We also have to practice our skills right away. I have fourish days (we aren't allowed to learn time because we are not smart enough) to learn all I need to live for another year. They took out our vocal chords right away. They said they keep the sound just in case you become Itellegent again. I'm just really upset.

They had us get working on our skills like right away. I suck at anything not athletic. My coach said I had no useful talent. I am very good at hunting.

They told us we could learn sign language if we so please. I may not like learning but the idea of knowing something more than Layla it just pleases me!

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