Curiously Destroyed

At the age of 18 you are classified as Intelligent or Voiceless the Intelligent get the best type of life possible. The Voiceless lose any ability to speak and must work in terrible conditions.


7. A Trip I will Never Forget

     "Hello Voiceless, today is your chance, like every year you will be with one of the leaders for one day show your skills and don't mess up. One new thing if you get a score of ten or higher you can become an Intelligent." the mayor says in a cheesy happy voice.

     I forgot the Voiceless can't speak because I was confused when Cranda didn't talk to me the whole time on the way to her house. I thought she was mad at me. She just isn't able to speak, at least I hope thats why she is ignoring me. I am not aloud to speak to her at all, I just have to follow her around and watch. She is a very talented hunter.

     Cranda is very good at doing athletic stuff but anything that has to do with learning she is a failure at. Each of the Leaders get to choose one out of the four Voiceless to become an Intelligent. Based off of right now Cranda would not be my first choice. She is picking up an arrow. She jerks around and aims, I assume she is hunting a brid or something because it looks like the arrow is headed very close to my head. Then right before she shoots she lowers her bow and releases. I finally understand. She just shot me on purpose. Why would she do that? I instantly start yelling because the arrow only cut the side of my jeans and didn't go through my leg.

     "Cranda!!! How could you? They gave you a shot and you blew it. I'm sorry that you didn't make it to an Intelligent. That does not give you any right to shoot me. I could send you straight to the Lafter or worse get you executed," judging by the face she made she did not think about the consiquences, "I wont do that because your mother misses you loads. I used to miss you but now I don't." I say every word without regret.

 ******************************************************************************************************************** End of Laylas' Point of Veiw...

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