Larry Stylinson One-Shots

Angst: Refers to a genre of stories with prevalent physical or, mainly, emotional torment of characters.

Smut: A writting style that is sexually explicit. Erotic fiction.

Fluff: A fanfiction in which the story has no plot. Only humourous or romantic nonsense.


9. #8

*Written by Inlovewithwritting1dships on Tumblr*

Pairing: Larry Stylinson/Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson

Warnings: Smut. Language. Fluff. Depression.

Louis sighed softly, shivering as he wrapped the blanket tight around himself. He was wearing three sweaters, two pairs of sweatpants, and four pairs of socks, but it didn’t seem to help the bitter coldness that had taken over the streets of London and Louis himself. The snow had overtaken the whole city, leaving it with a blanket of white snow.

Louis would usually be happy around this time. It was two days until his birthday, and usually he and Harry would be celebrating, cuddling, watching cheesy Christmas moves, drinking hot chocolate, opening gifts together, kissing underneath the mistletoe, completely infatuated with each other. But it wasn’t the same this year. No it would never be the same, Louis had messed up.

He had royally messed up.

It had been a week earlier. They were happy, then Louis went and messed it all up. What did he do? Well, something he’ll probably regret for the rest of his life. They sat on the couch, sipping hot chocolate, wrapping gifts for their families. “You’re my present this year.” Harry giggled, placing a bow on the top of Louis’ head, placing a gentle kiss to his cheek.

Louis blushed, but rolled his eyes all the same. “Oh please.” He giggled.

“Do you want to know what I want for Christmas?” Harry asked.

“Of course, go on. Give me some hints.” Louis smiled, laying his legs across Harry’s lap, resting his head on a pillow, watching Harry with a fond smile. They had been together for a year now, and everything had been lovely, lovelier than Louis could have ever imagined and he was insanely crazy about Harry, which made it even better.

“I want to marry you.” Harry said, his voice soft, and as genuine, just as genuine as when Harry told Louis that he loved him.

“Harry don’t you think we are-” Louis started, but Harry wasn’t just finished.

“I want a baby. I want to marry you, and I want us to get a surrogate, and have a baby.” Harry declared, looking at Louis with those bright green eyes, that Louis melted for every time. Louis stayed quiet, not saying anything at all.

That, was his biggest mistake.

It was a few moments of awkward silence. It’s not that Louis didn’t want to get married, and have a family with the love of his life. He just thought it was too soon. “It was stupid. Never mind. You know, I think I’ll take a nap, all this gift wrapping has really gotten to me.” Harry said, a forced smile on his lips.

“Do you want me to join you?” Louis asked.

“No.” Harry mumbled, rushing up stairs. Louis heard their bedroom door close, and heard the small click from the lock.

“Fuck.” Louis sighed.


It had been down there from that point.

“Babe, what do you want for dinner? Maybe some spaghetti? Or maybe we could order take out?” Louis called from the kitchen. Harry came down in a pair of black skinny jeans, and a tight, white shirt.

“Louis, we both know you can’t cook for shit.” Harry muttered, running his fingers through his messily styled curls.

“Well that’s why I suggested a pizza.” Louis said, keeping his patience, knowing Harry must still be upset about what had happened. Louis hadn’t responded to Harry, who had practically proposed to him.

“Well, I’m not hungry. I’m going out actually.” Harry said, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge, taking a long drink, string it down on the counter.

“Harry if you’re still upset about earlier, I’m sorry.” Louis said. Harry laughed, but there was hurt in his eyes.

“Fuck it, who needs a piece of paper? Or a kid?” Harry asked, as he grabbed his keys. Those were two things that Harry had desperately wanted, with Louis.

“Babe, come on. Why don’t we talk about this?” Louis sighed.

“I’m not in the mood for talking. Be back, whenever.” Harry said, thinking Louis didn’t care anyway as he made his way to the door.

“Harry if you walk out that door, I swear…” Louis trailed off.

“What? You’ll reject me? Because from what I remember, you already did.” Harry said, slamming the door as he walked out.


Harry didn’t come home until 6 AM the next morning, alcohol obviously taking over his body as he stumbled towards their bedroom, falling as he opened the door. “Baby, I’m home.” Harry slurred, laughing.

Louis woke up slowly, rubbing his eyes. “What the hell Harry?” Louis yawned.

“Good morning sexy. And what did you dream about?” Harry smirked, as he crawled on the bed. Damn was he wasted.

“Nothing, I was too busy worrying about your dumb ass.” Louis mumbled, irritated.

“So, does that mean you don’t want to have sex?” Harry slurred, gigging.

“No.” Louis snapped.

“What’s your fucking problem?” Harry laughed.

“You are my problem. You come home, piss drunk, at six in the fucking morning, and have the nerve to ask for sex? You’re ridiculous.” Louis muttered.

Harry sobered up slightly. “Oh? So we are doing this? Well you’re my problem, care to know why, asshole?” Harry burped, as he stumbled to his feet.

“Enlighten me.” Louis said smugly.

“You turned down my fucking proposal, that’s why.” Harry snapped, using the dresser to support himself.

“Harry, it wasn’t even a fucking proposal.” Louis squeaked, throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation.

Harry lost it.

“You want a real fucking proposal? Fine. Marry me Louis, why won’t you marry me, damn it. Marry me.” Harry yelled, throwing the red velvet box directly at Louis. Louis caught the box.

“Harry, we are way too young.” Louis sighed.

“Marry me Louis.” Harry screamed, picking up a picture of the two of them, throwing it against the wall.

Louis flinched, “Harry please, you’re scaring me.” Louis pleaded.

“Marry me. Louis. Please.” Harry whispered. “I love you so much. I want you forever, please.” Harry choked out.

“Harry, I can’t.” Louis said, not looking at Harry.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? I want to marry you. I want to give you my heart and you are just using me like a fucking toy.” Harry snapped.

“No, I love you, it’s just too soon for me.” Louis said, though really he had been scared.

“Keep the fucking ring. I don’t want it.” Harry snapped, throwing clothes into a suitcase as fast as he could.

“Harry, don’t leave.” Louis sighed.

“Fuck you. I’m not your bitch, I’m not waiting. Some people get married after a fucking week. I waited a year.” Harry snapped, zipping up his suitcase, walking out the door.

Louis didn’t go after him.


Now a week later, here Louis sat, bundled up on the couch, the coldness never seeming to leave his body no matter how high he turned the heat on, or how many blankets he wrapped himself in. He had dreamed of being with Harry, marrying him, having a beautiful family. He just didn’t know if he was ready, but now that Harry was gone…Louis knew he was ready whenever Harry was ready.

He sighed, “You just mess up everything, don’t you?” He laughed dryly to himself, making his way to the kitchen. He pulled out a bottle of whiskey, that would only be used on a special occasion. Christmas, New Years, or when he and Harry wanted some drunk, rough sex. But this time, it had a very different use. To force Louis to forget about Harry for a few hours. He took a long drink of whiskey, coughing as the liquid burned his throat.

He bit his lip, taking another gulp, squeezing his eyes shut for a quick moment. He made his way up stairs to his bedroom, laying down on the bed, another round of tears gathering in his eyes. He buried his face in Harry’s pillow, taking in the scent he had grown to love.

“I miss you.” He whimpered in between tears. He wanted to call, he wanted to tell Harry how much he needed him. He wanted to apologize for being such an ass, but most of all? He wanted to accept Harry’s proposal.

Harry on the other hand, was being, for the lack of a better term, a slut. He had been at the local club every night since he had left, getting wasted, and going home with any random bloke he could find. He just wanted to feel like he meant something to someone, even if he was just a fuck, because without Louis, Harry felt rather empty.

He was in a dirty hotel room, laid next to some guy, whose name he didn’t even remember. He groaned as he got up, rubbing his eyes. He pulled on his wrinkled jeans, along with his shirt, glancing at the man he had slept with the night before as he began to stir.

“Not staying for round two?” He asked, his voice rough with sleep.

Harry rolled his eyes, seeing the wedding ring on the nightstand.

The man was married.

“No, I think you should go home, maybe apologize to your wife for being such a man whore.” Harry said.

Though he couldn’t say he wasn’t being a whore, because he was. He was be on unfaithful to Louis. Even though Louis had rejected him, it didn’t mean that Harry didn’t love him.

Harry didn’t belong in a club, or in a disgusting hotel room with random men. He belonged with Louis, in their apartment, in Louis’ arms. “I have to go.” He muttered, slipping on his shoes.

He rushed out to his car, quickly turning on the engine, cranking the heat up, before dialing Louis’ number, shivering slightly.

Louis had fallen asleep after drinking an entire bottle of whiskey, his mind numb from the alcohol contents. He slept for hours, Harry’s pillow wrapped in his arms. So maybe he couldn’t completely.

He woke when he heard his phone ring, obnoxiously loud, or maybe it was the pounding headache he had. He reached blindly for his phone, answering with a sigh. He figured it was his mum, calling to check up on him. “Mum, I’m fine.” He said softly, rubbing his eyes, not bothering even trying to sit up.

“Lou, it’s me.” A voice said.

The velvet voice that made Louis’ heart pound, that made his toes curl. The voice that whispered dirty things in his ear to make him moan, the voice that cooed sweet things to him when he was upset about something. The voice that said his name so perfectly. Harry. He let out a shaky breath, finally shaking himself from his trance.

“Harry?” He choked out, his mouth dry.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s me.” Harry said softly.

“W-Why are you calling?” Louis stuttered as he sat up, his mind still slightly fuzzy from the whiskey.

“I want to come home.” Harry mumbled, sniffling softly. Louis quickly nodded, running his fingers through his hair.

“Come home. Right now.” Louis said. He just wanted Harry.

Harry sped through the slippery streets, just wanting to be back in Louis’ arms, wanting to feel his closeness, and the softness of his lips, and run his fingers through his hair.

He soon found himself in front of their shared apartment. He slowly got out, grabbing his bag from the backseat. He walked to the door, knocking softly. Louis made his way to the door, all the breath seeming to leave his body when he saw Harry. Harry’s eyes were red, and his hair was a mess, his clothes looking a bit worn and crinkled, but he still looked amazing. Louis always thought Harry looked amazing.

“Hi.” Harry mumbled, chewing on his lip as he looked over Louis, he didn’t look like he had been enjoying their days apart much either.

“Come in, you have to be freezing.” Louis said softly, grabbing Harry’s hand, pulling him in the warm apartment, closing the door quickly.

Harry let out a soft sigh, immediately pulling Louis in for a bone crushing hug, burying his face in the older boy’s neck, breathing in his scent that had a slight hint of whiskey to it.

“Have you been drinking?” Harry mumbled into Louis’ neck.

“Maybe, just a little though. It gets hard without you.” Louis said softly.

“It’s hard without you too, I missed you so much Lou. I’m such a fucking screw up, I’m the one who moved too fast. I thought you would be ready, I mean I know it’s only been a year, but I’m so in love with you and-” Harry rambled endlessly, only to be cut off by Louis’ lips.

Harry kissed Louis deeply, pouring all the love and passion into the kiss as he possibly could, the kiss soon turning desperate and needy. It had been so long since they had been this close.

Harry ran his hands down Louis’ back, his hands soon finding Louis’ hips, kissing him deeply, blindly pushing him towards the couch. “I’m sorry.” Louis whispered against Harry’s lips.

“If I don’t get to talk, neither do you.” Harry whispered, shoving his tongue into Louis’ mouth. both of them groaning at the sensation. Louis just quickly nodding, tugging on Harry’s shirt, letting it fall to the floor, his eyes grazing hungrily over Harry’s chest and very defined stomach. Harry wore a knowing smirk on his lips, easily taking off Louis’ shirt as well. Louis pulled Harry in for another deep kiss as he undid the button of his jeans, tugging on them roughly.

“I love you.” Louis whispered against Harry’s ear. Harry smiled at that,

“I love you too.” Harry whispered.

“I’m not letting you go, I hope you know, never again.” Louis said softly, staring deeply into Harry’s eyes.

“I thought we said we weren’t talking?” Harry asked with a chuckle.

Louis rolled his eyes, “I was trying to be sappy and romantic. Don’t ruin it.” He pouted.

“I’m not.” Harry giggled against Louis’ lips, discarding the rest of their clothes. Louis locked his legs around Harry’s waist, moaning softly against the curly lad’s lips as their hips were forced together, sending jolts of pleasure through the both of them. After a few minutes, Louis was a needy mess,

“H-Haz, come on. Don’t tease.” Louis moaned out, as Harry rocked their hips together, panting slightly, letting out a moan. “Please!” Louis begged, whimpering at how hard they had both become.

“Okay.” Harry finally said. He reached into a drawer that sat on the side of the couch, producing a bottle of lube. He slowly slicked himself up. He pressed against Louis’ entrance, not pushing in just yet.

“I swear if you don’t-” Louis started, but was immediately cut off when Harry pushed in, making Louis gasp at the pain and pleasure all at once. “Oh shit.” Louis moaned, as Harry’s thrusts began to speed up.

“I missed this.” Harry grunted out, moaning as he thrusted harder, making Louis’ toes curl.

“Harry.” Louis whined, pushing his hips back up against his lover’s, trying to get Harry deeper. Harry forced down Louis’ hips with his hands, thrusting hard, grunting and moaning with each pound into Louis. Louis’ body was covered in sweat, making his entire body shine, making him look incredibly beautiful to Harry.

“Come baby,” Harry whispered, connecting their lips, reaching in between them, giving Louis a few quick pumps. That was all Louis needed, screaming as he came, his body trembling from the intensity of his climax. Harry let out a choked moan, coming a few thrusts later, groaning as he filled Louis. He slowly pulled out, collapsing next to Louis.

“You’re never leaving again.” Louis whispered, wrapping himself around Harry.

“Agreed.” Harry whispered.

“Now, how about we talk about wedding plans…” Louis trailed off, making Harry smile brighter.


I loved this but Harry topped..

I expected for Louis to top but that's okay too aha xx

P.s. Harry tops when they make love and Louis tops when they fuck;)

Just so you know:D

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