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Falling Apart [[Larry Stylinson]]


Going to ask you because I love your stuff! :D Louis & Harry are a thing but Jay is against it. His granddad supports Louis though. She knows he's going to propose and is not happy about it. On his way to harry's, Louis has a huge car accident. Docs don't know if he's going to make it. He does but has lost his memory. Jay tells him he's in 1D, he's famous and... has a gf he was going to propose to. She also manages to convince him he HATES Harry. The latest videos where they don't talk (con't) .. (con't) or smile to each others are enough proofs. Harry is completely devastated, he's not allowed to see Louis, Louis doesn't remember him. He remembers Eleanor, the boys but not *them*. And now Jay told the press Louis was going to propose to El when he'd his accident. The boys don't know about Harry&Louis and don't understand why Harry is getting more depressed everyday. Until Gemma tells them. They are shocked but also angry at Jay for doing this to his son. And Harry. ... Go from here? :D

WARNING: Amnesia, depression, self harm, angst, suicide attempt, angst, angst, angst, and more angst

((I changed this up bit, I hope you don't mind!! I DO NOT PICTURE JAY LIKE THIS AT ALL. THIS IS FOR THE STORY. I skipped time a bit in this story but I didn't want to go on day by day about the same things. Hope it's still alright.


A sob tore through Harry, the wind pushing him forward slightly and he nearly slipping but he caught himself, breathing deeply. He was really doing this. he was finally doing this.

He closed his eyes and pictured him and Louis weeks ago, before the accident, before his boyfriend... Ex boyfriend's own mother ruined everything. And he cried for the loss of the love of his life, for the loss of his own life.

He looked down at the busy streets of London and sobbed harder as he stood up carefully on shaky legs. He smiled a faint, broken smile and whispered three words he'd been keeping in.

"I love you Louis. I'm sorry." He held his hands out like a bird and choked on his own tears that were falling down his recently pale cheeks.

He was finally going to fly. He let the wind push him forward and closed his eyes.


~~ Four weeks before ~~

Harry giggled, moaning softly as Louis kissed down his neck playfully before he pulled back and smiled his beautiful smile at him and pecked his lips.

"I'm going to go to the store and get some things for dinner.' The older mumbled against his boyfriend's lips but didn't move. Harry pulled back and pouted.

"I'm not hungry for food." He smirked, hands sliding down Louis' chest who closed his eyes for a moment before moving off the younger reluctantly.

"Sorry Haz. You have to eat." The younger boy pouted s he watched his lover pull on a jacket and his shoes before walking back over as Harry stood.

"Want to come?" Louis hummed, wrapping his arms around Harry's waist and pulling him close. Harry giggled and shook his head, hugging him tight.

Louis kissed him passionately before pulling away and walking toward the door.

"Love you babe." He called over his shoulder and Harry smiled lovingly at him as Louis looked back.

"I love you too Boo."


His heart beat loudly in his ears, blinking in slow motion as he ran down the halls. He didn't notice the looks he was getting or when he knocked into a few people that shouted at him.

He blinked and before he knew it he was in front of the front desk, a small blond girl looked up and smiled sadly when she saw who it was.

She knew who was here and she knew who he was.

"L-Louis. Where is he? How is he?" The teenager barely stuttered out and the woman sighed, standing and walking around the desk to him. She lead him over to a chair and sat him down.

"He's in surgery right now. And, it's not looking too good." She said softly and suddenly it was like reality slapped him and he snapped his head up, looking at her with big eyes.

"I-I need to see him! Where is he?!" He shot up, head whipping around as if he would see Louis standing there, laughing like it was a joke.

"He's in surgery, Mr. Styles. You need to calm down." She spoke softly and he saw the warning in her eyes, lowering himself into the seat slowly.

"We'll know more soon, hopefully. Is there anyone we should call? Is there anyone you want to call?" She hummed soothingly as his breathing picked up.

"H-His mother. The boys. I have to.." He honestly didn't want to call Jay but he knew he had to. It was Louis' mother no matter what she did or thought about him.

See, Jay hated Harry with a passion. She loved her son but she hated the life he had with Harry. She wanted him to marry Eleanor and make her grandchildren and live a life she could be proud of for her son. A straight life.

She didn't approve of Louis being gay at all and she hated Harry for "turning her son into a fag." as she said to him once when Louis wasn't around.

Louis knew his mother didn't support them but he had no idea how horribly she treated Harry behind his back.

But no matter how Harry felt, it was Louis' mother and he was in the hospital. So he made his way outside to make some phone calls he never thought he'd have to.


Harry was curled into Liam's side, tears still dripping down his cheeks as the older boy held him tightly. Niall and Zayn sat across from them, all of them silent from fear.

Harry avoided looking at the woman who sat a few chairs down from him. He smiled weakly at Lottie who smiled sadly back when her mother wasn't looking.

Lottie was fully supportive of her brother and Harry. She thought love was love. And she loved her brother, and she always would, no matter who he falls in love with.

She would always Skype the two or call when she could, and Harry thought of her as a little sister.

But Jay was oblivious to this and she would stay so.

It had been exactly sixteen hours since he got there. He'd been counting the minutes.

All they knew was Louis was seriously hurt and he was anything but alright. His heart had stopped twice but finally he was stable. Soon Lottie and Jay could go see him but the boys couldn't see him until after and it made Harry angry.

What gave Jay the right to see Louis first after the way she'd been treating them for falling in love.

He knew it was his mother, but he was angry. It wasn't fair.

He watched as the doctor lead the two women down the hall, and turned into Liam's chest.

"I know you two are close, but he'll be alright Haz. We're all worried, we all want to see him. But that's his mother and she should see him first." Liam said softly as Harry glared after Jay.

He bit back a remark about how she hadn't acted like a mother in a few months.

The boys didn't know. They weren't ready to tell them. They didn't want it to impact the band so they were going to wait for a while. A while turned into three years.

They were pretty sure the boys knew if basically all the fans knew, but they didn't deny or confirm it.

And now Harry didn't know if they'd ever get to tell the world.


It was three days later, Louis finally woke up. The boys had barely left the hospital, Lottie and Jay only leaving to go sleep at their hotel and shower, take care of things that need to be done.

Jay had once again gotten the right above them to go in and see her son and two hours later they saw someone coming down the hall.

Jay came out with a sad expression but when she caught Harry's eyes, her lips curved into a sort of smirk. She hid it when the other boys looked up and sniffled.

"What is it? How is he? Is he alright?" Niall started firing off questions at the woman who's eyes filled with tears.

"He.. Doesn't remember anything. The doctors said it should be temporary but it could be forever." She cried lightly and LIam snapped out of his shock first, to hug her.

"W-What?" Harry stuttered, barely able to get out the words, his throat closing up.

"He doesn't remember anything. Not me, not Lottie, not the band. He doesn't remember you." She said it politely and to the group, but her eyes were on Harry a sort of disturbing happiness in them.

His heart broke, tears forming in the youngest boys eyes and Niall went to come forward and hug him.

"N-No. No." He raced down the hall and into the room, warm tears falling from his wide green eyes.

"Louis?" He whispered and the broken looking brunette looking up weakly.

"Who are you?"

And that's when Harry snapped, he ran out of the hospital room, past the boys and out of the building.


No one saw Harry for days. The boys, the band, Paul, Nick and Harry's family were worried. They'd not gotten luck with calling him at all.

It was finally two weeks after Louis got in his accident, they were taking him home and Harry was on the couch at their apartment.

Around his eyes were large dark circles, his lips busted and chapped from being chewed on, eyes red and face pale, he was thinner than he should be and curled up on the couch he looked so small and broken.

NIall was the first to run forward, dropping to his knees in front of the couch and yanking Harry into a tight hug.

Louis watched as Liam ran forward and join the bear hug, leaving Louis and Zayn to stand by the door. Zayn didn't want to leave Louis standing there, in case he fell or got dizzy.

"Haz. What the fuck?" Niall whispered into his hair, holding him close and the younger boy said nothing, just laid in his embrace.

A few minutes later Liam and Niall pulled back, and after Liam's scolding Louis and Harry's eyes met and everything fell silent.

The older cleared his throat uncomfortably and Harry looked away to blink away tears he hoped no one saw.

"I-It's nice to finally meet you Harry. I'm Louis. I-I guess you already know that though?" Louis could barely form words, he was taken back by how beautiful Harry was in person.

He could only remember seeing him for seconds at the hospital, and was on so many medications he couldn't remember. The pictures were nothing compared to seeing him in person.

"I do." Harry forced out, not looking away from the wall and Zayn helped Louis sit on the other couch, across from Harry, all of them taking a place on one.

The awkward silence was painful, until Jay came walking in happily, bags in hand.

"Jay- Mum? What are you doing here?" He hadn't gotten used to calling her his mother yet but she would be hurt when he called her by her name.

"We're staying here sweetie." Louis frowned and was about to tell her that he was fine but he thought about what she said.

"Who's we?" As he asked the door opened once again and the brunette walked in timidly, worried eyes darting between the boys before smiling weakly.

"Hi boys." Eleanor spoke shyly.


It had been three weeks now since the accident and things were getting bad.

Jay still hadn't left and Louis wasn't talking to Harry. At all. It confused the boys and they didn't know if the two had a fight or what happened but the older boy refused to even look at his young band mate.

Harry had become someone the boys didn't know at all. He was quiet, he had gotten unhealthy small, a broken, dead look in his dull eyes, he didn't care how he looked anymore and Lou had to beg him to wear something he didn't look like he rolled out of bed in.

He faked a smile in front of the cameras but as soon as they were off he was back to being someone they didn't know and didn't want to know.

They wanted Harry back, but they didn't know how to get him back or what happened to make him leave. They didn't know anything except Louis was at least a little at fault in the process of making Harry like this.

But when they confronted him Louis didn't know anything about it and he honestly acted like he didn't care what happened to Louis.

It wasn't until Lottie came to the three boys that they figured out exactly what had happened.


The blond girl chewed on her lip as she raised her hand and knocked on Liam's door. She knew the boys would be here, it was movie night and Louis was at home with his mother, helping her pack for leaving while Harry just didn't go anywhere.

But they weren't watching a movie, they were trying to figure out what was happening and how they could fix the band.

The door opened and the brunette looked surprised to see her, even so he opened the door and let her walk past him where the boys were sat.

"What's wrong?" Niall asked after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence of them sitting there, Lottie looking at them guilty and worried.

"You know what's wrong. But I know more." She whispered the last part and their heads shot up to look at her. Niall and Zayn started shouting questions until Liam noticed Lottie's overwhelmed look.

"Hush." He glared at the boys and turned to the younger girl. He let his hand rest on her shoulder gently.

"If you know something, you have to tell us Lottie. It's for Harry and Louis." He murmured and she took in a deep breath.

"There are a lot of things you don't know that you need to know first." She sighed, looking up at them before looking away and mumbling something that they couldn't hear.

"Louis and Harry are-were dating. They were serious, like marriage serious. Louis was planning to propose. Until the accident, and now mum has him thinking that he was ring shopping for Eleanor." They didn't get it and she looked at them before shaking her head.

"She told the people, that she knew would tell the press about Louis planning on proposing to Eleanor!" They looked at her still not understanding what the big deal was until Liam gasped, eyes wide.



Harry scrolled through Twitter, sniffling slightly as he heard Louis laugh from downstairs. It was a happy, deep laugh and Harry missed that. He missed when he was the reason for it, not when Eleanor was. But he knew she was under contract like this, and not when Jay was threatening her like she was.

Eleanor was a sweet girl, she cared for Harry and she had fallen for Louis even when she knew she shouldn't have, even when Louis didn't love her back. But Harry didn't hate her. She would never do anything to try and force him to love her; they all knew he loved Harry.

Or used to.

Harry knew he didn't now, he hated him and Harry didn't think he could live without him.

When Harry saw the tweet he almost went by it but then there were more and he went back to it, before he froze as he saw all of them.

Elounor shippers were going insane with the news of an engagement. He didn't know who's until he finally saw the tweet from Jay to Louis and Eleanor.

'Congratulations to my baby boy and his lovely fiancé. I'm so proud of you two!'

Harry felt like his world stopped for just a spilt second. Just that one moment where it seemed like the entire world stopped spinning and his world suddenly came crashing down. He gasped when his throat started to close up, tears springing to his eyes.

Then he stopped, stopped everything for a second before his body forced him to stand up without even knowing it. He walked out of his room, past Eleanor, Louis and Jay, the youngest of the group giving him a worried look before the girl was pulled back into the conversation by Louis who gave Harry a dirty look.

Harry stopped and walked over, confidently. He smashed his lips to Louis' kissing him deeply before pulling away.

"Goodbye Louis. I love you." He whispered in his ear and pecked his cheek before hurrying out of the apartment.

Louis felt his entire life flash before his eyes, dropping his tea.



Holy angst:0

These make me emotional omf:(

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