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Angst: Refers to a genre of stories with prevalent physical or, mainly, emotional torment of characters.

Smut: A writting style that is sexually explicit. Erotic fiction.

Fluff: A fanfiction in which the story has no plot. Only humourous or romantic nonsense.


18. #17

Title: Pillow Talk by Broken Bravery on Tumblr

Summary: Kara asked for Harry and Louis having the baby talk, so here you go. It’s not that well done, as I was rushing, but it should be okay?

This ones fluffy:P

“Hey Lou?” Harry asks one morning, laying in bed together. They don’t have to get up for another half hour, so they’ve opted for small kisses and lazy cuddles, and Louis was quite happy to stay silent and doze off a bit more, but.

“Mm?” He hums, nosing at Harry’s collarbone without opening his eyes.

“You know how you were talking to Zayn last night about how you want to coach your kid’s footy team?” Harry questions, and Louis’ groggy mind catches up after a moment, replaying the conversation in his head.

“Mhm, why?” Louis murmurs tiredly, fingers stroking Harry’s tattoo covered arm.

“I just, um. I was wondering what your plans were, about, er, that.” Harry stammers uncharacteristically, and it makes Louis blearily blink his eyes open.

“About what?” He asks, propping himself up on an elbow beside Harry, his free hand still tracing inked lines.

“Like…kids.” Harry sighs, and Louis meets his troubled gaze.

“Yeah, I want kids, you know that. A son first, then maybe a daughter. I told you all this back at X Factor, darling.” He says, winking at his boyfriend.

“Yeah I know you did, but.” Harry mumbles, rolling his eyes at himself. “I just….I was wondering if you meant…like. With me. Kids with me.”

Louis’ stunned by the question, and raises a ludicrous eyebrow before stressing “Of course I want kids with you. Did you actually think I didn’t?”

Harry closes his eyes and shrugs, jostling them slightly. “I wasn’t sure.” He sighs.

“How could you not be sure? Harry, we’ve talked about getting married, kids is kind of a part of that deal.” Louis tells him, and Harry turns his head into the pillow a bit.

“I know, I just. There’s a difference between wanting kids and wanting kids with me. Parenting is a whole other can of worms, you know?” The younger boy explains.

“Can of worms.” Louis mocks. “Do people actually still use that phrase or are you being insufferably hipster again?”

Lou.” Harry says shortly, and Louis focuses again.

“Okay, okay. Harry, listen to me, love?” He suggests, settling his hand over Harry’s heart.

“Mhm.” Harry nods, green eyes hopeful.

“I want kids with you. I’ve always, always wanted kids with you.” Louis tells him softly. “I think about it all the time, did you know? I think about holding your hand when we see the first ultrasound, and both of us being frantic during his or her birth.”

Harry lets out a chuckle and comments “You’d be out of your mind.”

“I’m sure I will be, yes.” Louis smirks, changing the tense purposefully. “I think about our child’s first word, first steps, first sentence. I think about what they’ll call us. Like, I’d like to be Dad, and I think you should be Daddy.”

“I like that.” Harry says as a bright smile grows on his lips.

“Good. And we’ll talk like parents do, you know? All go see Daddy about that diaper change, Dad is busy doing literally anything else.” Louis teases, revelling in the light in Harry’s over exaggerated betrayed expression.

“Oh I am not changing all the diapers, you twat.” He says, licking Louis’ nose as payback.

Louis just licks his back, and gives in. “We’ll work out a system, then?"

“I can live with that.”

“See? We make a good team, I think. You’ll be the sweet parent who keeps everything balanced and over worries all the time and is basically the soccer mom type, yeah? And I’ll be the one who spoils the kids rotten and plays ridiculous games with them and I’ll try to be strict but probably fail. Like, at first I thought you’d be the good cop and I’d be the bad cop, but I actually think it might be the other way around. Dunno if I’d have the heart to make them upset.” Louis goes on, getting caught up in the vision of it. His stomach twists and he’s pretty sure he can feel Harry’s heartbeat speed up.

“I’m sure we’ll figure it out.” Harry allows, turning his head to press a kiss to Louis’ bicep.

“Is there a specific way you want to do it? Like, surrogacy, adoption, whatever? And, like. DNA wise, would one be yours and one be mine?” Louis wonders aloud, biting his lip as he waits for Harry to think it over.

“Yeah, surrogacy sounds good. And one of each. Or maybe we could mix and never actually know?” He suggests, but Louis gets a vivid picture of a curly haired, green eyed little toddler, and that’s out the window.

“M’pretty sure we’ll know, if they have dimples like you or smile lines like me.” He snorts, hooking their thumbs together.

“True, true. That’s up for debate then.” Harry ponders. “Who knows, maybe by then they’ll have new technology where it can be both of ours.”

“It.” Louis snickers, unable to stop himself.

Him or her, shut up.” Harry scolds, but a giggle escapes him.

“Yeah, yeah. What about names, hm? I like Luke for a boy.” Louis says, because he really has had that planned since he was young. (YAS ME TOO I LOVE THAT NAME)

Harry nods, telling him “That or Leo. But Luke is cuter, yeah.”

“Okay. You want Darcy for a girl, right?” Louis asks as Harry slides his hand up to twine their fingers over his chest.

“Yeah, I do.” He grins, dimples deep.

“Alright, wicked. Luke and Darcy Tomlinson-Styles.” Louis tries out, and god, it sounds even more perfect out loud than in his head.

“Tomlinson-Styles?” Harry repeats with an awed tone, eyes glistening.

“Figured it would be better than Stylinson.” Louis jokes, but he’s fooling no one, they both know he spent hours saying Tomlinson-Styles over and over.

“I just assumed I’d take your last name.” Harry admits, but Louis squeezes his fingers.

“That’s sweet, love, but I’d like to have yours as well. Is Tomlinson-Styles okay?” He asks, but he doesn’t need to, because the love pooling in Harry’s eyes says it all.

“It’s perfect.” Harry breathes, teeth showing as he smiles.

“Brilliant.” Louis murmurs.

And then they both kind of lean in at the same time, pressing their lips together in a kiss that’s also a promise, the two of them smirking into it, moving slowly. When they do pull away, because they have morning breath and they’re still dozy, Louis bops Harry on the nose, laughing silently as he makes a face.

“Hey, do you think we could have those cheesy family Christmas photos with the terribly matched jumpers and such?” Harry asks then, hopeful.

“We will definitely have those.” Louis murmurs, sliding his leg up to hook over Harry’s.

“Yay, m’excited now.” The younger boy cheers, not bothering to pretend it’s not genuine.

“Me too, Haz. We’re gonna be good parents, yeah?” Louis says wistfully, heart swelling.

“Really good. The best.” Harry whispers.

“Mm. But first we need to get married.” Louis tells him with a peck of a kiss.

“Well we’d need to get engaged before that.” Harry reminds him indulgently, eyes flicking down to his lips.

“But we can’t do that right now, so how about instead, I ravish you and make us late for the meeting with management?” Louis suggests with a grin, kissing down to his boyfriend’s neck, where he’s happy to suck a hickey.

“I could go for that, yes.” Harry pants slightly as he sinks his teeth in.

“Great.” He says into the skin, before attaching himself again.

He’s about to mouth down to Harry’s collarbone where the bird tattoos’ wings taper off, which they both know is his weak spot, but he’s stopped by the younger boy gently pushing him off. Louis pouts overdramatically at him, but Harry huffs.

“Just.” He sighs, like admitting weakness. “All of that, yeah?”

Louis kisses him slow and whispers “Everything.”

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