The End is Near

When school kids are trapped in Cripplecreek Middle School, when the world is about to end, the friends of Madeline's are trying to keep everything in order, but after everthing seems fine, Madeline's friend gets kiddnapped by Reapers. What will Madeline due? Will Madeline and the rest of her friends safe her other friend? Read The End is Near and find out.


1. Years

In 2012, life was good, happy and funny. Schools were good and you could see your friends everyday and classes and schoolwork, but some kids, like me didn't like schoolwork, it was a pain in the @#!*% to do work when teachers would give you the god dam answers. But over all schools were fun, but the food, was like eating grease and oil from the dumpster side (for bad food) well it was always like that since you started school. Well, I'm Madeline, I go to Cripplecreek Middle School. But, then fell apart in 2013.

Well the world was falling apart in 2012, well thats what people said when they said the whole world was going to end, who would listen to them, I mean their hobos sitting on @#!*% buckets telling every single soul the world was ending. But thet were right. It was after Christmas (don't worry Santa came and gave presents to good souls). It was about the end of school, Madeline was in Language Arts with her friend Morgan, then all of asuden the ground was moving and vibrating under their feet, up and down, really fast, as if the plates under neath us was moving apart (or there was a  @#!*% T-Rex come back to life to kill us, no big) then everyone got up from their seats and looked out the window and then, nothing happened and waited. Then the road starting to crack and in 5 seconds flat bus 514 and other buses got swallowed up by orange bubbleing lava. Everyone was just surprised and all the others were screaming, and Madeline, well, she was the one with her mouth wide open with her forehead against the window. "Holy shit!" she said, under her breath, every soul was in the hallway screaming because cars and buses were expolding and trees were on fire, and for the kids and teachers on the soccer feilds......well, it was nice knowing them.

Everyone screaming, and teachers trying to keep everything in order, kids were on their phone's trying to call their parents, grand-parents, friends, or anyone, Madeline did to, Madeline called the only person who could help her.....her Mom. "Honey, are you ok, tell me are you ok!" in a yelling tone of voice, "Yes, mom I'm fine.." trying to sound cool and relaxed, even though Madeline was tarifed of her life right now. "Mom, just....don't worry about me, I'll be fine". Then Madeline couldn't here anything, "Dam it, lost signal!" Then, the ceiling was falling apart and it was crumbiling and when it did, it was about to fall on one of Madeline's frineds, Jessica! (one of her besties). So, Madeline ran over to Jessica and pushed Jessica out of the way so the ceiling wouldn't get crushed, and when Madeline did she landed terribley, causeing Madeline not to move, as Madeline strugguling to get up, another peice was going to fall on her, but as soon as it fell Jacob, (a boy Madeline used to date) ran over and held up the part of the ceiling for her and Jessica. as Madeline strugguling to move, Jacob was about to give way, But, Madeline had enough steangh to pull Jacob away before he got crushed. As ahe did, he fell right on top of her causeing her more pain on her leg, where she tried saving Jessica, as Jacobs getting up he looks down at her with surprise, "Oh, I' sorry" as he saids blushing red, "Just get off me, alread!" with frustration in her voice, but blushing a bit.

As Jacob got up, Jillian comes up and pulls Jacob up and punches him in the face, "Hey, hey, hey, Jillian, what the fuck!?", Madeline still on the ground in surprise, "What, he was raping you, wasn't he?", Jillian puzzled and feeling stupid, "No! Why would you think that, your stuipd sometimes you know that." When Jillian and Jessica help me up to my feet, there was a loud BANG!      as soon as that happened cracks ran along the walls and ceiling, then.........there was no sound, just breathing.



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