The End is Near

When school kids are trapped in Cripplecreek Middle School, when the world is about to end, the friends of Madeline's are trying to keep everything in order, but after everthing seems fine, Madeline's friend gets kiddnapped by Reapers. What will Madeline due? Will Madeline and the rest of her friends safe her other friend? Read The End is Near and find out.


2. What's Next?

"WATCH OUT!", some random kid, that Madeline didn't know his name right now, the floor began to split in half of the school, Madeline thought this was crazy, this couldn't happen, but she relized that lava can do anything, well duh. As lava was bursting out of the crack in the floor, this kid, that Madeline knew, was Tommy and he was standing on the crack that was going to open at any second! After everything become to seem calm, the crack became to wide for Tommy, and felll through, but Tommy held on to a peice of metal rod sticking out of the floor which is now a wall under ground, as he did, Sam, a girl, screamed, "NO!, Please, safe Tommy, don't let him die, please!" "I will!" Jillian said with confidence and an attitude, "You can't help him, you little bitch, your to weak!" as a boy put his hand on her shoulder, but she strugged it off of her, "Fuck you I can", as Jillian said that she ran to where Tommy was and reached for him, as Jillian caught his hand, their hands were sweating from the heat of the lava, and Jillian let go of Tommy, and couldn't hold the weight, so the guy who put his hand on Jillian's shoulder ran over and helped her out by holding her legs and letting her down, of course she didn't trust him but to save a friend she did it. Jillian did it once more, Jillian swinged Tommy up and landed loudly. "Thanks, I guess.", Jillian said "No problem." as he said that Jillian blushed and ran over to me and helped me walk. Then, then school started shaking and everyone fell on their faces or backs Madeline didn't reallly care, the school stared drifting apart, half of Madeline's friends were drifting away, and so Madeline said farwell to her friends on the pther side.

After the day of the insadent, we named the sides West Side and East Side (there not fancy names, so whatever) This expirence was the worst but cool day of Madeline's life. It's been 3 day's since the distruction haapened, and everyone was tiered and hungery and dirty. Madeline's brown wavey hair with blonde strikes had drywood dust in it and her skin pure tan was covered in dirt, her face with frekles were also dirty, and her eye's once so sea blue are now dull with no life in them. Madeline and her friends, Jillian, Morgan, Mandy, and Emily were right next to her on both sides(on the East Side). Jillian's dirty blonde hair with electric blue bangs and ends begone to fade away and drywood dust in her hair, her skin lighty tan was also dirty, and her eye's so full of light and crazieness, bright forest green eye's are now dull green. Morgan's hair so long and brown is now filled with dirt and dust, and her skin pale is also dirty, and her eye's once sky blue are now dull. Mandy, Madeline hasn't seen her since the breaking, and Emily's long, curly, and shinny hair is fulled with dirt and dust, her skin tan is also dirty, and her eye's once baby blue are now dull and lifeless.

After, things couldn't get any worse some boys got into a fight and the idiot boy had to push and push the other kid closer to the edge of the cliff that goes to the lava ditch. Madeline got up and run over to them, but Madeline was to late, the boy punched him off the cliff, the boy trying to catch him, Madeline pulled the other boy back before he wen't to. After that, the boy's sister came, "Hey, big brother I have a snack for us!", as she said with a happy tone, "Brother?", sounding confused, Madeline walked up to her and said he was gone. As she cryed into her arms, others started to tear up, also my friends, then Madeline heard something that surprised her.


"Will you be my big sister", the girl said.

The girled had brown wavey hair with red ends, and eyes that were hazel and had frekles.

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