The End is Near

When school kids are trapped in Cripplecreek Middle School, when the world is about to end, the friends of Madeline's are trying to keep everything in order, but after everthing seems fine, Madeline's friend gets kiddnapped by Reapers. What will Madeline due? Will Madeline and the rest of her friends safe her other friend? Read The End is Near and find out.


3. West & East Side

It's been weeks staying in the school and never leaving, because of the climate and shit. Let me tell you about it, shall we. The grounds are always on fire or buring hot, like walking on hot coal, when it rains, it's not rain at  all, it's acid rain, one drop of it and your clothes will burn off and your flesh, and if more you will die in pain, the only clothing you can wear in acid rain is leather, hey it works. Also all the satillits have been blown up into tiny tiny pieces, and no electricity. (If you don't get this, well keep reading it and you'll figure it out).

You know in the beginning that there was a West Side and a East Side, well let's talk, shall we. Madeline is on the East Side with her friends Jillian, Morgan, Mandy, and Emily, Jillian is on the right side of Madeline and Morgan is on the left of Madeline and Emily is on the left of Morgan. Then Mandy is nowhere to be seen. Everyone is sleeping or just sitting against the wall like Madeline and her friends are doing, So besides just sitting there, Madeline stands up and tells her friends she'd going to go walk around, "Hey, I'm going to go look around this hell hole, ok? See if I can find Mandy, ok?", Madeline said in lifeless tone of voice, and tiered, "Ok, just be careful Madeline, who knows whats going to happen next, ok?", Morgan said in a low voice sounding tiered, "I'll go with you.", Jillian said sounding loonly as ever, "Ok, let's go." As Madeline and Jillian get up and go walk around, and Jillian finds someone that she knew when they were walking through the hallway, and stopped to talk, Madeline didn't mind, so Madeline left Jillian to talk. As Madeline keeps walking, Madeline sees a girl in the corner, she has dirty blonde hair, with blue, purple, and green ends and she thinks it's her friend Erica, but Madeline dosn't care, so she walks by her.

As Madeline walked passed her, the girl's eye's widened in surprised, and got up and started walking towards Madeline. The girl puts her hand on Madeline's shoulder, "Hey, are you.....", the girl said in a questionable tone, and looked surprised and so did Madeline, "No way, can't be!?", Madeline surprised and hugged Erica tightly, "I can't beileve it, Madeline, your alive!", Erica surprised, "No, I thought you were.......", as Madeline paused, she looked out the window and saw a shadow figure standing at the edge of the school. As Madeline looked out, so did Erica she looked me puzzled then me. The figure woar all black and Madeline saw a tiny red symbol on the figures shoulders and woar a gas mask, but cooler. After 2 min 10 more came out and looked the same, "Erica, go look out the other window and see how many there are on that side.", "There's 20 more over here!", as Ercia yelled across to Madeline, just then when Madeline looked back at them, they all had, "Bazookas!" Madeline said in surprised. "Get under cover, quickly, now!", Madeline said yelling at the others to get a move on, "If you don't move you'll all be chopped up shit!" Madeline yelled, as she looked back they aimed at the school, Madeline eye's widened and turned quickly......

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