The End is Near

When school kids are trapped in Cripplecreek Middle School, when the world is about to end, the friends of Madeline's are trying to keep everything in order, but after everthing seems fine, Madeline's friend gets kiddnapped by Reapers. What will Madeline due? Will Madeline and the rest of her friends safe her other friend? Read The End is Near and find out.


4. The Reapers

Author POV

What are the Reapers? Who are they? You might be wondering. Well, the Reapers are thugs, drug sellers, and were the ones in the allies trying to sell you drugs and whatever shit they were selling you. Well that all changed when the world know..... like hell, they became the REAPERS! (don't get excited about them ok, their just fucking ass-holes) ok back to the story!

Madeline's POV

BOOM! BANG! CRASH!  Madeline hunched her back and hands still on the window, Madeline looked to the left, and there was a hole in the thick walls that were once cement, is now gone, and half the lockers are........ you guessed it, gone! Everyone, mostly everyone, was trying to get into the classrooms and shutting the doors, yeah that was going to help, not, and the others covering their heads against the wall, and Madeline's friends, too. The Reapers shaking the school with their weapons, looking around with blurred vistion Madeline had with all the dust, Madeline tried standing and walking over to her friends. When Madeline walked carfully to her friends, then a peice of the cieling fell on her head and Madeline fell facefirst into the concret, Madeline shaked her head and her nose was bleeding and her back of her head, she felt her back of her head and looked at her fingers and saw more blood, Madeline got up and wiped the blood on her jeans and ran to her friends. Madeline couldn't see and had blurry vistion and shked her head to see clearly, and Madeline fell right next to Jillian, Jillian slid Madeline close to her and hugged her tightly, as if she was scared.

Madeline sat up and waited for them to stop shouting but wen't on forever, some people were pretty dumbass stupid, cause they wen't to the windows and started screaming stop, but all that did was get them killed, "Stupid." Madeline said under her breathe. Madeline wanted to see outside, and see how many more they had, but Jillian holding her left arm and Morgan holding her right arm tightly she couldn't, she told them she would be fine, she looked out the window, but her vistion was still blurry. After 2 min they stopped, they had none left, Madeline stood up and looked blurry figures looking up at the school and grinned and then walked into the woods (after the world became this trees started growing faster). Madeline was releifed and everyone else was to, people came out of the classrooms and smiled joyfully, and the little girl running in Madeline's arms with tears, Madeline hugging her back. Madeline sat down with the girl in her lap "Thier coming again, I know it." Madeline said with her eyes closed, "How do you know that?" Erica said with a puzzled look and questionable voice, "Because Erica, they won't stop until they kill us." Madeline's friends and everyone listened to me hear that and breahed heavily. Until next time, she better be perpared and wish they won't come back, and make sure everyone is safe, she will make sure of that! When people were going to sleep, so was Madeline and her friends and the little girl, Tyler, a boy that Madeline knew, came up to her, "What are we going to do when Winter comes,..........and they come back?" he said with intrest, "I don't know, maybe look for food in the cafiteria for food if it wasen't covered with lava,...........and them......jus don't think about it, i'll make sure everyone is safe, talk in the mornning, night." Madeline said to Tyler, "Night" he said back.

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