Behind The Window

This Story is inspired by an amazing song, check out the vid


2. Welcome

Blood flew from his face as I broke his nose with my powerful punch. I kicked him in the belly and he fell to the ground. God, I'm tired of always getting attacked when I'm out collecting. 

My current job in the 'company' is to collect money from stores, that owe my Boss. When I am out collecting I am always wearing a suit, often Bordeaux, since my boss say the color make me look calm and controlled. He have given me a gold watch, he say I should always wear. He told me to put it up around my knuckles when I am fighting.

I look around me only to find unconscious people. I walked back up to the counter, putting my gold watch back at place. The man behind the counter looked at me frightened. I slightly bowed, and asked politely: "Excuse me Sir, but you have to hand over the 3 million dollars you owe The Lotus." "B-but can't He just wait one more month?"

"I'm sorry Sir, but you already got 2 months. Please hand over the money without anymore trouble." I said, tired of those situations. The man sighed and put a big black suitcase, on the counter, turning it to me. I opened just enough to see if all of the money was there. Great, the money is there. Now I just need to get back to the office. I closed the suitcase and nodded slightly: "Thank you, Sir." And then I left the shop. I went down the street to my awaiting black Porsche. I threw the suitcase unto the passenger seat and started the car. Why do I even drive, the office is right around the corner. Driving down the main street, I got a little sleepy so I decided to stop in for a cup of Starbucks Coffee. I stopped the car, locked it and went into the fancy store. Many eyes were following me, and I walked casually up to the counter to order my espresso. I've many times been told that I were good looking, but I didn't expect this. Maybe it just aren't normal for blonde guys in suits to buy coffee? 

I got my espresso and walked out of the small shop and went back to my car. I drove down the smaller streets, taking a sip now and then. I started fiddling with my slender fingers, not able to wait. Wow, I really need to smoke soon. Lucky I'm close to the office.

Finally seeing the tall building, with the sign: 'Lotus Credits', I drove into the parking, and found the usual spot. I took my coffee and the suitcase, and went to the entrance. I pulled out my ID card and showed it to the camera, accepting and opening the door for me. Walking trough the big hall towards the elevator, some of my co-workers greeting me: "Oh, Hi Gavin! Bringing the money home, huh? As expected from our best employee."

Yeah we're like a family here, and we're actually not many workers, only 30 to be honest.  This is like my second home, and even though it doesn't seem very much like 'gangsters' we do really care about each other. We have 8 floors; 1 entrance and lounge, 2-4 Lawyer Offices' and 5-6 Collectors and Deal Makers, 7 is meeting rooms, And on 8th floor are only 2 offices and a big lounge room.

I entered the elevator and pressed the button to 8th floor and waited. After the small hop, signing the elevator stopped, the doors open and I stepped into the lounge room. Both of the offices on this level had double glass doors, but the boss' with a white sign saying: Awesomeness.  I chucked at the sign and went into his office. He sat in his leather chair in front of his desk, sleeping lightly. I smiled and put down the suitcase on the desk, and walked behind him, taking out my knife...

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