Behind The Window

YOU'VE BEEN WARNED, THIS STORY WILL MAKE YOU CRY! This Story is inspired by an amazing song, check out the vid


1. let me present!

 Hello. I'm Gavin. I'm 22, living with my girlfriend Emma. I've been working for this Mafia since I was 14 and didn't have a home. My parents died when I was 12, so I lived on the streets for 2 years starving everyday until he took me in. But because of that, I'm under a contract that says that I have to work for him until I die. But in this kind of business it's not sure you live for long, only the best will survive. But luckily, the mafia has been training me well in fighting and hiding, he's like a big brother for me. My girlfriend really don't like that I  have to work in this dangerous business, but I really love the adrenalin, and I feel like I owe him.  

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