Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Lyrics

Lyrics from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog


10. Everyone''s a Hero in their Own Way

~~It may not feel too classy, begging just to eat,
 But you know who does that? Lassie!
 And she always gets a treat!
 So you wonder what your part is, ‘cause you're homeless, and depressed.
 But home is where the heart is, so your real home's in your chest!

 Everyone's a hero in their own way!
 Everyone's got villains they must face!
 They're not as cool as mine, but folks you know it's fine to know your pla - ce!

 Everyone's a hero in their own way!
 In their own not-that-heroic way!

 So I thank my girlfriend, Penny!
 She showed there're so many muscles I can flex!
 There's the deltoids of compassion, there's the abs of being kind,
 It's not enough to bash in heads, you've got to bash in minds!

 Everyone's a hero in their own way!
 Everyone's got somethin' they can do!
 Get up, go out, and fly - especially that guy! He smells like po - o!
 Everyone's a hero in their own way!
 You, and you, and mostly me! - And you!

 I'm poverty's new sheriff. And I'm bashing in the slums.
 A hero doesn't care if you're a bunch of scary al - co - holic bums!


 Everyone's a hero in their own way!
 Everyone can blaze the hero's trail!
 Don't worry if it's hard, if you're not a friggin' ‘tard
 You will preva - il!
 Everyone's a hero in their own way!
 Everyone's a hero in thei -

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