Lessons and life

Life can have lessons. Some lessons are painful...but some in the end are truly fun to remember.


1. Games and tricks

    To a group of friends a sleep over is most likely the ultimate way to hang out. I mean what is a better way? Think about it, you get to spend part of the day with your friends and then spend the night and morning with them. Sadly they could spend almost half the night up. But one of these friends in this story was what some would say, inhuman in that department.

    She wanted to go to bed earlier than them. Many times it was hard to fall asleep, though it eventually crept in. There were three of the friends. Usually Fallen and her friend Carol were the only ones asleep that Fallen was aware of. Still those memories had some of the best in her life.

    Once in the morning of a sleepover on an energy filled fall morning the three girls saw all of the leaves that had fallen on the ground. Fallen thought it would be fun to make a big pile of leaves, so they did and as they made the pile she told a story about a princess named princess Carol, a night called Halley , and another princess named princess Fallen. As Fallen told this story she remembered her mother telling her story's about princess Fallen. Every princess Fallen story her mother told her seemed to be different, because every story was about that day the story was told.But in the middle of Fallen's story she dropped her rake that she was using to pile up the leaves then plopped down on the pile of leaves.

    Before she could pull herself even to a sitting position Carol and Halley dropped arm fulls of leaves on Fallen slowly burring her in them. Fallen broke out in laughter at this. She didn't even try to stop them. Before she knew it she was buried from head to toe and could only see the leaves that covered her body. "Stay here and we'll go get Carol's mom to show her." Said Halley.

    Fallen agreed and responded, "Okay!" Fallen couldn't see and she stayed there for what seemed like longer than it should have taken to get Carol's mother. She was about to get up when suddenly she felt something brush against her side. "Hello? Halley? Is anyone there!?" Slowly and with caution she pulled her head to the surface. 

   She lied on her side and looked around like a wild animal checking for predictors. As she turned her head she saw a sight that she hadn't expected to see. There running around playing with Carol's dog were Carol and Halley. "Hey!" Fallen almost yelled. 

   "Oh h-hi Fallen." Carol was almost laughing through these words. "We never left." Halley nonchalantly confessed. "Were you really going to get your mom?" Fallen asked. 

   "Well yeah but she was in the shower." Halley said through a smile. Fallen just starred...and starred...and starred, until suddenly she felt her lips start to curl into a smile and she broke out into a laughter of true delight. You wouldn't have guessed that she had been tricked if you had just walked by. Fallen and her friends were horse players sometimes and sometimes she did that to her friends as well. But one thing about every day of every adventure that she got into with her friends that she loved was that as long as they were with her every time.


                                                                                                                              Tutalicorn out

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