When Lightning Strikes

When lightning strikes, what's a girl to do? Save the world, obviously. Follow Alexandria as she learns to control her powers, battle Fate and prepare to take on Earth's unknown nemeis.

Entry to the Tape Competition, a sort of prequal if you will. (Word count: 2039)

(Apologies about the formatting towards the bottom of the chapters, my computer was being irritating and refusing to make it actually HAVE paragraphs, so it's a bit of a mess, the larger white spaces are where the paragraphs should start. And so the battle against technology continues...)


3. The Lull

"Who are you?" I asked, my voice feeble.

"Let's just say I'm an ally sent from higher powers in Rosagua," he smiled.

"So this isn't a dream?" I asked, trying to sit up, panicking a little more when I failed. 

"No, put your trinket on, it'll give you stregnth" he instructed, eyeing the box in my hand. I looked at him, untrusting; if this was real, then I shouldn't let him be within snatching distance of this locket. 

"Stand ten paces away from me," I ordered, staring him down with my saphire eyes. He nodded and walked away, stopping 50 meters away, a show of trust.


I lined the box up with my scar, but it didn't open at first, I muttered "Lóstrego" and it clicked open again. I retrieved the locket, strength flowing into me as I held it. I sat up, put it on, the clasp becomming a solid silver bar so I couldn't get it off again. Once it was settled on my chest, I felt rejuvinated, it was like I could finally breathe. I felt powerful, charged, my wounds healed, little bolts of static closing them up.   


I stood up, my body shaking, my head spinning. I tried to walk towards the man, but stumbled and fell over, the locket was pumping me with too much power, I couldn't handle it.   


"Lostrégo relax, keep breathing," the man called as he ran to me, flinching back from a snapping shock when he tried to rest a hand on my shoulder. "Just keep breathing, don't let it overwhelm you," he said, trying to soothe me. I took deep breaths, my body visibly dancing with the shocks of electricity, my muscles spasming in sections, squeezing them painfully.   


"It's a good job they sent me to watch out for you, you're so young and small..." He sighed, shaking his head, "I promise you this will pass, you will gain control soon." He fished a little bottle out of his pocket, nudging it towards me, "pain killer," he explained. I knocked it back with difficulty, it burnt my throat like vodka, making me wince. My vision promptly blurred, purple and black spots clouding my vision, then spreading out to black.  


I woke in my bed, a folded note on the bedside table written in the almost the same swirly hand writing as my locket: 

"Sorry for drugging you, working out where you live from your phone, texting your mum telling her you were really tired so you were going to nap, leaving you to be questioned about your 12 hour sleep and turning off your electricity (would you rather your mum walk into an electric field and die?) 



'All I know is when I was going through this I would rather have been knocked out straight away rather than passing out from the pain of having all of your cells change to the magic setting. You will feel weak and lathargic for a week or so, but as you're a small human girl, there's less of you to change, so hopefully it won't be as long as usual. You will gradually gain more control, just don't use your power in the house, electricity is a bit dodgey (but you'll probably have worked that out yourself). If you need me, visualise me and say 'Ignis Lumo', and I will come and help. Or you could just call me, that work's too. - The Dragon"  



I smiled at the awkward note, putting his number into my phone, hoping my powers wouldn't flare up. I looked at my changed top, wondering what happened to the bloodied one, and slightly disturbed he had seen me half naked, then again, he had seen almost everything as I'd had my top half way up showing my bite mark. I got up and dressed, my mum had left a note on the fridge with a list of chores to do, and said she would be home after work.



I slipped into my routine of summer holidays, which basically meant eating fruit and reading on the branch of a tree that hung over the stream that ran past our back garden. There was no one to hang out with in the country side, although I loved our little cottage and the fact that there were about 10 houses in our hamlet, and I didn't really have friends, so I got lonely sometimes. And bored. Very, very bored.   



I thought about 'The Dragon', how he really did look like a human dragon, he was probably in his early twenties. He seemed nice, he was apparently an ally, I felt I could trust him, but I wasn't entirely sure. Something about him scared me a little, maybe it was those intense orange eyes, or the fact that he knew exactly where I was, or that he could conjure up phantom wolves that hurt like hell when they bit. I slumped against the tree, my thoughts chattering away like the sparrows above my head. I looked across the fields in front of me, black clouds looming on the horizon, a chill creeping down my back despite the heat of the fine July day. I could sense something was coming, something big, powerful, complicated. With that thought, a thrill of fear shuddered through me.   



"When your day comes, be ready."


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