Ronald Weasley: The Boy Who Lived

Question, What if Harry Potter WASN'T about Harry Potter? Ronald Weasley is 100% sure that he is a Weasley, but he's not. He was adopted by the Weasleys five years ago when his mum and dad were murdered by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Join Ron and find out how he survives a life that feels so strange.


2. Adopted by the Weasleys

                              5 Years Later

      " Kids! Time for breakfast!" Molly Weasley, the mother of the house, shouted.

       "Coming, Mum." Ronald Weasley said groggily. As he walked down the stairs, Ron ran into his Mum as she was pounding on Ginny Weasley's door.

    "Ginny Weasley, get up right now!" Mrs. Weasley bellowed.

     "Mum, can you quiet down, you'll wake up the whole world if you don't!" Ron said covering his ears.

        "Sorry Ronald. Ginny, get up, it's time for breakfast." Mrs. Weasley said pounding on the door.

                "Mum, stop it, you're going to break my door down." Came little Ginny's muffled voice from inside.

        "Now it's time to go wake up Fred and George." Mrs. Weasley said as Ginny walked out the door and down the stairs.

         "Good morning children. I take it you all had an excellent slumber last night?" Mr. Weasley asked sipping on his scorching coffee. 

"I guess my night was okay. I'm still a little drowsy though." Ron said stifling a yawn. 

Then slowly Fred and George came clumping down the stairs. "Morning mum, morning dad." George said semi-conscious. 

"Why'd you have to wake us at the crack of dawn mum? We could've slept in for another two hours." Fred said slumping into his chair. 

"Have you forgotten what today is? Today's September first; the day you go to Hogwarts!" Mrs Weasley said. 

At the mention of Hogwarts, everyone woke up and started eating as fast as they could. Everyone that is, except for Ginny. Ginny was still too young to go to Hogwarts, but she would be able to go next year. 

"Why can't I be eleven like Ron?" Ginny grumbled. 

"Because Ginny, you were born when you were born; and that was a year after Ron." Fred said with new energy.  

And after everyone finished their breakfast, they all dressed and got ready to go to Kings Cross Station.

"Are we there yet?" Ron asked five minutes into the drive. 

"Ron we just got in. Do you really think that we would be there already?" George asked angrily. 

"No I guess not. Just excited, that's all." Ron mumbled bitterly.

Then finally, after what seemed like hours to Ron, they arrived at Kings Cross Station and were running to the train. 

Harry's POV:

I walked into the station and looked around in awe at the numerous trains. I had never seen so many in my entire life. 

I goggled at the sight for a moment longer, then realized what I was there for; to board a train on platform 9 and 3/4. 

I pushed my trolley to platforms 9 and 10 expecting to see a magical doorway that only wizards and witches could see, but to my great disappointment, there was nothing except for a stupid brick wall. 

Then I saw a family with a trolley just like mine come running up.

I stood back and watched as I watched the first three run through. Then I walked up to who appeared to be the mum and asked; "Do you know how to get into platform 9 and 3/4?"

"Don't freat dear, this is Ron's first year at Hogwarts too. Just watch carefully as he goes onto the platform." She said.

I stood and watched as the red-haired boy ran towards the wall and disappeared.

" Now it's your turn dear." She said beckoning towards the wall.

I gripped the trolley even tighter then took off at a full run to the wall.

I waited for the crash that never came. I dared to open my eyes and saw that I was on a platform with a beautiful red and black train on it.

I turned and started walking towards the train when I saw the red-haired boy again.

I jumped onto the train and looked around for an empty compartment. After I found one and got myself comfortable, the same red head boy walked in.

"Mind if I sit here?" he asked. "I don't care. No one else is sitting in here." I replied coolly. So het sat down in front of me and looked around awkwardly.

I decide to break the silence between us, so I asked, "What's your name?'

"I'm Ron, Ron Weasley. What's your name?" Ron asked me. "I'm Harry Potter. Pleasure to meet you Ron." I said.

Then pieces started to come together. 'Ron Weasley. Where have I heard that name before?" I thought to myself. I sat in my seat for quite some time finally figuring out where I had heard that name.   


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