The Spellbinding Book Of Harry Potter Words

A book of know how on Harry Potter! Are you a delusional FANGIRL or a lovesick FANBOY waiting for your Hogwarts letter. Well you'll need to do some studying!


2. The Characters - The Dursleys

The Dursleys are Harry's aunts family. The family consists of Vernon Dursley, Petunia née Evans Dursley and their son Dudley Dursley. They live in number 4 Privet Drive.

Vernon Dursley

As the father of the house he is very controlling. He loves money and hates magic. He treats Harry horribly and loves Dudley. He is described as large with little neck.

Petunia née Evans Dursley

Petunia is Harry's mother Lily's muggle sister. She hates Lily and is jealous of her powers. She despises Harry. She is described as being very thin and tall. She loves cleaning.

Dudley Dursley

Dudley is a spoilt child. He is large and over weight. He is called duddykins and big D sometimes. He is parents love him. He's a huge bully and is always teasing Harry and little kids in the neighbourhood.

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