Psychotic Beauty: All About US

Hi! We're Psychotic Beauty, a girl group consisting of four singers: Teya; 15, Taylor; 13, Ariana; 13, and Destinee; 13. This is our story of how we met, our childhood stories and embarrassing moments for all of you to read about. We also give some advice to all of the psychos (our fans) out there! :) Follow us on twitter as well: @pyschoticbeaut4


2. Teya's Story

Hi my name is Teya Blood but people (Taylor) Call me Jade lmao. 

Obviously in the picture above I am the un-stickered one. I just love picking on my family! The giant behind me is my cousin Michael, he is 3 months younger than me. The short brown haired girl is Michael's older sister Marissa who is 3 weeks younger than my older sister Tabitha who is 3 days 3 years and 30 minutes older than me. And the little Munchkin is my brother Dylan.

I was born December 27th,1998 in Tucson, Arizona. I live in Marana Arizona which is literally 10 minutes away. My parents names Are Penny Herington (She goes by Kat because her middle name is Katherine) and Eric Blood, but Eric is a dick so lets pretend he doesn't exist and that my step dad is my real dad, So his name is Kenneth but he goes by Rusty because his middle name is Russell. I have no clue where my parents are from. 

I've never really had the best life. My real dad is a drug addict and has been ruining it. Every time i think he'll just stay out of my life he weasels his way back in. I've always been bullied or as little kids say 'picked on' for multiple reasons. I will list a few

1) My last name is Blood

2) I've always been smaller than everyone else until this year when I grew.

3) I'm not the prettiest person in the world.

4) I have massive boobs (I know stupid reason to be bullied, people say they are fake)

I've been ready to give up multiple times but Taylor saved my life. Taylor is my cousin and Destinee is one of my best friends. (as well as Aria). My uncle is the main reason I got into music and when he died in 2012 I lost all confidence in myself. 

In 2010 my mom got pregnant with my baby brother and I was so excited to be a big sister. 

Music is my entire life. It always has been my life. I remember watching Kelly Clarkson on American Idol and looking my mom dead in the eye and saying 'mommy that's gonna be me someday' and ever since then I have been singing. Even at the mention of me never making it in music makes me cry because since my uncle died music has been the closest thing I have to being with him. Music is my safe haven and I feel that when I do music I'm making him proud. Without it I would go insane, literally.

I originally decided to start Psychotic Beauty because I was in a trio for choir with my friends Alika and Lauren and I realized even with no confidence in myself performing with other people is so much more relaxing. So I started it originally with Alika Taylor and Destinee but Alika quit and then I met Ariana. Taylor sounds like Jesy Nelson and it makes me so Jealous. and Aria and Destinee have the voices or angels and I'm just like meh :/. But the show must go on!

Anyways thats my story!

~Teya Blood xoxo

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