Psychotic Beauty: All About US

Hi! We're Psychotic Beauty, a girl group consisting of four singers: Teya; 15, Taylor; 13, Ariana; 13, and Destinee; 13. This is our story of how we met, our childhood stories and embarrassing moments for all of you to read about. We also give some advice to all of the psychos (our fans) out there! :) Follow us on twitter as well: @pyschoticbeaut4


1. Ariana's Story

Hi there! My name is Ariana A. I choose to not give my last name out for privacy purposes.

^^ That's me with my little cousin.. ^.^

If you couldn't already tell, family is really important to me!

Anyway, I was born on June 29,2000 in Celebration, Florida. I currently live in Orlando, Florida. I'm 13 years old, turning fourteen really soon and I'm super excited! I was born to my mom, Jennifer, and my dad, Frankie, in Celebration Hospital. Some of my earliest memories were going to Disney practically everyday with my grandma. We still do go to Disney a lot with family. Most of my family lives up north since my dad is from Brooklyn, New York and my mom is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

My life was always good and I was kind of spoiled since I was an only child. When I was in third grade, I started to get bullied.. A LOT. I would always come home crying because people would tease me for my hair color or because I liked the color pink.. I was in third grade for crying out loud! Everyone loved pink! I hated my hair for the longest time, but grew to love it.

When I was in sixth grade, my parents split up and it left me in a major depression. I remember getting into a major argument with someone on the playground at school because they claimed their life was terrible, even though their parents were together. I cried so hard after that argument because it was hard saying that my parents weren't together. When I was in sixth grade, I met my mom's new boyfriend Julio and soon my mom was pregnant (FINALLY!) with my baby brother, Javier. It was probably the greatest moment of my life since I always wanted a little sibling, even though I wanted a sister instead. I remember getting so mad that I was having a brother, but now it's great to have someone to play with. My brother is turning two on May 3rd and it's hard to know he's growing up.

Through out all the hard times in my life, I always turned to music and acting. I started acting when I was around four or five years old. I will be in my seventeenth show really, really soon. (Feb. 28,2014 MUSHU IN MULAN JR!!) I have been singing since I could talk and I'm always full of energy.

Being a part of Psychotic Beauty makes me feel like I am a part of something special. Quoting from Glee: "Being part of something special, makes you special." (I love Glee!) Teya and I actually met on movellas and now we're the best of friends. Taylor is so amazing and shocks me because she sounds like Jesy Nelson (Little Mix) when she sings!! I haven't really talked t Destinee much but she is so awesome! I am so grateful to have so many special people in my life who make me feel special!

-Ariana Xx.


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