Love.Lies. & sadness

A young girl finds her way around a new school, but what boy would she rather? Stuck between two, a story of friendship, love, lies, and sadness!<\3


4. Chapter 4

Harry walked in with a bunch of red roses.

'No you shouldn't of!' I said as I pulled the cover over my face. Trying not to show him my huge smile that was spread along my face.

'I should of babe. I wanna make it up to you.' He said as he climbed into my bed kissing my ear, he pulled the cover away but I held it tight. He pulled hard and it fell out of my grasp. He looked at my eyes covered in mascara stains, and he tried to wipe it away. But I pushed his hands away gently, the more he touched me the more I wanted him.

'Harry please.' I said as I moved his hand away from my face.

'Please what?' He said as he came closer and pulled me on top of him.

'Please kiss me.' I said as he smiled and grabbed me close, his tongue slipped in this time. And I didn't care I slipped my tongue in too.

I got up and walked over to the door closing it.

'Chelsea can I see you.'

'You can see me already Harry.' I laughed

'No. I want to see your body. Please.' He smiled as he took off his shirt. I sat on the bed.

'I don't want to have sex.' I said to him as I put my head in my hands.

'No look come here.' He said as he lifted up the cover and pulled me under. He laid there and sat me on top of his hips.

'Lift up your arms.'

I did what I was told, and he lifted off my top. Revealing my bra and my small breasts.

'You're beautiful Chelsea.' He said pulling me into him and hugging me tight.

'Im not ready.' I said.

'Neither am I.' Harry said as he closed his eyes and laid with me.

'So you haven't lost it?' I asked

'Of course not.' Harry replied kissing my chest.

Harry's phone started to ring and he grabbed it quickly.

'Hey.' Harry answered the phone rolling his eyes, he hung up the phone and looked at me. 'Baby I got to go. Dinners ready.' Harry said getting up leaving me laying in my bra and jeans.

After Harry left another knock at the door came.

The person walked into my room and I covered my self up quickly.

'Niall! How did you get in here?' I asked as he stood there quietly.

'I just wanted to see you Chelsea. I can't resist you.' He walked over to me and pulled away the covers. 'I've been waiting for this.' He smiled.

'Oh my gosh.' I covered my cleavage as Niall stared.

'Chelsea you make me feel so good.' Niall got closer and sat on the bed. It felt wrong but also so right. Niall started to undo his belt as I watched in astonishment how was this all happening in one day!

He grabbed my back and pulled me up and undid my bra, he grabbed my breasts in his hands and came close to my neck. He kissed me passionately and I pulled his head to my face.

I felt like ripping him apart. I wanted his body that much.

Why didn't I feel this with Harry?

Niall started to get lower and lower, but I couldn't let him. It was for Harry, not Niall. It was my property and I wouldn't let Niall trespass.

'I'm sorry.' I said as I stopped his fingers entering. 'Please don't take this personally.'

Niall stood up and quickly put on his clothes.

'I don't know what came over me Chelsea. Please forgive me.' He leaned over me and saw the roses that were on my cabinet. Niall turned walking to the door.

'Oh god Niall wait.' I said as I got up just in my leopard print undies.

'Im sorry Chelsea.' Niall opened the door where my father stood looking angry.

'Oh my gosh! I said grabbing the nearest clothing and covering myself.

'Get out of my house.' Dad whispered to Niall.

'Niall go.' I said pushing him away. I knew this was it. What beating was it this time?

'You are no daughter of mine.' Dad said as he slammed my door and locked me inside. 'Come out when you've learnt what babies do to ya! They ruin you! Like you lot of stupid kids have ruined me!' Dad screamed.

I ran to my bed screaming and kicking my legs. No daughter of his? Well I'll show him how bad I can be!

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