Love.Lies. & sadness

A young girl finds her way around a new school, but what boy would she rather? Stuck between two, a story of friendship, love, lies, and sadness!<\3


3. Chapter 3

I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. I opened them and turned away as it blinded me.

'Hello beautiful.' The voice of an angel spoke to me, and I knew I wasn't dreaming.

'Where am I?' I gasped as I got off the bed. I looked up where I was, it was extremely tidy and the bed was white and the room a light brown colour.

Harry stared at me as he sat on the bed with a cup of tea, slowly dipping in a biscuit every now and then.

'I got a hotel. Wondered if we could stay here for a while?' He winked at me and laughed.

'Harry? We are moving way to fast!' I said putting my head in my hands. My head started to whizz around like a bee was buzzing in my brain and stinging whenever I thought about Harry and Niall.

Just then my phone started to ring. It was Niall.

'Hello Ni?'

'Hey sweetheart, where are you? Last I heard you were with Harry? I wondered if you wanted to go out tonight? Get dinner?' His voice was quite and he sounded shy.

'Yeah I'm at a hotel actually with him now. Sure where would you like to go?' I replied my heart beating fast.

'Alright babe don't worry it's cool. I'll wait.'

Then he hung up.

'Was that Niall?' Harry asked turning away. His voice was angry and he clenched his fist.

'Yes, he wanted to meet me tonight.' I said as I grasped the phone in my hand tightly.

Harry breathed loudly and stood up putting his tea on the cabinet.

There was a long silence-

'Harry how did you get me in the bed?' I asked curiously

'I carried you, we fell asleep in the car together, you're actually very light.' Harry smiled looking into his tea.

Suddenly my phone rang again, and this time Harry grabbed it.

'Harry no!' I shouted as he opened the window and threw it out. I heard the loud smash of my iPhone.

'What was that for?' I asked him my voice broke as I spoke. I was angry and upset.

'Don't you understand Chelsea? You're mine! That's how it is! No one else's.'

A tear rolled down my face and I started to cry loudly.

He turned around and I walked out of the room, this time I wanted to go home, and that's straight where I was headed.

'Chelsea wait!' Harry called after me as I started to run, I ran and ran until I found my way home. Harry stopped and watched me enter the house. I could feel his eyes watch me.

There was no way I ever wanted to come out!

'Chelsea?' Joey came storming into my room, 'We have been worried sick about you! Where have you been? Why are you crying?' Joey asked question upon question and as they buzzed through my mind all I could think was how much I wanted Harry right now.

'Joey. Look I don't care okay? You worried about me that makes a change! Just get out because I'm leaving anyway okay!' I slammed the door into him and laid on my bed weeping into my pillow.

'Chelsea?' A little voice came creeping in from the door. 'Whats up Tigs?' I said, I daren't show him my sadness. 'Don't leave Chelsea.' His voice was louder now and he started to cry. 'Tigs go play I need to think.' I said and listened to his tiny footsteps leave.

I lay back into my pillow thinking what to do.

'Chelsea someone at the door for you.' Joey shouted loudly up the stairs.

'K. Send em' up.' I shouted back.

I listened closely hearing the panting outside the door. I knew it was Harry. What was I going to say? Or do? If only my mum was here. She would know what to do.

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