Love.Lies. & sadness

A young girl finds her way around a new school, but what boy would she rather? Stuck between two, a story of friendship, love, lies, and sadness!<\3


2. Chapter 2

'Im home!' I called as I walked into the house, the house was silent and felt largely empty, where was everyone?

'Chelsea! Chelsea!'the little voice came screaming in to me. My little brother tugged my sleeve, pulling it hard, he looked like he was going to burst out crying, and a brave boy like Tigs never cried.

'What is it Tigs?' I asked as he grabbed my hand pulling me into the living room.

'Chelsea! Look!' He pointed to dad who was on the sofa asleep with loads of alcohol bottles by his side. Liquid tipped on his shirt and his face seemed strange, the smell of alcohol was strong and made me feel sick.

'Okay Tigs go upstairs, I'll wake him up!' I feared for my brother, he had every right to be afraid of a ogre like my father. It was extremely wrong for a 4 year old around a drunk!

Tigs ran away but I knew he was watching from the crack in the door. I started to shake dad lightly but he would not wake up until I shook him violently.

'What d-do you want Chelsea?' He said his eyes opening and closing slowly.

'I'm home.'

'I can see you stupid.' His sentence was starting to slur and not make any sense.

'Are you not going to ask how it was? How was your day darling? Obviously not.' I asked getting angry, he seemed to never care about anything I did anymore.

'Nope, I don't give a s*** . You slut.' Dad replied closing his eyes again, a smirk raised on his face, knowing that he had silenced me.

But he hadn't. I ran into the kitchen grabbing two pans and clanging them together right by his ears. His eyes pierced open and he got up violently, his fists were clenched tight. He grabbed my neck and held me to the wall so that I couldn't breathe, I could hear the screams from my brother and the stomping of Joeys feet down the stairs.

'D-dad!' I tried to speak but it came out as a whisper. I looked into his eyes, this wasn't my dad, of course he had hit me before but never tried to kill me.

'DAD!' Joey shouted pouncing on top of his back. Dad's grip loosened slightly. Dad shook Joey off of him and held Joey back with the other hand.

'I can already see that school this school has changed you, you 2, only been there 1 day, your attitude is stupid.' I tried to muddle the sentence together and understand. Dad released his large hand away from my neck leaving a red mark, I felt pain shoot to the area and I breathed hard. Knowing I was still alive was better than anything.

I ran upstairs tears pouring down my face, nothing would cover up this stupid mark now, and now everyone was going to know, and take me way from my brothers, I'd go somewhere else. Have a new mum. No one could replace my mum.

When I woke up the next morning the first thing I did was check my neck. The red mark was worse than before. I got ready and left again, this time Joey had left before me, which didn't make a change, I was always late, not just for school but for everything!

When I arrived I was greeted by two girls. One had blonde hair just down to her breasts it was largely back combed and she had long lashes. Her pants showed through her black leggings and her jumper was a dark red that was knitted. The other girl had long red hair and curled like after you have plaits in, she had black leggings on as well which also showed her pants and a top that said 'swag'

'Hiya I'm Georgie, and this is Charlotte. We saw you yesterday with Harry, could you get me with his mate Louis?' The girls voice was normal and then I realised she had a nose piercing. It was shiny and she caught me staring at it. 'Hello? Earth to girl?' She said waving her hand in front of my staring eyes.

'I'm sorry I don't really know H-' before I could finish warm arms were wrapped around me.

'Hi gorgeous, skip school with me? Come in my car and we will go for a drive?' The girls faces dropped and they turned giggling to each other. They walked away leaving me and Harry alone. As the bell rang he pulled my arm and took me to the car, we came to the car park, it was a red convertible, how did he afford that?

He opened the door of the car, when I climbed in I smelt boys aerosol but it wasn't overpowering, it was just how I liked it. And it was exactly what Harry smelt of. I sniffed it in remembering the scent.

Harry climbed in beside me and smiled at me. His green eyes sparkled from the light of the sun.

'Where should we go?' Harry asked as he started up the car.

'I don't know my way around here.' I replied.

'Of course not silly me.' Harry chuckled and drove out of the school car park.

After a short drive we arrived at a field Harry got out and opened the door for me like a gentlemen.

'Babe let me show you something!' He grabbed my cold hands and warmed them quickly. He took me to a large cliff edge and told me to look over. My feet would not move any nearer.

'No I really can't Harry I'm scared of heights!' I said as I grabbed into his arm and pulled backwards.

'Wow. It's so hot.' Harry said changing the subject as he started to take off his top revealing his six pack.

I couldn't help myself my fingers traced the lines on his abs.

'My gosh, it's so hot I can hardly breathe.' I replied. I fanned my self with my hand until Harry grabbed my hand pulling it by my side.

Harry put his hand on my neck and leaned into me kissing me, his lips so soft, and then the strangest thing happened, it started to rain...

We looked up as the rain fell into our faces. This was my dream come true. Doesn't every girl want a kiss in the rain?

'Come on we should get you home!' Harry looked at my now drenched hair and clothes.

'Oh god I look like a mess!' I said wiping my mascara from my eyes.

'No baby. You're gorgeous!'

We got back into the car, but I couldn't help it I grabbed his neck and kissed him again, this time we didn't pull away for ages, he started to reach for my bum, but I slapped his hand away.

'Harry I don't want to go home.' I whispered as I kissed him again.

'Where will you stay princess?' He said smiling to me.

'Anywhere. I hate it at home!' I said as I lifted my leg onto him and sat on his lap. I felt confident and as I leaned in to kiss him he pushed me away.

'Whats this?' His hand moved my hair and then I remembered the mark on my neck. His hand touched it. As he did so it started to hurt again, and burn.

'Ouch, it's nothing just a burn from the straighteners!' I laughed. As he grabbed my legs over him.

'Wanna sit in the back? More room?' He asked. As he got out of the car pulling me out, I laughed as he pulled me out. We got in the back and laid down, his warm wet body made me feel comfortable, I had hardly even known him 2 days and we were so close! I loved him. It was crazy but I could tell.

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