Love.Lies. & sadness

A young girl finds her way around a new school, but what boy would she rather? Stuck between two, a story of friendship, love, lies, and sadness!<\3


1. Chapter 1

'Chelsea! Get out of bed!' I was shaken awake by my big brother, his grip on my arm was gentle, and he shook slowly, making me even more sleepy.

'Why?' I mumbled and slowly moved out of his grasp and turned away from him, falling back asleep, trying to return back to my wonderful dream about going to America.

'CHELSEA!' Joey pulled me out of my bed. I fell to the floor wrapped up in my pink duvet, I lay on the floor debating whether to get up out of the duvet, or just lay there, it was equally as comfy as the bed for some strange reason.

But then Joeys feet trampled on my stomach, making me heave and feel sick.

'Okay I'm up! Why do I have to get up so early?'

'First day of our new school silly!' Joey laughed and left my room, turning on the light as he left and blinding my eyes. I covered up my face with the duvet and decided to get up. It was now or never.

First day of school?

Oh no.

I quickly ran to the shower and was out within 10 minutes, I quickly curled my long black hair, brushed my teeth and put on all of my make up. I then put on my hollister top and my blue jeans.

I ran down the stairs so fast that I slipped and fell. without a good bye I left the house. I slowly closed the door, and stepped outside into the sunny weather, no wind! My hair could stay perfect! As I walked down the street I heard my name being shouted.

'Chelsea, Chelsea, CHELSEA!' I turned to see my twin brother Joey, holding a piece of toast. 'Don't forget it's my first day as well!' Joey passed me the toast but I refused to eat it.

'Joey I can't eat that it will get stuck in my teeth!'

'Quick eat it we are here now!' Joey said shoving the toast nearer to me. I pushed it in his face smearing the butter all over him.

'Chelsea! I gotta look hot for the chicks!' He tried to smudge the butter off of his face and walked into the entrance, I laughed at him, knowing that he still had butter by his eyebrow.

'Like the girls would want you Joey!'

'Okay Chelsea who's your buddy to show you around?' He interrupted trying to change the subject.

'Joey the first rule of the school, don't talk to Chelsea Briggs' I said walking away from him and walking towards a table of 6 girls.

'Hi girls can I just ask a question?' I said trying to be cool. The girls stared with their mouths open wide. Their eyes stared. Was I really that magnificent?

'Uhhh.. Sure.' One of the girls answered, then I realised they weren't looking at me. I turned to see a beautiful boy with brown curly hair, and gorgeous green eyes.

'Oh my god..' I gasped he was beautiful, he looked up and started to walk over, it seemed like forever before he reached near me.

'Hi can I help you?' His voice was so sweet. Like an angel.

'Ummm yeah, I'm looking for Violet Charge?' Violet Charge was the girl I had been signed too, basically to show me around and look after me.

'Oh sure, you new here?' He asked his eyes stared at me, but I didn't want to make eye contact, I could feel my cheeks pink, and I didn't want him to know that the new girl was already blushing over a boy!

'Yeah I'm new.'

'Can I see your timetable?' He held out his hands.

'Sure' I said passing it to him, placing it in his hands he was slow and gentle to take the paper, that's what I liked in a boy. Gentleness.

'Ahhh. You're not in my year are you?'

'Ummm, no?' I said, I then realised he was the year above me.

'Oh I'm Harry.' He said smiling, his teeth were perfectly arranged and gleaming white.

'Im Chelsea.' I tried my to show my teeth because of my crooked teeth, which were waiting for braces.

'Right well your first lesson is English, I'll take you there.' He walked with me until we came to a huge bundle of people there were at least 100. We walked into the bundle staying close, side by side, until I was pulled in and knocked by people. I tried as hard as I could to find Harry but I couldn't, everywhere I looked were people crowding over me, it didn't help that they were all so tall. until a warm grasp held onto my hand, I held tight as the people soon gathered into their classrooms leaving me and Harry staring at each other, with my hands tightly wrapped around his, our fingers interlocked.

'Phew that was close!' Harry said as the crowd of people disappeared. His eyes grew bright as he realised that we were alone.

'So what ones my class?' I asked, hoping we weren't near, I liked this boy a lot, I wanted to spend more time with him, he gave me butterflies, I wanted to know more about him.

'Right there.' He pointed to a classroom with a red door, it was quite close. I didn't want to leave.

'Okay thank you Harry!' I said walking away from his grasp. But his hand grabbed me again.

'When will I see you again babe?' I smiled at him, he called me babe!?

'Well we will have to find out.' I said and walked to my classroom leaving Harry stood watching me. I felt his eyes fixed on m

I walked into the classroom being watched by 23 pairs of eyes made me feel so uncomfortable. The chatting of the class fell silent.

'Ahh! Chelsea?' The teacher stood up and bought me to the front, his glasses were very large and his long hair fell on his shoulders his shirt was plain white and his tie had tiny ducks on it which made me smirk.

'Tell us about yourself sweetheart.'

'Theres nothing to tell. Just normal. Where do I sit?' I asked walking away from him.

'I hope you haven't got a attitude little missy.' The teacher put his hands on his hips and I watched the children in the room start to smile.

'K. Where do I sit?' I asked again.

'Over there by Niall, or there by Kini?' I looked at Kini who was a ginger girl with glasses and huge spots gathered on her face. Or the cute blonde boy.

There was no guess which one I chose.

'Hi, I'm Niall.' His Irish accent sunk into me, it was extremely cute and he was gorgeous! I smiled to myself as I stared at the blank piece of paper on the desk in front of me. 'So...' He whispered as the teacher talked about Shakespeare, I could tell Niall was nervous.

'So why did you move here?' He asked

'Well when my mum died in a car crash, about a month ago, my dad wanted to get away from it, and at the moment alcohol is his only friend.' I felt comfortable telling Niall this.

'Oh my Chelsea, wow. You should hang out with me and Harry later? I need to get to know you, you're so perfect trust me!'

'Sure.' I replied trying to play hard to get.

After class finished Niall walked with me to the canteen, where Harry was waiting.

'Hello gorgeous, I see you've met Niall?' Harry smile turned into a large frown, his arms circles around my waist, he squeezed me tightly and leaned in towards me, I leaned away, as he whispered into my ear.

'You're beautiful.'

The words echoed in my ears, knowing I had never been called that ever before.

'Whats up bro?' Niall asked sounding concerned. As Harry started to unwind his arms from me and walk away

'Oh nothing, I'm going to get some air.' Harry said as Niall grew closer to me.

'I'll come.' I added walking with Harry. But he pushed me back.

'Stay with Niall gorgeous I'm skipping school.' Harry walked away and out of the fire exit. Leaving me standing with Niall.

'Sorry about him.' Niall said.

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