I'm not Insane

*For the Who Framed Klaris Cliff competition*
Imaginary friends are just excuses to do what YOU really want to do, right?


2. Chapter 2

Darkness. Darkness. Darkness.

That's all she's ever felt.  Dark eyes, dark hair, dark skin. Everything was dark. Apart from the flames. The flames which bought her such pain and pleasure at the same time. They danced on her stomach, leaving scars, but she didn't mind. Although, she still had to escape. Andy had told her that was the key, the key to surviving this dark, dark world.

She chuckled, however it soon became a cackle, which bounced off the walls. The ice cold walls. The fire never warmed the walls. She was always stuck between hot and cold. Fire and ice. Life and Death. Of course Death would win, always did and always will. It was all just so hilarious. How fragile life was, how stupid people were, thinking they could escape Death. That they could escape her, just because they locked her up. Andy had a plan though, a plan he was going to share with her, tonight.

The moon rose, casting a little of it's silvery light in the room. Not that it made a difference. The room was still dreary, drab and dark, but soon Andy would come. He would make everything better, he would comfort her and assure her that she could escape. She closed her eyes and breathed in air, she could smell his scent. He was coming. She opened her eyes, and there he was. His brown hair hung around his shoulders, falling onto a black and stripy shirt, which was accompanied by grey jeans. His brown eyes looked warmly at her, the skin underneath creasing slightly because of his wide smile. His well kept appearance was a stark contrast to her unruly one. Her black hair was knotted and uneven, her eyes were always wide and alert and her dress was threadbare with holes everywhere. The chain against her leg certainly didn't help her appearance either.

"Andy, you're here." Maya exclaimed, the happiness reverberating from her voice was obvious. "That's right little one, I'm here and I'll tell you how to get out of here tonight. Just like I promised." His smooth voice calmed her nerves. Her eyes looked up at him, trusting and hopeful. "What do I do?" she asked, smiling at him. She knew he would help him, he always did. She sat there and listened to his plan, it seemed simple enough. She just had to humour them. Pretend that the flames didn't exist, that Andy didn't exist, that whatever they said made her insane was never there in the first place. "Andy, I'm not insane am I?" she questioned. He chuckled and replied "No, little one, your not for I'm as real as the flames" he replied. He always knew what to say to reassure her, after all the flames were real. She could feel them. Andy had to leave now though. She'd see him next time though. He always came back to her.

The next morning Pete decided he had to check on Maya. See whether a good night's sleep had made her amenable. He walked across the hall as the sunlight glittered on the walls, bringing a smile to his face. It was so beautiful. He could just stare at it all day, but he had work to do. He reached Maya's room and knocked on the door. "Come in." was the cheery reply. That's odd, usually it's just screaming he thought. He cautiously opened the door, Maya was sitting on her bed, a smile on her face. He frowned, something was off, but he decided to give this new Maya a chance. "Hello, Sweetie, how are you today? Has Andy made any visit's? What about the flames are they still there?" He asked her, a smile that was too wide to be sincere plastered on his face. "I'm fine, thank you Pete, and no, in fact I'm beginning to thing I just imagined Andy and the flames." She replied. No visible sign of terror or panic on her face. "Really? Well as long as you have no more visit's or flames, who knows maybe you'll be let out of here in a couple of weeks." He answered, testing her. She chuckled, "That would be lovely, thank you." She retorted. Well played Maya he thought. Obviously they wouldn't let her out unless she had a couple of months of sanity, after all she was dangerous. She killed people for crying out loud. Anyway it was time for him to check on the other patients. He smiled at her before leaving the room, his curiosity at her personality change made him forget to lock the heavy steel door.

She chuckled Andy was right, it had worked. Now to wait till midnight and then she would be out in the world again. She closed her eyes, hoping that when she opened them it would be dark out. She calculated correctly. She took the key from her pocket, which was where Andy had put it the night before, and unlocked the chain around the foot. She staggered through the halls, laughing maniacally as she went stopping off in the kitchen to steal a butcher's knife. Until finally the wind battered her face, and she was free to kill whoever she pleased. Maya's laughter was lost on the wind and she ran until she reached a house. After she found a heavy rock she threw it into the window. It made a pleasant shattering sound. She followed the rock into the house, cutting her fingers as she went. She slowly walked up the stairs, enjoying the stillness. She looked around, there were two doors, one of them probably leading to a bathroom. She chose the door to her left and... Bingo! A middle aged man slept in the bed.

She chuckled and walked up to him, putting her hand on his wrist, so she could feel his pulse drain when she dug the knife into him. Her cold hands woke him up. His eyes widened as he realised who she was, after all her pictures had been all over the news. He started blubbering, as he knew he could do nothing against her. She grinned at him and raised her knife high above her head. 3...2..1. She drove the knife into his beating heart, watching all the sticky, scarlet blood ooze out of cut she just made. She licked her lips, she couldn't wait any longer. Maya bit him.


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