I'm not Insane

*For the Who Framed Klaris Cliff competition*
Imaginary friends are just excuses to do what YOU really want to do, right?


1. Chapter 1

I'm not Insane, I promise.
She looked around the pitch black room, trying to distinguish something which might tell her where she was. Only darkness filled her view, but she could feel the cold steel against her skin, taste the gag within her mouth and as for the binds that we're keeping her in a ball. She didn't want think about them. She sighed and rested her head against the wall, which her back was pressed up against. Allowing her matted hair to fall around her shoulders and out of her eyes, as she waited to adjust to the light. The balmy coolness of the wall calmed her burned flesh, and she tried to recall what happened. She had tried to escape. Andy hadn't convinced them, so she'd had to escape. Soon they would come and ask her why she had done it and if she gave the wrong answer she would be burnt again. Burnt and stabbed. Her ears picked something up. The door was being unlocked. They came in. The men with red eyes. "Andy, protect me, please" she bawled, trying to each him. He didn't come. He never came when she needed him, yet, he was still her best friend. Everyone else hated her, called her names and told her to go and kill herself. So she killed them. She giggled, picturing their surprised faces as she pulled out her knife. Those faces which quickly turned to terror, as she advanced on them. The visible pain in their eyes as she drove the knife into their beating hearts, grinding them to a halt. All the blood, all the beautiful red blood, it had been sticky on her hands, but she didn't care. It tasted lovely, like fresh pomegranates in summer. After all there was a reason why Persephone chose pomegranates in the old Greek myths, all those years ago. Of course drinking the blood hadn't been her idea. It had been Andy's. She would of never thought of that. Although the pleasure that had come from stabbing the children that had hurt her over and over again was unimaginable. Drinking their blood and eating their organs, only added to that pleasure. Once again she giggled. Andy had the best ideas. They had had a picnic, the last time she saw him. A picnic of human organs. The sky had been so blue that day, and the grass the most emerald green. The food was delicious, with blood to wash it down. It soon got to the point, where she didn't care who killed. She wanted to taste their blood, their organs, anything she could get her hands on. She almost killed Andy, but luckily she realised what she was doing. After all what kind of a person would she be, if she killed her best friend? A loud noise bought her back to reality. The red-eyed man asked her why she escaped. She told him Andy told her to. He didn't like the answer. He burnt her skin. She screamed. "Why are you screaming?" He asked her.
"Get it off me, it hurts, it hurts, get it off me, it hurts. Please get it off me. It hurts" she pleaded.
"No one is hurting you. It's all in your mind. Please let us help you." He said.
"Andy said not to trust you. I trust Andy." She shouted back at him.
"Maya, there is no Andy." The creature replied
"I don't believe you, who are you anyway?" She asked. She was panicking and he had no idea why. She was in a perfectly light room, designed to make mental patients feel at rest. After all the baby blue wallpaper which was decorated with clouds, was the most calming thing they could come up with. She had a comfortable bed, with purple cushions and a violet duvet. The floor was covered in a dark blue carpet which was soft to touch. The only thing that could make her feel unease would be the fact that the door was always locked. Apart from at the moment because he was with her, the door was only closed so she would have some privacy. As well as protection, after all she was a pretty young thing, and he wouldn't put it past these patients to rape her. "My name is Pete, remember?" He responded. Suddenly she burst into tears.
"It hurts, the flames hurt. Make them stop. Please?" She asked. Pete calmly explained there were no flames, and she slapped him. He sighed. He clearly wasn't getting through so he padded out the door and bolted it shut. After all she couldn't escape again.

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