Ashlyn Shelby:yr 1*ON HOLD*

Ashlyn Shelby thinks she's an ordinary 11 year old. But when her school is attacked and she almost gets kidnapped but creates an explosion safe to everyone except the attackers plus finds out she's a witch, could she be the most powerful witch in more than a century?this takes place when Harry goes to Hogwarts too!


1. ordinary…hopefully

Ashlyn raced up the steps of her school with her blonde hair flying behind her. I'm going to be late,I'm going to be late! Just as she sat down in her desk, the bell rang. Phew! Ashlyn sighed. Thank goodness I wasn't late on the last day of school! Happy Birthday Ash! Ashlyn turned around to find her BFF approaching. Hi Lindsey! Thanks! Lindsey had been Ashlyn's best friend since when they met in preschool. I can't believe it's the last day of school AND my birthday!Ashlyn exclaimed . Yeah! Lindsey replied. That's just sooo cool! Well,well,well. If it isn't Ashlyn Shelby. Ashlyn looked around and saw her sworn enemy Bella Anderson. I see you went shopping at Walmart? Ashlyn narrowed her ocean blue eyes at Bella. Of course not! Though I see you had trouble picking out clothes? It looks as though you raided your brothers clothes. Anger flashed in Bella's cold brown eyes. Alright class! A voice thundered behind the two enemies. Mr. Manis walked up to the front of the class. Please open up your books to page- Mr. Manis was cut off by a loud bang. The door flew off its hinges and narrowly missed Ashlyn's head. In came odd looking men with metal masks and black robes. The man in front pulled out a stick and shouted what sounded like it was made up: Stupefy! He shouted and Mr. Manis collapsed to the ground. Get the girl! The front man ordered to the guy beside him. The man lunged for Ashlyn but she dodged him quickly. But another man grabbed her from behind quicker than Ashlyn could ever imagine. Let go of me! Ashlyn shouted as she struggled to get free of the man's firm grip. Anger boiled up inside of Ashlyn. Suddenly, there was a deafening BANG and the classroom lay in chaos. The men lay unconscious on the ground. The walls had been blasted to rubble somehow. But all the children and and Mr. Manis were unscathed. Suddenly, a wrinkled man with a long white beard and and the same length of white hair. Hello Ms. Shelby. The old man looked through his half moon glasses at Ashlyn. I'd like to speak with you. The man took Ashlyn outside the front doors. You're a witch Ms. Shelby. What?! Ashlyn practically screamed. No I'm not! I'm just another ordinary 10 year old going on 11! No you are not. The man spoke calmly. I am professor Dumbledore. Headmaster of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Suddenly bits and pieces of Ashlyn's life suddenly made sense. The time when a rat appeared on her sister's head when she had been ungrateful for her birthday present from Ashlyn when Ashlyn had been 6, and the time when when her piggy bank turned into a real pig, and just a couple of minutes ago when she had blown up the classroom without hurting anybody except her attackers. So I'm a real witch? Cool! Ashlyn said excitedly. There will be a letter sent to you near the end of summer.Dumbledore explained. I will see you on the first day of school. Ashlyn's mind whirled with questions. Wait! I don't know how to get to Hogwarts! Don't worry. I'll send somebody to help you with your school supplies and getting there. Dumbledore replied. And with a loud pop, Dumbledore was gone.

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