Ashlyn Shelby:yr 1*ON HOLD*

Ashlyn Shelby thinks she's an ordinary 11 year old. But when her school is attacked and she almost gets kidnapped but creates an explosion safe to everyone except the attackers plus finds out she's a witch, could she be the most powerful witch in more than a century?this takes place when Harry goes to Hogwarts too!


2. losing my best friend.

School ended early. It was because I blew up the classroom. Lindsey asked so many questions I began to think I wouldn't be able to leave without answering at least one question. I'll answer ONE question and that's it. I said. Can I choose which question? Lindsey asked. Sure. I said. Ok why did that old guy talk to you about? Oh no. I don't want to tell her oh I have to go to a school that's abnormal and she can't come? I decided on telling her the truth but instead of telling her that, I told her a complete lie. Well he asked me why I blew up the classroom and said I'm a danger to anyone...that I am angry with. Oh ok! Lindsey said


Days passed and summer was coming to an end. One day I was playing basketball outside with Lindsey when an owl with something attached to its leg flew from the sky. It landed on my shoulder and I could hear Lindsey gasp in shock. An owl? She stuttered. When Lindsey caught a glimpse of the thing on the owl. It was a letter. Lindsey grabbed it before I could. Lindsey read it whilst keeping it away from me. Her face fell as she read. You lied! Lindsey was really smart. She knew what was going on. I can't believe you lied to me! I'm okay with you going but I'm not okay with you lying about it! That's it! Lindsey said while tears fell from her chocolate eyes. We're not friends anymore! I can't be friends with a liar! With that she stormed away. I ran home with tears spilling out of my eyes. I can't believe I just lost my best friend!

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