Ashlyn Shelby:yr 1*ON HOLD*

Ashlyn Shelby thinks she's an ordinary 11 year old. But when her school is attacked and she almost gets kidnapped but creates an explosion safe to everyone except the attackers plus finds out she's a witch, could she be the most powerful witch in more than a century?this takes place when Harry goes to Hogwarts too!


4. Gringotts

I felt more lonely than ever without Lindsey. But I knew I would meet new friends in Hogwarts…today I was going shopping for my stuff. At 12:00 I was supposed to be picked up by someone named Hagrid. I was warned that Hagrid was a half giant too. Another kid was supposed to come with us too. At exactly 12:00 there was a loud knock at the door. I ran to answer it. I opened the door to find what looked like a giant and a tall skinny kid with round glasses and emerald eyes and jet black hair and on the boy's head was a lightning bolt shaped scar. Hello. The boy said. My name is Harry Potter.what's your name? My name is Ashlyn Shelby. I replied. Hi there. The giant said. I'm guessing your Hagrid? I asked. Yep. Hagrid replied. So how are we gonna get there? Floo. Hagrid said. Um excuse me? I said with a raised eyebrow. Floo is when you use a special type of powder, throw it in the fireplace and shout your destination. Wheres your fireplace? Um over here. I said grabbing my knapsack. I'm not sure you'll fit Hagrid. Of course I will! I just have to crouch… Hagrid pulled out a cup of green powder. Okay you have to watch first. Hagrid stepped into the fireplace.Diagon Ally! Hagrid shouted as he practically destroyed my fireplace. Hagrid then threw the dust onto the ground. You can go. Harry said politely. Thanks, but you can go first. I said. Harry stepped into the fireplace.Diagon Ally! He shouted. Harry disappeared. I stepped into the fireplace and shouted Diagon Ally! I stepped out of the fireplace to find myself at a poor looking pub. Hagrid and Harry were waiting for me. A whole bunch of people were in a line to shake hands with Harry. We saw one of the teachers at our school. It was Professor Quirrel. Once Harry was done shaking hands, we went into a room made entirely out of brick. Hagrid pulled out a pink umbrella and started counting the bricks… three up, two across. He muttered and the bricks began to shift one by one. Soon there was a entranceway to a street with shops lining the sides. At the end there was a GINORMOUS white marble building. Wow! Both me and Harry said at the same time. It look so cool! Ok we need ter get yer money ter pay fer yer supplies. We have ter go ter Gringotts. Hagrid said pointing at the white marble building. Ok. I said. We walked up the steps and entered the building. It was a REALLY long room. I couldn't even see the end. We walked up to the desk at the end. What would you like? A short,stubby thing was behind the desk. Hagrid explained that it was a goblin. We would like ter take from Mr. Harry Potter and Ms. Ashlyn Shelby's vault. And I would like ter take from vault 713 too. Griphook! The goblin shouted. A goblin appeared. Yes? Take Mr potter and Ms Shelby to they're vaults and Hagrid to vault 713. Of course. Griphook said. Griphook led us to a large cart on some railroad tracks. Hop in. He said. We all got in. I hate this part. Said Hagrid. Suddenly the cart lurched forward and we were off like a mad bullet. Hagrids face began to turn green. Um excuse me? I said to Griphook. Do you have any barf bags? No. He replied. It's okay. Hagrid said. I brought my own. He pulled out a large brown bag. He then lost his breakfast. We whooshed past a whole bunch of vaults and then we got to Harry's vault. Griphook led us out of the cart and pulled out the key. He stuck it in the key hole and opened up the vault. There were mountains of gold,silver and bronze coins. Hagrid seemed much better now. Okay so the gold ones are galleons, the silver ones are sickles and the bronze ones are nuts. He told us. We then got back in the cart and went a bit deeper. We were soon at another vault which was mine. Griphook opened it and I got a whole bunch of money and then we went so deep,I thought we would never see the sky again. When we got to another vault Hagrid jumped out and Waited for Griphook to unlock it. Griphook merely strocked the vault door and it opened. Hagrid blocked the vault entrance and grabbed what was in there but I saw that all that was in there was a brown paper bag. We headed back up and out of Gringotts and decided where we would go first. How abou' Ollivander's firs'? Hagrid suggested. Sure. Harry and I both replied.

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