living a dream

Elektra was the new girl at school but on her first day bagged her self a Bf who Has a secret, but then Elektra finds out 2 somethings that will change her life...


3. the Last kiss.

I sat on his bed blurred in my mind I couldn't even make out the colour of his walls. all of a sudden he came in. he snogged me. then it all went black...


"Elektra!!!!" there was more than one voice I could tell, I opened my eyes to find 5 other boys staring at me, Michael quickly bent down and gave me a light hug.

"Your ok!" He yelled joyfully. I rubbed my head. my hair was sure to be way messed up...

"How long was I out for" I shook my head reeling "Who are you...wait you...wait I think I'm..." I rested my head in the Blonde's arms. Where was Michael!?.

"Elektra?" His Irish accent soothed me...he was so...pretty. i glanced around the room and found Michael. he looked emotionless? I couldn't tell but then all i felt was a pair of lips crashing down on mine. Who's were they?!


"GET OFF OF HER!" It was Michael he attempted to sound angry it didn't work so when the lips left mine. I mouthed. I loved you at him

"Michael, I Love you, please." This is where my life got wrecked. all over again.


And that's where my story ended. he ignored me full of pain. when I walked the corridor with his 5 friends, aka, the popular crew, i tried to talk to him. He jut couldn't., the guilt over ran me, so when we were out at PE, i ran in front of a car. the last words i heard were from Michael the other boys. their high pitched scream. The pain rushed through my body, it was blurry voice were yelling and screaming. I heard a siren. then the curtains of my life have closed. for good. my past was too much to cope with the pain. misery. Bad memories from my old school. the hurt came flooding back in those final few moments "I love you" then the world stopped. I'm Elektra. Sometimes it's like I have lived a million times each time got harder to cope with. my mission. To save some one, from the future. from their grave. My story hasn't completely finished, however I need to save humanity from a single moment that's coming.  And for now my story is finished..

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