living a dream

Elektra was the new girl at school but on her first day bagged her self a Bf who Has a secret, but then Elektra finds out 2 somethings that will change her life...


2. Michael's story.

Michael and I headed to the canteen, he was in my English lesson and offered to eat lunch with me. "Are you guys not allowed to go out for lunch? I was, in my old school in Scotland!.." Michael nodded, "We have to eat in the canteen, so anyways you said your single right?" I looked at him for a moment trying to think of a clever, but funny answer, because, well I've never had a bf anyway...

"Oh god your not gonna start match making me on my first day?!?!"

he laughed, "I was thinking more about you and me?..." I laughed

"Well, ok, I guess, if you want...?" I smiled this day couldn't have got any better...

At this point we were sitting eating our lunch.

"Well, I was thinking." oh my days!!! He was thinking, how cute! ;)

"Why don't you come back to mine, after school?" My stomach did flips!

"Yea, what about your mum, she wont mind?" I asked, he shook his head

"I don't live with her anymore, it just me and my brother Harry, he wont be back until late though, and when he does I bet he'll have his friends with him."

"I'll just let my mum know I wont be back till...late then!" I smiled and texted her.


I literally couldn't wait! My life is way better than it ever was! all I could think about was him, his black truly, madly & deeply fallen for him...he had a brother to! I wonder what Harry looks like? all I can picture is Harry Styles but...

1) What if Harry I a let down to my gorgeous, cute new boyfriend!?

2) He' probably a geek from the 80's... with a clan of video game...geeks...


I met Michael at the main entrance and we walked back to hi house, having the most pointless conversations, but they were, amazing!!!

we got back to his house, it was an ordinary 2 story house, as you would expect for the outskirts of London But the paint wasn't peeling off it looked really neat, as was the fence and gate and path leading up to the house, god knows what it will be like inside.

I was right, it was so neat, there must be a cleaner surely! I highly doubt his brother would clean...

"Just dump your coat and bags down there babe." BABE!! HE CALLED ME BABE!! I nodded and smiled as he swiftly walked down the hall, the white paint was so...clean, there was a giant mirror on the left it startled me a little if I'm honest. The kitchen was massive it had a dining table in the middle with a red table cloth, and a vase in the centre. The work top were an oak colour and were huge! Michael aw me stare

"Don't think we cook, because if we did, well, let say it would end badly!?" He remarked. he even scoffed a bit at himself.

"C'mon lets go hang in my room, we can talk, or not bother.." he winked at me I laughed awkwardly following him back through the pristine hallway, up the stairs pat my coat and bag I left and into his room....





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