Designer Love

Maurice Allans is a 20 year old who designs flats in London. Its only her first year and is surprised to know her first customer may be the man of her dreams.


2. The news

It was 5 A.M. and I heard my phone ring, I answered it, " Is this Maurice Allans?". "This is she." " Good, Maurice this Lainey Jackson from London F.D, We just wanted to announce you have the job, be ready at about 9 A.M. For your first job, the address is 1815 John St." I think I was about to scream so I calmly said "Yes.", and hung up the phone slowly, then I screamed in the pillow "AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I got the job." I kept repeating in my head over and over again. I hoped my client was a really nice one, I had tears in my eyes, thinking because my first job was at Burger Grill, now i'm a Flat Designer at London Flat Designs. I heard my daughter cry, so I ran to her puny room and rocked her until she went to sleep, I decided to take a nap until 8 A.M., I'd get dressed, drive my daughter to daycare, and go to my job! I thought excitedly.

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