Designer Love

Maurice Allans is a 20 year old who designs flats in London. Its only her first year and is surprised to know her first customer may be the man of her dreams.


3. Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up at around 8:00, our flat designer was coming in about an hour, I wanted to clean the house a bit so when she came in she wouldn't die under a pile of clothes or step on some dirty dishes, Louis was in the room getting dressed, I wanted to go and help him, or tell him to keep them off. I finished cleaning in 15 minutes so I could jump in the shower, we didn't have enough time for both me and Louis to take a shower so I told him he could take it with me, As we rinsed our bodies the soap fell on the ground when I reached to pick it up i accident-ly put my hand on Louis' bum. I was blushing so much but I think Louis liked it so I started soaping his bum Dang! It's big I thought to myself. After 20 minutes of the shower we quickly put on our bunny slippers and watched t.v. until the flat lady gets here. Louis put his hand around my neck and made eye contact with me for what was really only 2 minutes seemed liked an hour. I broke the stare by falling on the floor and acting like I knew how to twerk that's when we heard the doorbell " It's the flat lady designer person," Louis said as he ran to the door and stepped on my finger. Louis opened the door and didn't see anyone so he closed it thinking it was most likely a neighbor's door and they just knocked hard, but then he heard it again he opened the door but this time looked down and saw a package that read " To Louis and Harry, Love your ex girlfriend El." What was it?" I asked. "No-thin-gg", Louis said in his mad voice that he only uses when a fan offends us. " What did Jap do now?" I asked with a funny voice. " Haha," Louis said in a weird voice.

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