Designer Love

Maurice Allans is a 20 year old who designs flats in London. Its only her first year and is surprised to know her first customer may be the man of her dreams.


1. About Maurice

Maurice Jane Allans was born Febuary 19th, 1993. She gave birth too her two year old daughter Roxy Jamith just exactly 2 years ago from this day, today Roxy is two! Roxy never asks for much, we are poor and her father abandoned us very our very poor flat that was 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, no air conditioning, and our kitchen didn't have heat. My mom kicked me out the house when I got pregnant at 19. Now we live with my cousin who is disabled, Jasper and his dog King. Jasper is only one year younger than me but has his own house, in 1996 when Jasper was 2, His mom was bringing him to grandma Lila's house when an eighteen wheeler spun out of control and hit directly in the back of the car injuring Jasper, with spinabifida. When he found out i was kicked out my house he called my mom and said i could move in with him.

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