My first love

This about my love and are lives during the summer


6. School and the rest of our life

When we got to school all my friends wanted to know how it went then when they say are hands they freaked they were like"omg omg omg omg really???"I said "Guys stop it.Its our lat day so we need to calm down as much as we can ok?"Then he walked me to class and kissed me and my friends squealed.I gave them my mad face.They made a face.So then after all our classes were done.All my friends Isaac and I went to the ice cream prior to celebrate and we all got chocolate chip mint.And after that Isaac asked me to marry him and I said yeah then my friends were my bridesmaid my dad gave me away and then we had a really pretty reception thanks to Jess and then we were married till we died.And that was my first and only love.



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