My first love

This about my love and are lives during the summer


3. Picking me up

So it was finally friday after school and my friends Jessica and Shade came over to help me pick out the perfect outfit and help me with my makeup.So we found the perfect cowgirl boots and really cute dress.And brand new makeup.So we went home got ready in the nick of time because he rang my doorbell at seven.I told my mom to please get the door I will be down in minute.I heard my dad say"Hello young man what is your name"in his real stern voice.Isaac said"Isaac sir.I am here to pick up your daughter sir."My Dad said "Oh so your Isaac.Ok so she doesn't have a curfew on friday.So make sure you guys don't do any thing your not supposed to do.OK?"Isaac said"Yes sir I will make sure we don't because don't tell your daughter but we are going to have a picnic under the stars.Is that ok?"My father and mother said at the same time"Ooh very romantic"At that time I  came down the stairs and said"What's very romantic?"My father said"we are not aloud to tell Alex.Well have fun sweet heart.Love you."My mother said "Come here sweetie."so I did and she said "Just in case."and handed me condoms.I said "MOM REALLY.We aren't going to do that."then she said"You Never know sweet heart.Love you!"I said love you both bye see you later or tomorrow."I said to Isaac"Sorry about that."He said"Its fine.At least they trust me with you."

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