My first love

This about my love and are lives during the summer


4. Our date

So we were in his car and I said"What is on our agenda for tonight"Isaac said"It is a surprise.So you will have to wait to see."Then I said"Ok!I like surprises."He leaned over and whispered "Ok"And KISSED me and not like a quick one it was really long and we finally got to were we were going.So he took my hand And intertwined it with mine and said "Close your eyes"so I did and he led me to were we were going and then all of a sudden stopped I almost fell.He said"are you ok?"I said "Yes I am"and i pulled him down.He said open your eyes and tell me what you think"So I opened my eyes and gasped I couldn't believe it he did this all for me.I said"Oh my gosh you did this all for me"Isaac said"yeah my sister helped me set it up for you its kaylie. So do you like it?"I said "Yes I do Very much."And we french kissed.And then we ate Spaghetti.He fed me and I fed him luckily it was still warm.When we got done we layer down and cuddled and kissed and then guess what the condoms came in handy.And then we went to sleep.The next day when we woke it was twelve.I had missed five phone calls from my parents each.So when we got up we got up and got breakfast and I called my mom and dad and said we fell asleep and woke up late and they said ok its fine.Then we went to his house and……...

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