My first love

This about my love and are lives during the summer


5. His house

So when we got to his house we dropped his stuff off and I said hi to Kaylie she said how was ur night and i said great Ill tell you about it later.And then we left and went to Olive Garden because it was about five when we left his house finally.. I got chicken Alfredo and he got the same and we had salad and breadsticks.And then my mom called and said were you at and i said eating about to go to kaylies house.My mom said ok.Be back tomorrow to get ready for school i said i already am ready for school.She said stop by the house to get your clothes and you can stay tomorrow and go it will give your father and I some more alone time then she giggled like a school girl I'm like eew mom.Really.She said why is it any of your business.I said ok be by in a bit so get dressed you two.I told Isaac we have to stop bye my house.He said ok.We got to my house got my clothes then left and went to his house.When we were tired we went to sleep and cuddled.And passed out and didn't get up till one in the afternoon.So we got up and he said "You hungry baby."I said "Yeah I can eat as long as you eat."He said"Ok baby."He made Pancakes bacon sausage eggs and biscuits.And we both ate along with his sister it was nice being in his  house with the two people I love dearly.Without anybody else.Then about six we went to burger king got burgers ate took a shower then went to sleep earlier then any day this weekend

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