Do you remember?

"Did you love me?"
"I can't remember"
"We'll, do you love me?"


2. the hospital

Harrys p.o.v

Louis and I were just about to pull out and go to the studio when we saw some asshole push shay

Lou and I both got out of the car and started running towards her.

I lean down to see if she's breathing, she's not

My heart starts racing


Louis pulls his phone out of him back pocket, tears running down his face

My eyes are watering, she's important to me, she's my best friend, next to Louis

"I'm going to go tell the principal what happened and see if they can get that bitch who pushed her expelled" Louis says

"Louis, you don't have to get her expelled-"

"YES. YES I DO. That's my sister! She's not breathing! She might die and it's all that bitches fault!" He shouts while tears are streaming down his face

"Okay, Lou, calm down, I'm sure she'll be fine, just pray that she'll be fine, go do what you have to do, I'm not gunna stop you" I say trying to calm him down

Louis starts walking to the school doors and goes inside

I'm sitting here looking at her with pain in my eyes

I grasp onto her hand, tears running down my face

Please please be okay, for Lou and me

I say to myself

Then I hear sirens.

I get up, pick her up and then start running to the ambulance

"Help her please, please, j-just help her"

"She'll be fine, don't worry" the police man said

I run inside and get Lou, and Louis gets in the back of the ambulance while I got in the car and drove to the hospital

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