The monsters of imagination

Cassie the princess of Earlingdale and her imaginary friend and protector Jake must travel and fight demons who come from the darkest part of imagination itself.


2. Childhood friends

Cassie sat on the wooden floor cross-legged in a light pink dress, the matching pink ribbons had fallen out of her long blond hair onto the floor. She had a pretty little doll sat in a bright flower patterned chair at small table. She was currently pouring some invisible tea for the doll.

   “I’m bored,” Jake complained who was also laid down on his stomach his head propped up on his elbows. He was dressed in a blue t-shirt and grey trousers.

   Cassie waited until the doll had finished her tea before she replied “I don’t know what to play, why don’t you go and play with the other imaginary friends if you are bored.”

   “Can we play something more fun like yesterday when we played hide and seek in the castle and…”

   “We got into trouble that is why we are grounded, you told me to draw arrows on the wall with that pen.”

   “We needed to leave messages behind for the knights to find and rescue us from the evil monster Cassie.”

   “I know but now I am grounded by my parents and you are grounded by those guards from your imaginary land.”

   “Yeah but they are being silly, they say you see me as an imaginary friend but I am really your protector.”

   Cassie giggled. “You are my age how can you protect me?”

   Jake looked hurt and scrambled up to his feet. “I can protect you,” he protested.

   “But you are not a grown-up like the guards Daddy puts around the castle look.” She gets up and runs to the window seat. Jake follows and looks out to where she was pointing.

  The view was of a blue sky framed by white clouds, the sun glinted off the copper coloured roofs of the tower spires that lined the white bricked walls. There were guards in slim silver uniform patrolling the walls, their faces hidden by helmets, all carrying deadly looking swords. Beyond those walls was green fields and small clusters of houses. However if you looked beyond into the far distance there is a discoloured smudge of black that ruins the view. Spilt paint on an artist’s canvas.

   “That’s the war over there,” Cassie said.

   “Your Daddy’s in that war isn’t he? With a protector fighting the monsters.”

   “Yeah he will be back soon.” She turned away from the window and asked “How come I can only see you but no one else can?”

   “I am your imaginary friend no one else’s friend that means that only you can see me.”

   “But there’s that special mirror that lets other people see you.”

   “Oh yeah there is that, so other people can talk to me if they need to, it’s the same for other protectors.”

   “Grown-ups have an invisible protector because I can’t see them but you can though.”

   “Yeah because we are from another place and our job is to look after humans until you die then we disappear or something.”

   “I heard the protectors have swords why don’t you have a sword?”

   “I am not old enough I grow up like you until I reach eighteen then I am a grown-up and I get a sword, now I am just your imaginary friend”

   “Why do I need a protector I can take care of myself!” Cassie said haughtily crossing her arms over her chest.

   “Because you’re the princess that’s why.” Jake replied.

   “I can still take care of myself,” she grumbled.

   There was the ringing of the bell to signal that it was dinner. 

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