This story is of a dog named biscuit and 2 girls. The dog is hit by a car. Will he come back to life?? Read on to find out..


2. Running

I was taking my daily run down the street when I came across a big gray dog with no collar. I took him home not remembering that he might have rabies or be owned. I brought him to my parents and they said I might be able to keep him. We put up signs all over the place with a picture of the dog and our phone number. No one claimed him for the next two weeks. My parents said give it another week and if no one claims him by then we can keep him. For the next week I kept close watch on him, and cared for him deeply. No one claimed him. I told my parents and we went around taking the signs down. My dad said all we have to do now is name him. I thought of the name Biscuit. I thought it was a cute name. I went and told me BFF Cece aka Turtle.

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