Who will he chose?

Kendra and Danielle have been best friends since the were in diapers. What will happen to there friendship when the both fall for an adorable Irish blonde boy? More importantly who will get him?


3. Nandos

Kendra's POV

I lifted my eyelids slowly. I began to rub my eyes sitting up. The events from the night before came rushing back to me. I got off my bed and walk into the bathroom. I removed the clothing from my body and stepped into the shower. It felt good to was away all the on my body. I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower grabbing my towel. I quickly dried my body and went back into my room to grab my cloths. I slipped on my white jeans and superman t shirt applied a little bit of make up. I put on a little perfume and blow dried my hair so that it was its natural way instead of all wet. I grabbed my phone and saw a missed call from Niall so I quickly called him back.

"Hello." Niall said as he answer the phone.

"Hey, you called earlier?"I asked him.

"I wanted to know if you and Danie wanted to do some thing today?"Niall asked sounding a bit nervous.

"I'd love to but I'll have to ask Danie I'll call you in a bit, ok?"I answer back.

"Okay bye princess."Niall said sweetly.

"Bye prince."I said and ended the call.

I walked up to Danie's room and opened the door to see her crying on her bed. I rushed over to her and rubbed circles on her back like last night. She just cried into my chest.

I'm not very good at comforting people but I am when it comes to my best friend.

I asked her softly if she wanted to go to Nandos with me and Nialler. She said "No." It hurt me seeing her like this. Especially because she'd never pass up Nandos before. I understood why she did pass it up though. "Would you like me to bring you some Peri-Peri Chicken back." She sat up rubbed her eyes and said " I guess so" I hugged her tightly and said "If you need ANYTHING call me, I'm here for you." And with that I had left.

Kendra's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/day_with_niall/set?id=114301864

Danie's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/m/set?.embedder=3256145&.svc=copypaste&id=114332988

Niall's POV

I pulled up to Kendra and Danie's Flat. I was hoping that there were no paparazzi. Because at the moment I wasn't in the mood. I just wanted to have a nice day with my princess. Luckily there were none. I walked up to the front door and knocked several times I was about to knock again when I heard the door open and I laid my eyes on my beautiful princess. She was so gorgeous I wish I could tell her every minute of the day. She stepped out and asked if I was ready. I grabbed her hand and said "Now I am." I could see out the corner of my eye that she was smiling ear to ear. I then lead her to the passenger side opened the door and let her get in. I then walked to my side got in started the car and grabbed her hand and with that we left.

Kendra's POV

Niall and I walked into Nando's to see all the other boys there. " Where are El, Perrie, and Sophia?"I asked the boys. "Working." Harry said. Harry looked at me weirdly. In was the same way Niall look at me. Does Harry like me? I continued to wander until I heard Niall whisper in my ear "princess what do you want to eat." I ordered for me and Danie. I actually had the best time out with the guys, but I was so worried about Danie. I hoped she was okay.

Danie's POV

I woke up and was suddenly felt really hungry. I remembered that Kendra had said she would get me some Nandos but I was still starving. So I decided to heat up left over pizza because no one knew how long Kendra and Niall would be making a cute relationship while I sat at home all day and laid around. I honestly hated seeing Kendra and Niall together. All I did was wanna see Niall and I together. But at the moment that was not going to happen.

Harry's POV

I watched Kendra walk in to Nandos. She was flawless. My heart began to hurt as I saw Niall's fingers intertwined with Kendra's. I love how shy she was. She smart, beautiful, and absolutely perfect. She asked where the girls where and I quickly answers telling her that the girls were at work. She look at me weirdly as to tell me to stop staring and I look over and saw that Niall noticed my staring as well. Niall gave me a death glare I quickly looked down. I knew I would be getting in trouble by Niall when we were done and I was dreading it.

Niall's POV

I watched Harry stare at Kendra then he looked at me and I gave him a death glare. I guess I need to tell that boy she's mine. I whisper in to her to order and she did. We ate and talked trying to get Kendra used to the guys. She was quite shy so it was a bit hard but by the end she was laughing and talking. I walked her out intertwining our fingers. She smiled at me causing me to smile back. I drove her back but I could only stay a few minutes. We had a meeting with management about the tour next month. So I drove back to my flat that I shared with the boys." Hey guys where's Harry?" I asked. "In his room why?"Zayn answered back."I'll tell you about it later!" I yelled already up stairs. "WHAT THE FUCK HAZ SHES MINE" I yelled at him. "Niall what are you talking about?" Harry asked trying to act all stupid." Don't stare at my princess like that Haz. She's mine." I said and he looked down." Sorry Ni."he said. "Ok, let's go to that meeting."

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