Who will he chose?

Kendra and Danielle have been best friends since the were in diapers. What will happen to there friendship when the both fall for an adorable Irish blonde boy? More importantly who will get him?


1. Meeting Him

Kendra's Pov

I walked out of me and Danie's flat ready to go. This was the first time I have ever walked through London in the middle of the afternoon because I usually had classes. I closed my eyes taking in the spring sun. I walked down the side walk until I felt my phone ring. It was a text from Danie.

D xx- hey! I"ll be with Brian today since it's SPRING BREAK! I'll see you when I get back. Luv you! Bye!

K xx- use protection!


K xx-Bye!

I continued to text Danie until I felt the body weight of someone on top of me. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" Said the person on top of me. The person quickly got off of me and held his hand out to help me up. I took it and finally got a look at him he had blonde hair with brown root his hair was styled into a perfect quiff, but what really blew me away was his sparkling blue eyes.

" I'm sorry if this is weird but do you have a place I can hide?" The boy said. I could hear the sounds of about a hundred girls screaming. I grabbed the boys hand and I pulled him back to Danie's and my flat since it wasn't that far away. I got us inside and flopped my shoes of the boy followed my example taking his shoes off as well.

"Um...what's your name?" I asked barely audible but he heard me.

"I'm Niall Horan. What's yours?" He asked.

"Im um... Kendra Cross." I answer I really don't know why I was so shy. I wish I had Danie's confidence.

"Do you um..wanna watch a movie?" I asked.

"Sure you pick." Niall said with a smile. He sat down on the couch.

"The Hunger Games?" I asked and he nodded so I popped it in and sat next to him.

About half way through the movie my eye lids started to feel heavy and I drifted of to sleep.

Niall's POV

We where in the middle of the movie and I felt Kendra's head on my shoulder. I looked and she had fallen asleep. She was beautiful. Her natural blonde her flowed down to her elbows. I was startled by the sound of her front door being opened. I quickly woke Kendra up reluctantly because she was adorable when she was asleep.

"What do you need Niall?" She asked a bit tired.

"Someone's trying to open your door!"I told her.

"It's probably just Danielle getting home."she said.

The door opened and a brunette walked in.

"Kendra? You home?" Danielle yelled from the kitchen.

Kendra got up and walked into the kitchen with Danielle. I could hear whispering and something about Brian. The girls soon walked in Kendra quickly introduced us.

"Danie this is Niall. Niall this is Danie." Kendra said sitting back down next to me and Danie on the other side of her. We finished the movie and I look over and Kendra had fallen asleep again.

"Damn. She falls asleep during every movie." Danie said and was about to wake her up when I stopped her.

"It's okay I'll just carry her up. Can you show me the way?" I asked and she nodded.

I carried Kendra to bed and placed her in giving her a light kiss on the forehead in thanks for what she had done earlier. I went back into the living room and saw Danie sitting there on the couch texting. I went to grab my phone off the coffee table when I saw Kendra's sitting there I. Plugged my number in and texted myself that way I had hers.

"I should be heading out." I told Danie heading for the door.

"You can stay hear tonight if you want." Danie said smiling at my.

"I can't but if I could I would the boys are looking for me." I told her.

"Oh okay bye."she said.

"Bye" I called back and left back home.


Kendra's outfit for the day. http://www.polyvore.com/running_into_niall/set?id=114285358

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