Who will he chose?

Kendra and Danielle have been best friends since the were in diapers. What will happen to there friendship when the both fall for an adorable Irish blonde boy? More importantly who will get him?


4. i love her

*** One week later***

Harry's POV

I decided to get up and call Kendra to see if Danie was feeling any better. It rang once then twice and on the third ring Kendra picked up and said "Hey Hazza!" I replied with a short "Hey.." It was still awkward talking to her because of what happened a week ago. But I needed to try and act normal. Kendra then said "What's up?" So I reply getting anxious with a "Nothing much thats not why I called though I called because I was wondering how Danie was." Kendra then started to explain "Danie has been in bed all week watching love movies. The only time she'll get up is when she has to pee or get something to eat. I'm worried about her Hazza. Brian is gonna pay for hurting my best friend." I said "I'll help you with that." She had laughed at me because she knew I was joking. I then realized how bad I felt for Danie and that somehow we had to get her out of the house. I then said to Kendra " Can you do me a favor?" She hesitated scared of what I was about to say. But she had followed it with a bold "Yes, anything." I then asked "Will you get Danie out of her bed and get her dressed I don't care if she wears sweats but just make her look casual and not like a hobo. Will you do that for me?" She replied with a "Yes Sir." I laughed because she never called me Sir. "I'll be at your guys' flat in about an hour from now." I said. With that she replied with a quick "Okay

Hazza see you soon I'll go get her up and ready." I then said "Bye Kendra" and hung up the phone.

Kendra's POV

I walked up to check on Danie most of the week she would lay in bed all day. The only time she got up was go pee or eat. She watched love movies like The Notebook, Titanic, and Romeo and Juliet or went on her Mac and did homework and studied for Exams. I walked in to see her with a box of tissues on the bed watching Titanic. I think she's watched it at least 15 times this week! I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed blocking her view of the TV. She moaned me auctioning for me to move out of the way because this was the most intense part of the movie. With that I grabbed the movie and turn the TV off. She then screamed "What was that for" I had backed off a little bit but I replied with saying "You need to get out of this bed and get showered and ready. Harry is going to pick you up in about an hour or so." Danie replied with an "Okay, fine" and slipped out of the bed tissues falling off the bed as she pulled the comforter off of her. She walked to her closet pulled out a pair of Ambercrombie & Fitch Jeans, A purple sweatshirt, a pair of Timberlands, and a Michael Kors Saffiano Leather Tote. Then she went over to her dresser got her Diamond Stud Earrings and a ring that her mother& father had bought her for her graduation. She also grabbed her Chanel perfume and laid everything on the bed and headed for the bathroom to go shower.

Danies outfit http://www.polyvore.com/m/set?.embedder=3256145&.svc=copypaste&id=114326243

Danie's POV

So I guess Hazza bear was coming to pick me up and bring me out to eat or something. I didn't really want to go but Hazza cheered me up and made me laugh. So I got out of the shower rung out my damp hair and put it into a messy bun. I headed to my room and thank god I laid out my clothes before my shower because Harry was going to be here in 15 minutes. I quickly out on my clothes. Then putting a bit of makeup on and my earrings in. I slid my Timberlands on and started to lace them up. I sprayed my perfume on me. And I was finally done getting ready. Hazza would be here any minute now. I checked my iPhone and realized I had (19) miss calls from Brian and 15 voicemails I had (3) miss calls from my mom and (4) miss calls from both Perrie, and El. I also had a couple texts from Sophia. As I was scrolling I saw a message from Sophia. "Hey Danie just wondering how your doing I heard what happened and I'm truly sorry. He doesn't deserve you at all. I'm sorry I couldn't visit you.. I had to attend a family reunion in Italy. I'll be back soon to hangout with you can't wait(:xx sophia xx." I was happy to know how many people cared for me. I then heard someone barge threw the door and I knew it was Harry." Phew, I thought they were gonna get me for sure this time." Harry said huffing and puffing, probably from running from the paps. They had nothing better it do than follow the boys every move. I started to laugh because it was funny watching Harry huff and puff because he ran almost everyday. But I guess not lately. He then looked at Kendra who was dying of laughter. He couldn't stop staring at her and I knew exactly why. He liked her I just knew it. I snapped my fingers in front of Harry's face and said "HAZZA SNAP OUTTA IT" with that being said he jumped a little bit and turned red in the cheeks. I said "Are you ready to go?" He shook his head agreeing and turned for the door opened it for me and shut the door behind him. We got into the car and drove off.

Harry's POV

We got our Iced Cappuccino and sat down. I needed to tell Danie how I felt about Kendra. I needed to tell her that I liked Kendra. I cleared my throat and started to speak. "Danie, can I tell you something?" I said softly. She looked up from looking at her iPhone and said "Yeah anything Harry." We'll hear goes nothing. I gotta get this out sometime. If ant hold it in forever. "Well I like Kendra." It felt like weights were lifted of my shoulders. It felt good to get it off my conscious. "Aweee,Harry's gotta crush." I laughed at her voice because it was like she was speaking to a little kid or a dog. "Yes,b-but Niall and her are starting to build up a relationship and I don't want to ruin that" I said.

Danie's POV

I needed to tell Harry that I like Niall. He had just told me that he liked Kendra. So here goes nothing. "Harry I gotta tell you something." My heart pounding. I didn't know why I was so scared. But I started to say it. "Harry, I like Niall." His jaw dropped and said "Aweee Danie's gotta crush." Mocking what I had said earlier. I started to get rosy in the cheeks. He then shot up in his chair. "I've got an idea." I go "Oh yeah what's that?" Harry started to explain the plan "What if we came up with a plan for Niall andKendra to break up. Then well both be happy. So we started discussing the plan.

Kendra's POV

I heard a knock at the door and I knew it couldn't Danie back already they just left. I answered the door and saw Niall standing there." Hey Princess!" Niall greeted me I invited him in and did really have to ask if he was hungry because he always was. I walked into the kitchen and look in the fridge."Hey Ni what kind of sandwich do you want?" I asked."I don't care. I'll eat anything."Niall stated proudly and I giggled at him."trust me Ni I know!" I said laughing. I looked at him and he was staring at me." Niall?"I questioned." Huh...yeah...what? " Niall shuddered snapping out of it." Niall why were you staring?" I asked in a teasing was. He smiled and I knew he came up with the perfect answer."because you look ADORABLE in that Hunger games outfit!" Niall said and hugged me from behind as I finished his sandwich. "I know I'm a nerd don't rub it in." I stated and Niall let go of waist and turned me around. "Why do u keep doing that?" Niall asked with confused look on his face. "Do what?" I asked just as confused as him." Put your self down."Niall said not letting me leave the spot till I told him why." I don't know." I told him turning around and finishing my own sandwich." I know why." Niall stated." Than why Mister Horan because I'd love to know." I said back to him in a sassy way, but he ignored it. " because you don't know your beautiful" I rolled my eyes and headed over to the couch. Niall ended up getting there first. The put his sandwich down on the coffee table and he pulled me into his lap so that I was sitting on him. We both finished rather quickly. I stared into Niall's eyes his eyes looked at my lips the back to my eyes. He pushed his soft lips to mine. Our lips moved in sync as Niall and I turned that one kiss into a heated make out session, but as much as I wanted to go further I knew we couldn't at least not now." Niall I can't as much as I want to I can't at least now now,okay?"I told him. "I'm ready when you are."Niall said and kissed my nose.

Kendra's outfit http://www.polyvore.com/m/set?.embedder=3256145&.svc=copypaste&id=114342437

Niall's POV

I pushed my lips to Kendra's and they molded together perfectly. That one kiss got a little heated and we were in an intense make out session. Damn the things this girl does to me. I wanted her so badly. She pulled away and said "Niall I can't as much as I want to I can't at least now now,okay?" I told her that I will be ready when she was and softly kissed her nose and she smiled. God I love her smile. I love the way she makes me feel. I love her.

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