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Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas FanFic


1. all in one chapter


Mia's pov

I was walking down the street with my cousin Nash, when my friend Stefanie came running towards us at full speed. "Woah! What's up?" I asked. Nash looked at me and mouthed- who's that? "Oh Stefanie, this is my cousin Nash and Nash this is my friend Stefanie." They where staring at each other and I was awkwardly standing in between them.

They started to talk and I walked to a near by park bench and sat down to text Hayes and will. My little walk with my cousin turned out to be a long walk with two love birds.

Stefanie's pov

All I could think at the moment was 'I'm talking to the Nash Grier! The guy with the blue eyes and viner' I was so excited! We just kept talking about cool stuff and then my brother Cameron comes. "Moms said that you should come home for din- who's that?" he say. "Oh that's my BFF Mia. Then he went up and started talking to her. They were just talking and talking and talking forever. And this Nash guy just came staring at me and acting awkward. What is he likes me! I would just die! He's so adorable!!!

Mia's pov

While Stefanie was trying not to freak out over Nash, a boy walked over to me. "Hi, I'm Cameron!" He said to me.

"I'm Mia!" We introduced ourselves and started talking. Apperantly he was on vine too. Not as popular as my cousin but still really popular. Cameron was really nice and funny. To be honest, he was funnier than Nash. Well, almost. It was getting dark and we finally had to leave. "I'll walk you home," Cameron said to me. "You don't have to, Nash is here-" I looked around for my cousin only to see that he and my best friend had gone home. "On second thought, yeah I'll go with you." I said. He grinned and linked hands with me. We walked all the way back to my house when he grabbed my chin and lifted his face to mine.

Stefanie's pov

We kinda ditched Mia and Cam but it doesn't matter. Nash invited me to his house. His mom and dad weren't home because they went a business trip and Hayes and Will are at their friends house. So that means the house is empty. I was kinda scared because what if he murders me or something. I texted Mia so that at least one person will know where I am and she will know where to find me when I die. I texted her then she texted me:


S- Wait.. You kissed my brother! How could you! What kind of friend kisses her BFF's brother.

M- Sorry.. I guess..

Now I was pissed! I saw Nash playing flappy birds then I thought "payback! I'll kiss her cousin! And he's really cute and I like him so this is perfect!" I suddenly took his phone and gently threw it on the ground and started masking out with him! "This is great! I got to kiss Nash and get payback on Mia!" Next thing you know, I ended up sleeping the night at his house.

Mia's pov

I exchanged phone numbers with Cameron and then went into my house. I watched Cameron skip down the street and then I texted Stef. She seemed really ticked. Oh well. Then I got a text saying- s. IM TOTALLY MAKING OUT WITH NASH!!!

Stefanie's pov

Wonder how that made her feel now! That's when I realized that I wasn't at my house and Nash was laying next to me. Uh oh.. Was I drunk or something cause I don't remember.. I checked under the covers to see if I has clothes on and I did so nothing happened. I got up and went to brush my teeth but then realized there was no toothbrush so I kept shaking Nash asking for a toothbrush. He finally got up and gave it to me. I checked my phone to only see that it was spammed with text from Mia. They were just texts like "YOU BETTER NOT!" Or "I DONT REALLY CARE JUST KIDDING YOUR DEAD!!" Ehhh. Not that important, right?

Mia's pov

Oh I was soo mad! You can't kiss Nash and there are good reasons why.

1. He goes through girlfriends faster than Harry styles.

2. He assumes that just because you kissed home means that you want to hook up.

Stefanie's pov

Mia texted me these reasons why I can't kiss Nash so I decided to look through his phone. Since it's the 5s I just need a finger print. He went back to sleep so that's easy. I know I'm not his girlfriend yet but still. I looked through his text messages. There was nothing. Contacts. Nothing. Twitter, insta, Mobli, Facebook. Nothing. She lied! Anyway I love him. But then something in my head said "How can you love someone you just met?"

Mia's pov

For goodness sake! Why won't she understand?! Nash isn't good! He's nice but he's a player!

I texted stefanie: just don't look through his phone.

It was about 10:30 in the morning so I decided to text Cameron.

M- Heyyy! What's up?

C- nothing. I'm just hanging out. Wanna come over?

M- sure! Be thee in a few!

I showered and changed clothes and then got in my blue jeep convertible and drove over to cams house.

--- at Cameron's house---

When I pulled into his drive way, I got out of my car and knocked on the door. Cameron answered the door and pulled me inside. Inside, I was greeted by all of cams friends. It was kind of cool just hanging out. Then I asked," where's Stefanie?" Cameron just shook his head. I took out my phone and dialed stefanies number and put it on speaker. "Hello?"

"Hey Stefanie! Where are you!" Cameron asked.

"I'm at Nash's place..."

Stefanie's pov

Great. Now everyone is telling me that Nash is a player! Nash woke up, showered and got dressed. So did I but I didn't have a jacket so I borrowed Nash's that said "Or Nah!" on it. I was going home and takin Nash with me. Next thing you know, he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said yes. Now we're dating. He's not a player. I asked Hayes and he said Nash has never dated. When we finally got to my house. I walked in with Nash. A whole bunch of people were staring at me. They are Cam's friends. One of them said "Look what the cat dragged in.."

Mia's pov

Stefanie and Nash walked in and a whole bunch of rude comments where exchanged. Stefanie was wearing Nash's jacket. I ran over and jumped on Nash ruffling his hair. "Hi nashy!!" I yelled. Everyone laughed. "Hi Mia!" He said whilst tring to pry me off.

Stefanie's pov

Mia seemed pretty excited but also like she didn't want me to have anything to do with Nash. It's like she wants me to stay out of his life and never come back. Well I don't want her dating Cam. "Hey everyone!" I said. It was kinda awkward. "So I'm going to my room now since I live here and Nash is coming because I'm making him okay bye everyone!" I said. Mia just stared at me. Nash and I just stayed and my room and talked. Then everyone left. It was really late at night. Mia was still here. "Umm Nash, I think it's time you leave now." Cam said. "No he's staying because I want him to." I said. "But your my little sister and I don't want my friend spending the night with my sister! That's just weird!" Cam said. "Well my friend is already!" I said while grabbing Nash and slamming the door.

Mia's pov

I stayed at cam and stefanies house until 10 at night. Stefanie refused to let Nash leave and finally just locked him and her in her room. Me and Cameron where grossed out, just a little bit. But we made jokes and what not until 3:35 am when Stefanie and Nash came out of her room. Cam and I where watching a horror movie. I was cuddled against cam and he had his face stuffed with popcorn. "I wonder how many pieces will fit in your mouth..." We looked at each other and smiled.

I grabbed the phone and got the popcorn ready. We filmed Cameron stuffing his face with popcorn and then counting the pieces in his mouth. We where ridiculous.

Stefanie's pov

I can hear Cameron and Mia outside of my room. Good thing my room is huge with my own fridge and bathroom and flat screen. How come his girlfriend gets to stay and there's no problem but when my boyfriend is here there's a war. It sucks! "Hey Nash, you want to go to your house. I know it's really late but we should leave the house alone for Cam and Mia. If you know what I mean.." Then we just walked out of my room and left. They looked all confused. We finally got to Nash's. I was so tired. I went to his room and just fell asleep on his bed.

Mia's pov

When me and cam where done goofing around, we noticed that Stefanie and Nash where gone. I shrugged it off but Cameron totally freaked out. "Where is she?! She knows I don't want her dating my best friend!"Cameron exclaimed.

"Um I have an idea," I said showing cam my phone. There was a text from Nash that said- Stefanie is at my place, wanted to leave you two alone.

We looked at eachother and laughed. Nash was not good at keeping secrets. Be fore we left the house to find Stefanie at 4 in the morning, we made a vine.

Stefanie's pov

Next thing you know, there was a knock on the door. I told Nash to open it. He did and I could hear Cam and Mia talking asking where was I. I could tell that Cameron was really mad. "TELL ME WHERE MY SISTER IS NOW!" He said. "But she's sleeping!" Nash said. Then Cam started running to Nash's room. He looked at the bed and I wasn't there. I was hiding from him. "WHERES MY FREAKIN SISTER YOU PLAYER!" Cam said. Then I suddenly showed up out of the closet which scared him.

Our talk to each other-

C- Lets go home Stef.

S- No, I'm staying here with Nash because I love him.

C- Well, you can't date my best friend because it's weird.

S- Well your dating mine, so how do you think I feel?

C- Good point, but stay away from Nash. He's a player with the ladies. He goes through girlfriends faster than a cheetah.

S- That's not true! You guys stop lying to me! LEAVE ME ALONE!

Mia's pov

I couldn't help but laugh at cams face when he said 'faster than a cheetah!' I looked at Nash and whispered something in his ear. "Stefanie is a really cool girl and you should not EVER break up with her." He nodded and grabbed Stefanies hand. Cameron's face turned red. I turned towards him and then kissed his cheek. His face softens and then he smiles.

Stefanie's pov

At 10:30, me Nash were ready to go. He didn't tell me where we were going. I started to think if this was a date. My brother would freak out. He would be so mad if he knew we were still together. He made me close my eyes on the way there. Of course we took his car. His car is a Mercedes Benz like mine expect his is a bit bigger. We finally got to the place. Then he said "Now you can open your eyes." I did and it turned out I was on a stage a Magcon. Cam was there to. Cam would have never let me go to Magcon. I would've had to stay at home with mom and dad. I was so excited! I started kissing Nash but then I forgot that there was people there. And they were taking pictures! "Everybody, this is my girlfriend Stefanie Dallas!" He said. On fan said "Your dating Cameron Dallas's sister?!?" Cam pulled Nash to the side. "Dude! What were you thinking bringing my sister here! On stage too! I don't want her to get famous because people are going to follow her around!"

Mia's pov

I was standing backstage at Magcon when Nash pulled Stefanie in stage. He's done that to me before, and I was not happy. To many insults. But the next thing you know I'm being dragged on stage by guess who. Cameron. Then I hear shouts like "oh my gosh! Griers and Dallas's are dating!" And other junk.

Stefanie's pov

Next thing you know I see Mia on stage. Cam can pull his girlfriend on stage but not me? Like ever!?!? Then other viners came on stage like Matt Espinosa and Carter Reynolds. People like that. Then Shawn Mendes started singing and we all started dancing. While everyone started dancing, Nash pulled me to the side. "You have to control your brother! He's crazy." He said. "I know.. He's just really protective. He doesn't want to let me go." Then Nash started kissing me and we both forgot there was people here. Cam come up and pushed Nash roughly. "Really dude! I thought we were friends!" Cam said. He was about to punch Nash but then. I said "Cam no!! Please! Just leave him alone. Just go away from my life!" I left the stage. Nash doesn't know I took his keys. I went in his car and just sat there. It wasn't long until he came back. "Do you want to go home?" He said. "I will NEVER talk or see Cameron Dallas again!" I said. I told Nash to drive me by Cam and I's house so I can pick up some stuff like clothes because I plan on staying at Nash's house for a while. Good thing he lives in a mansion!

Mia's pov

I was still hanging out with Cameron when Stef sand Nash stormed out. Cams phone beeped and he picked it up. His face went from fairly happy to shocked in seconds.

Stefanie's pov

I got all my stuff and we left. I planned to stay there for a while. I kept getting calls from Cam and texts saying "Come back!" I never planned to at any time. We got Nash's house fairly quickly. "I'm kinda happy your staying here for a while babe! It's going to be fun!" Nash said. I was excited to! Technically, it's living with my boyfriend!

Mia's pov

---One week later---

Cam was now officially my boyfriend and we haven't heard from Stefanie in the week that she's been gone. Nash is texting me but won't tell us wear Stefanie is.

I was at my apartment watching a movie with my puppy Oreo, when there was a knock on the door. Oreo was barking like crazy so I ran to open the door. Standing there was a a little girl about 4 or 5 that I recognized as my cousin skylyn. "Hey princess! What are you doing here?" I asked, looking around. But there where no adults around. She walks in. "Congratulations! You'd life is now better, cuz I'm here!" She was full of sass. We sat down and I asked her why she was here. "Cuz this girl is at my house and she weird!" She exclaimed. I pulled out my phone and texted cam : I know where Stef is.

Stefanie's pov

*Knock knock* I opened the door and saw Cam and Mia. I slammed the door. "NASH!" Nash rushed in. "Their here! Make them leave!" I said. Nash opened the door. "She doesn't want to see you!" Nash yelled. Then Cam pushed Nash. I was standing there staring. Cam grabbed my hand and started pulling me to the door. I was struggling to break free from his hold. Nash punched Cam in the face and he finally let go. Mia came running to Cam. "Nash! Why did you do that!" She said. I said "Get out of my house or I'll make you! Never come here again and I NEVER want to see you again!" Mia and Cam left and weeks passed and they never came back. All I thought is "What have I done.."

Mia's pov

I stayed at my house crying. "My cousin hates me!" I wailed. "No he doesn't! He's just protective. He still loves you." Cam said. We where watching a movie. It had been weeks since stefanie shut us out. "I never should have introduced them."I said. "She was always a big fan."

Suddenly I got a call. I looked at the caller ID. Nash.



M-do you hate me?!

N-no! Never! Why would I hate you?

M-because you told us never to come back here again and then you didn't call me or talk to me for weeks!

N-sorry! I just really like Stefanie and would do anything for her. But she's kind of clingy.

M-well she was a really big fan before you started dating.


M-so why did you call?

N-well... Me ands red are going on a date and I was wondering if you and Cameron wanted to join us.

M-we're in! Pick me up at seven.

I hung up and told cam every thing. He still had a little bruise on his jaw line from where Nash punched him.

Cameron went home. I asked Nash what to wear and he said: casual.

I showered and put in my shorts and a tank too with a little mascara. I tied my hair up in a messy bun and slipped on my vans. Cameron, Stefanie and Nash, all in one car pulled up in my drive way. I swung open the door and flew down the porch steps and full on sprinted to the car. I slid in next to Stefanie who kept staring at me like I killed her mother. What did I do?!

Stefanie's pov

Now everyone is here.. Yah.. Just wanted to have a date alone with Nashy but nooooo I couldn't. "Hey Cam, I'm so sorry about what happened. Please forgive me." I said. "Don't worry about but control your boyfriend please." Cam said. That's when he finally got on Nash's last nerve. Nash made a u-turn and dropped Cam and Mia at Mia's house. "That's why we don't talk to you!" Nash said. "I guess we're going to Magcon by ourselves Stef!" He also said. Magcon! I'm kinda scared now after what happened last time. I was still happy to go though. We finally got to Magcon but we're beat there by Cam and Mia. I just ignored them. We all had a good time and then we all left. I kinda lived at Nash's house now. Mia kinda lived with Cam. That's when I got a text from Mia: Guess who visited us. Cameron's ex girlfriend. :(

Mia's pov

I seriously have no idea what I did to deserve this from Nash and Stefanie. I only warned Stefanie a couple times and then stayed out if their relationship. And Cameron is just protective of Stefanie.

When Magcon was over, I tried to talk to them but they totally ignored me! So cam drove to my apartment and I drive to the hair salon. My hair was mid length and kind of a Carmel color. But sometimes I dye it different colors. Cameron knows that so he shouldn't be surprised. I got my hair trimmed and then dyed the ends a magenta color.

As I was driving home, I saw a new car in my drive way. I cautiously opened the front door only to find that a little shirt girl with shoulder length brown hair was flirting with Cameron! In MY house!!!

"What the heck is the matter with you?! He's dating me!" I yelled.

"Listen up hon, he misses me and he knows it, he's just to afraid to admit it." She retorted.

"If he wanted you back, then trust me he would have done so before he asked me to be his girl friend!" I screamed. I looked at cam who only said:

"Actually, thus is what I look for in girls and now that I think about it, you ding have any of her qualities. I want to date Samantha. You should leave now."

I stared at him shocked. "But Samantha is dating Niall horan! And this is my house!" I cried.

"Oh I'm fixing to break up with him in a minute!" She said smiling. She walked over to Cameron and then kissed his cheek. But then her smile fell. I turned around to see a very sad directioner. Niall.

"You know what? Have the house!" I cried and ran out of the house. Usually I would be exited to see one direction. But considering the circumstances, I was better off sitting on the curb of the road.

I pulled out my phone and texted Stefanie. Then Niall sat down next to me. He had teary eyes too.

"Hi," I said forcing a smile.

"Hey," he said to. We started to talk, and then cry, and then talk some more. I got his phone number and we went on our ways. I drove to Nash's house since I had no place to live any more. I walked up to the front door and knocked. The door was answered by Stefanie. She was still glaring at me for no reason. The door was only opened a crack.

S- what do you want?!

M- Cameron broke up with me!

S- oh,

M- he took my house and left me for Samantha!

S- ...

Stefanie's pov

Mia shows up at Nash's house crying. Cameron's a jerk. I should have warned her that he had an overly attached ex girlfriend. Mia wanted to find a place to say so she Nash. Nash said only for a little while. *Knock Knock* I opened the door and it was Cameron. "Hahaha!" He said. I was so confused why he was here. "It was all a prank babe! And you can have your house back! You feel for it!!" Cam said. Mia looked so happy and so was I because I wanted the house alone with only me and Nash. "Okay bye guys! Have fun with whatever your doing!" I said. Me and Nash looked at each other and started laughing. "What a day!" Nash said. "What do you to do?" I asked. Since it was only 7:00 P.M. "How about we go to a pizza place?" Nash said. Then I got a phone call. It was a blocked number.

Conversation- (U=Unknown)

S- Hi! Who's this?

U- Stay away from Nash.

S- Ummm.. Excuse me?

U- You heard me! He's mine! I saw you at Magcon with your lips all over him. I almost DIED!

S- Ohhh, your just a crazed fan! Well bye, but how did you get my number?

U- I will find you!

Mia's pov

Cameron showed up at Nash's place while I was crying. It was all a prank? I jumped into cams arms and we drove away. But I started asking questions.

M- wait why would you pull a prank on me?

C- because I love you!

M- why was Samantha there? She's supposed to be on tour with 1D, and so is Niall.

C- I don't know.

M- but if this is a prank then why did Niall chives me his number?!

C- he gave you his number?!

M- yes! Look!

To prove my point, I yanked out my phone and dialed his number and put it on speaker phone.


N- hello?

M- hi, Niall?

N- yes...

M- this is Mia from earlier today! Cameron said that that incident was all a prank. What do you think?

N- you shouldn't believe them they told me that but I saw them making out!


N- hello?

M- yeah I'm here, could you meet me at Starbucks?

N- yeah, do you mind if the boys come?

M- not at all.

I looked at Cameron who was looking at the floor. "So you dumped me in he most embarrassing way, and then lie to me?! Drop me off at Starbucks, and this relation ship is over!" I screamed. He was crying a bit and do was I. I pulled out my phone and texted Stefanie.

M- y r u mad at me???

S- it's not u it Cameron. And ur dating him so...

M- not a problem any more! We're through! He lied to me!!!

S- WTF?!

Then I texted Nash

M- can I stay at ur place for a while?

N- no

M- why do you hate me???

N- I don't but ur always hanging out with Cameron and I don't want to talk to him.

M- I broke up with him

N-what? Y???

M- he cheated, then lied about it.

N- you can stay as long as you want.

We pulled up at Starbucks. I got out of the car with out saying goodbye.

I rushed inside and sat down. Just then, I heard the clicking of cameras and the screams if fans. One direction was here. I had my head down on the table.

"There she is!" Spoke an Irish voice. Niall.

Five boys sat down at the table. I recognized them as one direction.

I picked my head up. Some of the boys gasped.

"Why would he want to date some one else?" Louis whispered.

"Hi!" They said at once. I kept hearing rude comments from the fans out side.

"So you and Niall went through a break up at the sane time?" Liam asked.

We nodded. Me and Niall.

We told them the story. We where talking for about five minutes. Then we went to order. I got a frapachino and the boys got coffe and tea. By the end of the day, I was really good friends with one direction.

Stefanie's pov

"Mia what are you doing here?" I asked her when she showed up at Nash's house. "Ummm, didn't Nash tell you that I'm staying here for as long as I want?" She said. I shut the door in her face and screamed "NASH! COME DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!"

N- What is it Bae?

S- Why is Mia here saying that you said she can stay here as long as she wants?

N- Cameron lied to her about dating Samantha. He cheated.

S- So.

N- What do you mean so! She heartbroken!

S- So.

N- I think she's dating Niall from 1 Direction.

S- So.

N- Is that all you can say! So.

S- You know what Nash! I'm leaving and you can let Mia stay here for as long as she wants!

I opened the door, got in my car and left. "What's up with her?" Mia said. "We got in a pretty heated argument. Just give her a moment to cool down a little. She gets like that sometimes." Nash said. I drove down to my house. I haven't been there in forever! When I opened the door, I saw Cam there crying. "What's wrong Cam?" I asked. He explained to me that he wasn't cheating on Mia, but now she already has a new boyfriend. Samantha was his ex girlfriend and really wanted Cam back. She just started kissing him.

C- I never want to see Mia again!

S- We me and Nash got in a argument just now.

C- Told you he was a jerk!

S- He's letting Mia stay at his house!

C- Well that is his cousin right?

S- Well so! I'm his girlfriend!

My phone kept blowing up from calls. It was Nash. Cam was tired of hearing my ringtone (Sweater Weather) so he answered the phone.

C- What do you want.

N- Can I talk to Stef? Please just let me talk to her!

C- Let me think about it.. No you jerk.

N- Come on man!

C- Fine..

S- Nash, what do you want?

N- Please come back. I got you a gift.

S- Is Mia still there?

N- Why are you so mean to get Stef? Why?

S- She broke my brothers heart..

Mia's pov

I was staying at Nash's for awhile, " I just can't Beleuve that Cameron would do that!" I sobbed. I still wasn't over him.

Nash, Hayes, will, and I where watching a movie. Well, trying to. I was crying pretty loudly. Just then I got a text. It was a group text, from: Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall.

Lp= Liam

Lt= Louis

N= Niall

H= Harry


Lt- heyyyyy!!!!!😝😝😝😝

M- hi

Lp- what's wrong??

Z- yeah what's wrong???

M- still glum about cam...

H- oh he was not good for you, HONEY!

M- lol, are you trying to copy me?!

N- I'm pretty sure he was.

Lt- so mia, r u coming to our concert tomorrow night??

N- please!

Lp- we would love it

M- I do t gave any money...

Z- tickets r in us

H- plus backstage passes!

M- well then, I guess I'll see you tomorrow!!

I turned my phone off and focused on the screen. It was brides maids and Hayes could not stop laughing.

Just then I got one more text. I smiled on picked up the phone. My smile fell when I realized it wasn't from one direction, or any one I knew for that matter. It was from Samantha.

Samantha = s

S- me and cam are totally getting married.

M- ...

My heart fell

Stefanie's pov

I was still at Cam's house when Mia texted me.

M- Samantha and Cameron are getting married!

S- What are you talking about.

M- Their getting MARRIED!

I told Cam about the rumor Samantha was spreading. He started crying again. I gave him a hug. I told him not to worry about it she's just crazy. I stayed at home for tonight with Cam, just in case that Samantha girl try's to break in. He was really depressed about the whole thing.

~The Next Day~

I drove to Nash's house. I was kinda scared to go to his house because I thought he was mad. It was 10:00 A.M. And Cam was still sleeping. He told me he was never EVER going to date anyone right now because of the situation going on right now. I finally got to Nash's house. I already had a key to his because he gave it to me. Hayes was the only one awake right now. He was watching tv eating breakfast.

S- Hey Hayes!

H- What's up?

S- Umm.. Do you know where Nash is?

H- He's sleeping.

S- Oh. Okay, I guess I should leave.

H- Or you can just what here until he wakes up. You can watch Adventure Time with me if you want.

S- Okay, sure.

I sat down next to Hayes. We watched adventure time. Nash walked in ten minutes later. "Hey!" He said. He looked so excited. He gave me a big hug. "So Mia is here right now, right?" I asked. He told me that she left to go to a 1 Direction concert. Nash told me to wait so he could get dressed. Five minutes later he comes out wearing his red "OR NAH!" sweatshirt. I was so happy that he wasn't mad at me. "How's Cam? Can you tell him that we are still best friends?" Nash said. "Cam is depressed about the whole break up and sure!"

Miss pov

I texted Cameron on my way to the concert. (A limo picked me up so I wasn't texting and driving.)

M- are you getting married? :-(

C- to Samantha? No freakin' way! Are you dating that gay guy from one direction??

M- no and he's not gay

C- what ever

M- I thought you loved me! Why on earth would you cheat?!

C- I didn't cheat!

M- then what did you do?!

C- Samantha followed me home from Magcon, she came into my house and offered me a drink. She must have put something in it, cause I had no controll of what I said. Heck, I don't even remember what I said! Please forgive me!

M- I have to process... Could we just stay friends for a while? When I make up my mind I'll tell you.

C- what ever it takes, I love you.

I let Cameron have the last text. I put my phone away just as we pulled into the concert arena. Liam met me out side and pulled me away from the paparazzi. Ruomer had it that I was secretly dating one of the boys. I frequently told them I was not. But hey what can I do?

Liam led me through a passage way that lead backstage. "Here we go!" He said awkwardly.

"Yep.." I said looking at the floor.

Then Louis ran out and broke the silence. "HELLOOO!!! And how are my bestest mates in the world?!" He yelled.

"We'll I'm fi-" I was cut off by my phone ringing. "We'll in fine, but I'm going to have to take this, nobody calls unless it's an emergency." I explained whist pulling out my phone. It was Stefanie.

M- what's wrong Stefanie?

U- this isn't Stefanie!

M- who is this?!

U- if you want Stefanie to live, then you'll sabotage their relation ship! Nash is mine!!

The call ended

Stefanie's pov

It was late at night. I slept at Nash's house. We were sleeping and then I heard glass break. Someone was breaking in. Nash was in a deep sleep. The person but something on a rag and held it to my face until I stop struggling.

~In A Unknown Place~

U- So, you think your so special dating Nash. Huh?

S- Where am I?

U- In my kill room. But don't worry, I'm not going to kill you. Yet..

S- What do you want from me! Huh! What have I done to you!

U- Your dating Nash! That's what! He never loved you!

S- That's not true.

U- I'm leaving now.

The person put a cloth in my mouth so I couldn't scream. I was tied to a chair. I don't know how long I was in there. It was dark. I saw light as someone opened the door. It was Mia. She had a knife. I was so happy! She was gonna save me! Instead, she cut my arm. "Mia! What are to doing?" I yelled. "You can't be with Nash." She replied. It looked like she was under a spell. She walked out. Hours and hours passed. The door opened. I was so scared. But it was Nash. He started crying when me saw me. He cut the ropes and took me out of the room. He was carrying me to the car, but then some girl stopped him and started screaming. "I'm your biggest fan." She said. Nash looked at her and yelled "You did this to her!" Nash ran to the car still holding me. The girl ran after him. He put me in the car. Before he could get to his side, the girl stopped him and started making out with him. He pushed her away, jumped in the car, and drove away. I could see Mia standing there yelling "Watch your back!"

Miss pov

After I got the call, I panicked and fainted. I don't know what happened next but, I remember I had a dream that I was trying to save Stefanie. Here's how it went.

I was walking into a dark room, but I don't know how I got there, but I was definitely there. There were mirrors and when I looked into one, my hair was platinum blonde and my eyes where green! I tried to run away but I had no control. I ended up taking a knife from my all black suit and creeping into a larger, darker room that held Stefanie. My mind was screaming NO!! STOP!! But I went up and cut her arm any way. I was holding back tears when I said, you can't date Nash. I walked backwards out of the room and then ran away.

My dream ended there. My eyes flew open. I was laying on a hard wood floor. I sat up slowly. And walked to a mirror. Last nights dream scared me a little. When I reached the mirror, I found that my hair was platinum and my eyes where green and I was wearing all black. And in my hand was a knife. Covered in blood.

Stefanie's pov

My arm was hurting really bad! She cut it deeply. Nash was so pissed of that she did that. I told him not to worry. I haven't kissed him in a long time so why not now? I did and it was kind of a make out session. I was at Nash's house in his room and then Cam walked in. "Umm.. What the hell do you think your doing!" He yelled. I panicked. "Nothing.." I said nervously. He slammed the door.

S- Do you think it is a mistake that we're dating?

N- Bae, it was never a mistake.

S- But what about my brother?

N- Screw your brother!

He started kissing me again. Then guess who walked in. And it was Cam. It was Mia. "STAY AWAY FROM HER YOU PHYSO LITTLE SON OF A B****!" Nash yelled. She had a knife in her hand and stabbed Nash in the arm. She was about to stab me until I took the knife away from her. "Why are you doing this?" I said. Then it looked like she snapped back to reality. "Oh my.. ARE YOU OKAY?!?" She yelled at Nash.

*Beep Beep Beep*

We at the hospital. Nash finally woke up. I was there next to him. I explained to him that Mia was hypnotized or something like by some girl. "She stabbed you in the arm." I said. I gave him a hug but tried not to hurt his arm. I drove him home. I told him he should get some rest.

Mia's pov

I was trying to explain to the boys that something was wrong. I was going to stay away from Stefanie. I can't hurt anyone...

Zayn was driving me to my new apartment. I decided to move to London. Far away and that is where one direction will be next. I was sitting in the passenger seat. When the guys asked me what happened to my hair and eyes, there was nothing I could say that would make sense.

Suddenly I blacked out and my mind went into kill mode.

What happened:

My eyes snapped open and my mind was racing. I jumped out of the moving car and out into traffic. Zayn was screaming my name, but I didn't listen. I was too busy hunting down Stefanie and Nash. Inside I was crying. On the bright side, this part of me was very athletic. I made my way to Nash's driveway and unsheathed my knife. I crept inside past Cameron who glanced at me. I was screaming inside again. NO!! STOP!! But I opened the door and ran towards the couple. Nash was yelling and I stabbed him. My mind clicked.

I stabbed him. My own cousin. And I injured him. I fell to my knees. I was crying. Stefanie called 911 and I crawled into a corner screaming. "Help! Save your selves!! Get away from me!"

Stefanie inched her way towards me. "What's with your hair? And your eyes?!" I shook my head.

I whispered. "She said she would kill you, or Nash. I had to save you, there's something wrong."

Stefanie nodded.

Stefanie's pov

Mia decided to move to London now to get away from me and Nash so she won't kill us. I am so confused on why she wants to kill me or him. It doesn't make any sense to me. She's going crazy. I told her to go to a doctor or something cause that girl probably put you under a spell or something. She did go to a doctor and the doctor told her to go to this special lady who takes magical spells and enchantments out of people. 2 days later Mia calls me and says she got the evil spell out of her. I was hanging out with Nash at the mall. We were walking out to the car and no one was around. Someone grabbed my neck and held my head straight. Then another girl grabbed Nash and started making out with him. The girl making out with him was the same girl who texted me and the same one who made Mia crazy. And I was forced to watch all of it. Nash back away. Or at least tried but five girls were holding him so he couldn't move. They were also holding his straight so he forced to kiss her. Watching all of this made me cry. The girl wouldn't let me look away no matter how bad I wanted to. Finally after 10 minutes they let me go and they let Nash go. I haven't even kissed Nash for ten minutes. I got in the car and started crying. Nash started to cry a little to. I was in his car. I told him to drive me home.

~20 Minutes Later~


G- Hahaha you stupid BETCH!

S- Why are you doing this to me and Nash? Just please stop. What do you want?

G- Nash. I want Nash!

S- Sorry but I can't give him to you. He loves me.

G- You wish BETCH!!

Mia's pov

I told Stefanie that what ever was wrong with me was over. But I decided to leave my platinum hair. I asked the doctor about the green eyes and he said there was nothing he could do about that.

As I was driving to the air port some one ran out in front if me. I slammed on my brakes and pulled over. I didn't hit any one, but when I looked up to yell at the person who I almost hit, I realised that it was Cameron.

I looked at his face. He had tears in his eyes. I looked at him and asked "why?"

"Because I love you, you can't move to London! Just give me a second chance! Mia, please!" Cameron yelled. The sky was cloudy and it started to rain. Cars were pulled over and watching us.

"I-I love you too." I said.

His lips met with mine. We were soaked. Awes came from the crowd. We looked up and noticed the crowd. I started to laugh and do did Cameron.

"So we're back together?" He asked.

"Yes." I a answered.

---at Nash's house---

We walked in to see Nash and Stefanie sobbing.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"We're braking up..." Stefanie said.

Stefanie's pov

"What... But you can't! You guys have been a couple for a while now!" Mia said. I told her and Cam about the story at the mall. "And he enjoyed kissing her too!"

Conversation Between All

~Of Us~

N- I told you for the 15th fucking time, I didn't enjoy it!

C- Don't cuss at my little sister.

S- See he's getting pissed off!

M- Guys, stop fighting and get back together. You guys are so cute together.

N- Well, I'm not the one who wants to break up.

S- You kissed a girl for 10 minutes!

N- Didn't you see that I was being held there a couldn't move!

S- Well the girl texted me and says she wants you so date her.

N- Damn, your so hot when your mad..

S- Are you seriously saying that right now!

Then out of nowhere, Nash started kissing me. I didn't want him to but I didn't refuse. I could here Cam whispering "I thought they were fighting." I finally stop the kiss and left, slamming the door. I got in my car and drove away.

(Sorry for the language.. I just had to..)

Mia's pov

"Oh well, we tried." I said. Cameron nodded. We sat down.

"I tried to get her back! She's just too stubborn!" Nash yelled.

A few hours later, me and Cameron left for out apartment. On our way out while we were stopped at a red light, I saw Stefanie and Zayn from one direction making out. Cameron pulled over and we walked over to them.

"Hi Stefanie, hi Zayn. What's up?" I said casually.

"We're engaged!!" Stefanie yells.

"Are you drunk?!" Cameron yells.

"Nope just in love!" Zayn yells back. Paparazzi and screaming fans surrounded us. Great.

Stefanie's pov

That's when I snapped back into reality and noticed I was kissing Zayne from 1D. I punched him in the face. Then from a distance I saw Nash staring at me. He turned around and walked into his car. I ran as fast could before he could drive away. The paparazzi chased me. Reporters were also chasing me. "I'm live here with Stefanie Dallas. So your getting engaged to Zayne! How wonderful. Why are you chasing this other person?" I looked at the camera and stuck my middle finger up at them. I got in Nash's car.

N- Get out.

S- But I love you and I realized I can't be without you.

N- Well you were kissing Zayne. French kissing...

S- I didn't realize I was. Something weird happened then I went all crazy..

N- Well, I missed you too.. A lot..

S- Awww...

I started kissing Nash in his car. 3 minutes later, we both realized that the paparazzi was taking pictures of us making out in his car. It didn't take long until it was on the front cover of every newspaper. Titled "Vine Star Making Out With His Girlfriend in Car!"

Miss pov

I was watching the whole thing, and laughing. I was talking to Cameron and Zayn. The paparazzi where taking pictures and yelling zayn and my names. Cameron was confused. I told him the story. We offered to drive zayn home and left the couple and the paparazzi. (Heaven knows what they caught on tape.)

When all that drama was over, Cameron and I made a vine, that formally introduced me. Not at magcon, not on tv but in six seconds on a free app. Not very romantic but hey. And then we made our very first Vlog together. (I usually make them alone,) and then we are dinner and watched a movie. When we saw this on the news: Niall Horan Announces his engagement to Mia Grier!

I jumped up and screamed. "But I only went on one date! And it wasn't even a date! The whole band was there! I don't have a ring! And I'm dating Cameron Dallas!" I was yelling at the tv.

Cameron was laughing. "We don't know it's you, there are thousands of miss out there." We we're interrupted by the tv again.

: yes! I know which Mia Grier? We'll she lives in California and was previously dating Cameron Dallas. Here is her picture.

On the screen was a picture if me and Niall and the rest of the boys. I looked at cam who was no longer smiling.

Stefanie's pov

Me and Nash rushed over to Mia's apartment.


S- What the hell is going on?

M- It's a lie, he's lying!

C- Umm.. Are you sure about that! It's all over the news

N- You're engaged to him! Wow can't believe it!

S- Mia ! You're lying okay so just tell the truth. Your breaking my brothers heart!

M- I am telling the truth but you people won't believe me.

She stormed out of her apartment and got into her car and left. While she was driving she, she was crying. She was so mad. She was going to Nialls house. When she got there, she knocked on the door. He opened the door. She automatically punched him in the face. She walked back to her car and drove away like nothing ever happened. Niall was leaning against the door with the bloody nose screaming for help. He acted like he was about to die. Meanwhile, me and Nash went to the mall, we became more cautious about everything after what happened last time.

Third person:

Mia stormed from Nialls tour buss. She drove back to the apartment and sat in the couch. Cameron believed her. He knew she wasn't lying but Stefanie had a talent of making him afraid to speak his mind. But that didn't stop him this time. Cameron slid over to Mia and pulled her into a hug. She had blood on her hand from earlier and was considering putting it in a bottle and selling it on eBay.

It would make a lot if money and fans could clone him or worse. Mia started to laugh.

"What is it?" Cameron said smiling and pulling away from the hug.

"Well, I went to Niall's tour buss, punched him in the nose, and left. Now I have his blood in my fist and was thinking about what would happen if I sold it in eBay." Mia explained. This got everyone laughing. It was too bad Oreo, Mia's pug could not understand.

Something to picture:

While the happy couple were being happy, our snotty little pop singer, Niall Horan, stood in the door way screaming for help, even though it was only feet away and it was only a bloody nose. Louis walked over, saw what happened and walked away grinning. Niall deserved what he got. Although it was not Niall who told lies, it was in fact our good friend Harry styles, who has had a crush on Mia since the day they met. Let's face it, they all loved Mia. But why did he say the engagement was with Niall and not himself? Because boys are like that. They had all seen the news. And all if them where shocked.

Let's move on to Nash and Stefanie.

Nash was at the food court with Stefanie. Nash kept thinking, "revenge, revenge," revenge on Stefanie of course. She was the one who was over emotional and overreacting. It was like she wanted to break up...

Inside Stefanie's head; how will I break up with him? Did he not get the hint? I could stage my death! Perfect!

Stefanie's pov

I had one of those snap back to reality things and Nash looked like he did too. "Babe, don't you feel like something is controlling us?" I asked him. "Yah Bae, we should go see that lady that Mia saw." He said. We ended up seeing her and she told us that someone was indeed controlling us. The lady made seem whoever was doing this was making Nash and I their puppets. The lady gave us this pill to remove it and it was gone. Forever. We pad the lady $200 and left. ($100 per pill. We're rich) Before we left, I asked the lady the name of the person who was doing this. "The person goes by the name of Mia Grier." The lady said. Nash and I looked at each other in shock. We left the mall.

~Conversation in Car~

S- We can't tell Mia that we know.

N- Okay, but can you believe that she did all of this.

S- She wanted to turn us against each other!

N- I know! Crazy right?

S- Right. She made me make out with Zayne! He's ugly!

N- What are we going to do?

S- We have to move far away from here and not tell anyone anything.

N- But what about Hayes.

S- He has Will.

N- What about Cameron.

S- He has Mi- oh wait.. She can control him to.

N- I really want to go but think about these people.

We finally reached Nash's house. Hayes was at home watching tv. We walked in. "Hey guys! Where were y- never mind Breaking Bad is on so be quiet." Hayes said. Skylnn looked at me like I was crazy. "Hi Skylnn! How are you?" I said. She looked at me and said "I don't like you! Stop being Nashys gurlll friennnn!" She said. Damn she has sass on her! I look at Nash. He just shrugged. I kept think about the Mia thing. I have to save Cam! He can't be controlled by that son of a you know what and it's nots pretty! What am I going to do! Nash looked pretty scared too.

Cameron's pov

I was sitting with Mia watching a movie when she fell asleep. I scooped her up and carried her up the stairs and into her bedroom. We lived in separate houses, so this was actually her room. As soon as I got her to bed her eyes snapped open and she snapped open.

"I really wish you wouldn't have gotten contacts, it's creeping me out!" I whined. She rolled her eyes and checked the time. I also checked. 3:00 in the morning. "Want to go surprise Stefanie and Nash?!" We yelled at the same time. We burst out laughing and got in the car. When we got there I opened the door to see Hayes crying and watching the tv.

"What are you watching?" Mia asked.

"My little pony!" Hayes wailed.

Stefanie's pov

Mia texted me "Heyyyyy! Where r u guyys?!?!? Why is Hayes crying???!??! Text back when u can gurl! :)" Nash was driving. We packed our suitcases already. We were ready to go.


S- Are we going to tell them?

N- Bae, we can't. They're going to want to come along. This is going to be romantic since tomorrow is the day we first met. We're going to be in Paris by tomorrow!

S- Awww! You just made that whole thing adorable!

N- That's what I do.

S- I still can't believe your taking me to Paris! I've always wanted to go!

N- Anything for you!

I leaned and kissed his cheek. We were at the airport already. It was really late. It's like 4:00 am. When we get to Paris, it will already be 11:00 am. We'll get a hotel. Get something eat. By then, it's should be 2:00 pm. Then we will find something to do until night time. We'll sleep and our big day will come!! I'm so excited!!!!! Cam kept calling me. Obviously Hayes isn't telling them anything. Good because I paid him. We plan on telling them when we get back. Nash bought our tickets already. We went through security which took forever. Then they took the tickets and we finally got on the plane.

☻ At Home ☻

Meanwhile, Cam was going crazy. "Where is she? Maine on Hayes please tell me! I'm going crazy! Mom and dad coming home from the business trip soon. There going to kill me!" He said. The funny thing is, I already told mom and dad and their fine with it. Mia put a hand on Cams shoulder and said "Don't stress. It'll be okay." "DONT TOUCH ME!" He yelled. I kinda feel bad.

Mia's pov

I was freaking out and so was Cameron. I think he was more worried though. His parents went on a two month business trip. And now both their kids are dating people! The four of us decided not to tell our families. Well except for siblings...

Nash and Stef were gone for two days. No one told us where they where going. When they finally got back, they just walked through the door like nothing had happened.

But they ignored me... In fact, every body has been avoiding me lately!

Cameron's pov

Nash and Stefanie just walked thought the door and sat down on the couch. "Hi Cameron!" They said in unison. "Hi," I said.

"Hi! We missed you! Where have you been?" Mia chimed in. But no one answered.

"Where have you been?" I asked.

"Paris!" Stefanie screamed. I nodded.

"Wow! That's amazing! What was it like?" Mia asked siting down next to Stefanie. Stefanie scooted away and left Mia. Then Mia moved over towards Nash. He scooted away too.

"You guys aren't in the second grade! Why are you ignoring, your cousin and best friend?!" I yelled. I was fed up with it. They where acting so immature! Then again, I was one to talk...

"She's controlling your mind Cameron! Can't you see?!" Nash yelled. Mia stood up and Stefanie pulled a gun out.

"What are you doing?" Mia cried. "What's wrong with you?"

"The question is what is wrong with you?" Stefanie retorted.

"Stefanie, put the gun down! We are not shooting my cousin!" Nash yelled.

I was speechless.

"She was breaking us up! She must die!" Stefanie screamed.

Mia's pov

I was just standing there and the next thing you know, there is a gun pointed at my head. I closed my eyes, knowing what was next. I heard screams and yelling and then a gun shot. I opened my eyes and looked at my love, Cameron and whispered "I love you," I fell to the floor. Stefanie shot me in the stomach. Cameron was on the floor screaming, and Nash was in tears, Stefanie was standing over me with a smile on her face. 911 was on the phone. My vision went dark.

Good bye

Cameron's pov

After Mia was shot, I punched Stefanie in the nose. The ambulance was out front and they rushed in and hauled Mia into the truck. I went with them and waited for hours at the hospital, until a nurse came out and and shakes her head at me. I start crying my eyes out and screaming "MIA!!" The nurse looks at me and apologizes. "Sorry, wrong guy! Mia's fine! You can visit her in room 415!" I jumped up and ran up stairs and open the door to see Mia laying on the hospital bed reading a book.

"Hey!" I said

"Um who are you?" She says putting her book down.

My jaw fell open and tears welled up in my eyes.

"You don't know who I am?" I asked. She shook her head.

~Stefanie's Pov~

Now I that Cameron loves Mia more than me. I had one of those snap into reality moments. Something was wrong. I went to that lady again to see what was wrong now. It couldn't have been Mia. The lady was psychic or something. She said the person who was controlling me goes by the name of Melissa Ramner. I have no clue who that even was. I bought another pill and of course it worked. That's when I realized what I've done. I shot someone. Me and Nash haven't talked to each other since that day. It was already two months from now. I was home with my mom and dad. Cam was at Mia's apartment trying to get to remember who he was. Showing her pictures and texts but it was useless. She won't remember. I have to run away. I mean no one would miss me anyway. I'm nobody.

~Nash's Pov~

I miss her. I miss Stefanie. But what she did was unforgivable. Damn it Stefanie, why did you have to go screw everything up in the relationship. But there was something odd when she pulled out the gun. She had no expression or feeling at all. Like a ghost. That's when I realized it. That wasn't her who was doing that stuff. It was someone else. I ran to my car. I better get there before things get bad. Or should I say worse.

~Stefanie's Pov~

No ones home. Perfect. I have to do it. I have no choice. No one likes me or wants me. I'm technically useless. My mom and dad went to a business trip. Again. I mean, that's their job. Cams at Mia apartment. I think. I don't pay attention anymore. I got out the gun and put it to my head.

~Nash's Pov~

"STOP!" I yelled. She looked at me with the gun still at her head. She got the gun ready. Before she could pull the trigger, I jumped to grab the gun but I was to late.

~At Hospital~

Still Nash's Pov!

I was in the room with Stefanie. Thankfully for me, when I grabbed the gun, it slipped and shot her in the arm. I saved her life. I sat on the bed. She looked mad at me. "You should have let me die.." She whispered. "How will I live without you?" I whispered back.

Mia's pov

Some guy was in my apartment trying to convince me that we where dating, I gave him a chance he's actually really cute! He brought out photo albums and videos. I believed him, but I don't remember...

Cameron's pov

She didn't get that I loved her, she has to remember!

An idea popped in my head. I smashed my lips in hers and her eyes widened.

"Cameron!" She yelled and kissed me. Tears filled our eyes as he pulled me into a hug. "I love you!" I said.

~Stefanie's Pov~

I guess Mia suddenly remembers everything now. Weird, right? When I was released from the hospital, they told Nash to keep an eye on me so this doesn't happen again. Why can't I be alone? He drove me home. We didn't talk at all.

~Nash's Pov~

Why can't thing be the way they uses to. Stefanie seems stressed out now. More like depressed. Something's bothering her but I want to know what it is. Why won't she tell me! Oh wait, she hates me.. I just saved her life so sorry! I guess..

~Stefanie's Pov~

"Just tell me what wrong with you! I know something's bothering you!" Nash yelled. Damn it! I guess I have to tell him now.. "At Magcon, when I was walking Taylor Caniff pushed me to the wall and we started making out. You were still on stage.. I'm so sorry!" I said. He pulled over. I thought he was going to kick me out.. I feel horrible now!


N- Why Stef, Why?

S- I'm so sorry..

N- But still.. I love you.

S- I love you too

N- Apparently not..

S- Please forgive me.

N- But Taylor is my friend..

We started staring at each other. And then we kissed and it just wasn't one of this fake ones that are just for camera. This one was with real love..

Mia's pov

I remembered little things and people. Like Cameron, and mom and dad, and Nash. I know little places like home, and the states.

Nash's pov

Me and Cameron decided not to tell Mia about Stefanie. She was to stay out if Mia's life. As far as mia is concerned, we are her best friends. She seriously still has no clue about some things. It's a slow process.

Cameron's pov

We got together with Mia every day. Each day it was a new person. Matt, Shawn, Taylor and, Carter have been here to reintroduce. I was very close with Mia yet too far away. One day while filming a video for YouTube I cut my foot on the top of an open tin can. And Mia was in the hospital too. But we didn't film her, partially because the shooting was a over the news and Mia is very popular at the moment. Like she's a hero. I don't get how. But my fans are crazy. Yes very.

~Stefanie's Pov~

Nash hasn't been talking to me lately. Eh, doesn't bother me. Actually it does. Cam hasn't talked to me. I told mom and she got mad. She called Cam and told him "Pay attention to your sister. Shes more important than a girlfriend." And he said "No she isn't.." I almost died. Well I did. On the inside. I was going to call Nash and tell him but then I realized he doesn't like me anymore. Never mind, I have no one. I was at home. Alone. The exact opposite thing the doctors said. But no one gives a shit about me. Then someone knocked at my door. I thought it was Cam but he never comes here when I'm here. Can I still call him Cam? I got up to answer the door. It was Taylor. I was surprised because no one ever visits me. Like I said over and over again.


T- Hey! How are you?

S- Eh. I guess I'm okay.

T- I love you.

S- Wait, what?

T- I love you.

S- But.. Wait are you serious?

T- Yes. Nash doesn't love you anymore.

S- No one loves me. It's normal.

T- Everyone except me.

S- Stop lying.

T- I'm not lying. I f*****g love you!

I started laughing. First time I've laughed in a while. For the first time in forever, I was happy. Taylor shut the door. He leaned in closer and his lips touched mine. It was magical and that's when I realized that someone did love me. Finally. I don't need Cameron or Nash. For once, I can say I have someone. To love. Taylor ended up staying. I no longer felt depressed or stressed. I was happy! We were laying on the couch watching a movie. That's when Taylor got a call from Cameron.

-The Talk-

C- Are you with my sister?

T- No.

C- Your lying.

T- What does it matter?

C- She's crazy! Get out of there now!

T- What are you talking about?

C- Just leave. Save yourself. How about you come over here at Mia's apartment.

T- How about you love your sister?

C- Ew no.

T- You know what, f**k you b***h! She all sad because of you! This is all your fault!

I started crying. My own brother doesn't love me. Taylor was rubbing my shoulder. I started to calm down. I need to run away. They don't need me here. No one does..

-The Talk-

S- I need to run away.

T- Why?

S- No one wants me here..

T- I want you here.

S- You do?

T- I love you Bae. Wait, can I call you that?

S- Of course. Nash doesn't love me. My own brother doesn't..

T- I'll run away with you!

S- Your crazy!

T- I can pay for our tickets and we can buy a house and a car together! My parents are billionaires!

S- Okay, but we should start packing now.


We are packed and ready to go. I trust Taylor. I love him. He just gets me. We drove to the airport. We finally got there. "Bye Florida." I said. We went through security and finally got on the plane. We were holding hands. The plane took off. We left. For real.

-Back At Home-

Cameron came home. Of course with Mia and Nash and all the guys. They didn't notice I wasn't there. They did notice that Taylor left his hat there though. "Maybe your sister killed him." Nash said. He stared at him. Then they noticed a lipstick mark I left on the wall. Yes. I kissed the wall. It was a kind of sign to symbolize that I'm gone now and you can do anything about it. I also left one on Cameron's pillow. They got all scared like I was going to pop out and kill them. Did you notice I've been calling Cameron by his full name now. I can't call him by the shortcut anymore.. I won't miss any of them. They don't deserve me.

~Nash's Pov~

I wonder where Stefanie. I miss her. I hope she didn't do anything bad like suicide... Cam doesn't miss her one bit. That's just sad.. That's wrong!

~Cameron's Pov~

I don't miss her. At all. I only care about Mia. She my number one priority. I have to take of her forever. She's my Bae. I had a weird dream that my sister was dating Taylor. Weird right?

~Stefanie's Pov~

Told you he doesn't miss me. I forgot to tell you that we are going to California and that Taylor asked me to be his girlfriend! I'm so happy. I love being like this instead of depressed. It's nice to know that you have at least one person who cares about you. They love you more than anything. I've known Taylor forever. And we always talked. He was going to ask me out but then Nash came along. Taylor told me he felt the same way I've been feeling for days. I didn't mean to break his heart. He watched me and Nash make out at Magcon. He almost died. He was going to go after me until Nash did. I haven't realized it. I feel like shit now. Nash never loved me the way Taylor does. I kissed Taylor on the cheek. He loved it. I know it. The plane finally landed. After about forever, we found a nice hotel and put all of our suitcases in it and went to the beach. It was 6:00 PM so would be one of those romantic walks on the beach.

-At The Beach-

We were talking about normal life stuff. I'm not surprised that no one called me. That's when I got a call from Cameron. "Bae, I'm telling you. You shouldn't answer." Taylor said. He's right. He never cared about me until I was gone. I blocked his number. Me and Taylor are walking he suddenly spins me around and slowly kisses me. We fell to the sand we kept kissing.

💋💋Mia's pov💋💋

We decided to go to Cameron's old house. But when we got there, there where lipstick stains on the wall. Nash and Cam kept talking about some girl. I learned new people every day but I never met a Stephanie. I was kind of jealous, but they where talking do badly about her.

"Whose Stephanie?" I asked.

The boys looked at each other and said "no one!"

I pouted and went to check out the house. We where there for hours and hours, before Cameron said "we're moving."

I looked at him and arched an eyebrow. "What?! We're 18!"

"where are we moving to?" I asked.

"Holly Wood." He said bluntly.

I spun around. "Are you serious?! I've always wanted to be an actress!" I exited. I leaped into his arms and kissed him. "I love you," I said.

He grinned.

Next thing you know we are in a plane to L.A.X. When we land the three of us get off the plane and call a cab. (Nash is there too!) The Cab pulled up to a huge pent house. It was already furnished and was stocked with food. The three of us lives in the pent house for five years.

All was going well. Nash was currently dating a fan. And Cameron was, well, Cameron. I was an actress, on nicalodeon with Ariana Grande and Jannet Mcurdy.

I regained most if my memory. Except for Stefanie. I remember one thing about her. And it's that her name is with a f not ph.

~Stefanie's Pov~

Uh oh. Nash, Cameron, and Mia are in Cali. It's like there here to ruin my life. Good thing she doesn't know who I am. I bet they plan on keeping it like that. They hate me. All of them except Mia. She doesn't know me. I'm just going to ignore them if I ever run into them. I started wearing vans and shorts. Sometimes wearing skinny jeans. You could hardly recognize me. I now wear my hair in a messy bun too. Cause it's Cali! Taylor wanted to take me out to buy me a necklace. We went to this special jewelry place. He already called that place and told them what to have. He paid for it and he finally let me see it. There was a heart and written out with diamonds was "Taylor + Stefanie" That must have costed millions! Good thing he's rich. But that's not why I love him. I love him for who he is.

~Nash's Pov~

We now live in California. There's just something weird about it here. Like there's something important here. Eh, stupid feeling. Mia can't know who Stefanie is. At all!

☆ Five Years Later ☆

Nash is dating a fan. I don't really care. Me and Taylor were walking to go somewhere. It was a secret and he wouldn't tell me. It was a romantic walk though so I didn't mind. Mia saw Taylor and totally freaked out. She wanted an autograph because she was a big fan. Cameron wouldn't really let her talk to the guys. Cameron walked up to Taylor and said "What's up! It's been a while!" That's when I walked up. Cameron just stared at me and it was weird. He said "Wow you've changed. A lot." That when I caught Mia staring at my necklace that Taylor gave me. Her face was in shock. She looked at Cameron. "This is Stefanie. Are you cheating on me. Is this supposed to be your hot new girlfriend!" She yelled. He calmly said "This is my sister." Nash suddenly walked up with his new girlfriend. You should've seen his face when he saw me. And it was holding hands with Taylor. Know one knew we were dating.

-The Conversation-

A=Ashley (Nash's gf)

N- Your dating Taylor! And you've been here all along!

S- Why do you care.

T- Yah dude. What does it matter.

C- I can't believe it.

N- Stefanie you actually look really hot.

T- You better shut up before I punch you in the face.

A- Hi guys. I'm Nash's Bae.

Right when she said Nash's Bae, I almost cried. I remember when he called me that. I purposely started kissing Taylor to get on Nash's nerves. And it worked too. We were standing there kissing. Everyone in the group was staring. We finally stopped. Nash was red. He was mad but I don't know why. He doesn't like me.

Mia's pov

Recap on what I look like now: waist length Carmel hair, brown eyes, 5,5" and I star on Sam and cat a lot.

What I was wearing today:

Lavender tank top, denim shorts light make-up and my tye-dye vans. My hair was down.

When u saw Taylor, I ran up to him. I have heard so much about him but never met him in person. I gave him a quick hug and introduced myself. I also shook hands with his girlfriend. While Cameron was talking to Taylor, I noticed the necklace around the girls neck.

"So this is Stefanie?" I asked. We all had a freak out for a moment but every thing was okay. I asked if she wanted to go to the mall and Stefanie agreed. I'm glad someone didn't freak out when they saw me!

We ditched the boys and walked out if the jewellery shop. Immediately, I was swarmed with fans screaming my name, and pictures being taken. I posed for some pictures and signed dome photos and then ran to my car. When we got there safely, I looked over to see Stefanie, mortified.

"You, okay?" I asked, buckling my seat belt.

"Yeah, your just so different then I remember!" She said with a smile.

"But honey, we've never met before today," I explained.

She nodded and we began out day if shopping.

---by the end of the trip---

When we where done, I dropped Stefanie off and drive home to Nash and cam. I came home with over 30 bags. Stefanie kept acting weird around me. Like she would hurt me. She's too nice.

Sure ages got some edge to her, but every rose has thorns.

~Stefanie's Pov~

Hanging out with Mia was kinda bad. She's really boring and every time I look at her I think of we I accidentally shot her. Like I said, someone was controlling me. I missed Taylor a lot to when we went shopping. Mia dropped me of. Taylor wasn't home yet. We live in a mansion where all the famous people live. I'm YouTube famous. I make videos. It's better then tv because no one really watched tv except for little kids. Tomorrow, me a Taylor are going to the mall to make a appearance for our fans. I do make vines to and I'm really good at that. I'm famous on there too.

-At Mall-

There were a lot of people at the mall to see us. They were screaming "TAYLOR AND STEFANIE" We came out and they were going crazy. We took so many pictures with them and signed so many thing. I don't know Taylor does this. When it was over, we went to the beach just to walk and talk.

-Conversation at Beach-

S- Today was fun!

T- And exhausting.

S- I don't want to hang out with Mia ever. She reminds me of what I've done.

T- Don't worry I won't.

S- I love you.

T- I love you more.

Mia's pov

I don't think Stefanie likes me. I'm a nice person. Forget the movies I'm in! When I got home I sat down and flopped on the couch. I sat flipping three channels. Every once in a while, I would see my self. Nash and Cam weren't home and I had about 30 minutes til my next photo shoot, so I sat and watched American horror story. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door.

I got up cautiously and looked through the peep hole. I saw Stefanie. I opened up the door and greeted her.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" I chirped

Stefanie walked in without saying a word and went to my living room. When she saw what was on tv she smiled and said "you like horror stories?" I nodded. "Well your life's about to become one!" She yelled and and cut my arm a little and turn and ran.

I gasped and did the first thing that came to mind. I tweeted. Then I made a YouTube video, then I made a vine and an Instagram and Mobli post.

Stefanie lost over a million followers in under 10 minutes.

I called Cam and he freaked out.

My life

~Stefanie's Pov~

What have I done.. I'm gonna kill myself. When Taylor got home, gave kissed him and told him that everything is going to be okay and that he still has to keep going no matter what. Even if I'm gone. He was a little confused. Before I did this, I took the necklace, put red lipstick on, and kissed the back of it. I also left a note that said:

Dear Taylor,

I love you. Just keep going on with life. I was never that important. I'm a monster. I cut a person. I harmed a human and I shall be punished for my sins. I love you babe. Don't worry about me. There's a special place in hell for me and it's the throne. I love you and I'll always be with you in your heart.

XOXO, Stefanie 💋

I went outside and I did it. I shot myself in the head. Now I can't hurt anyone. All my problems are fixed.

~Taylor's Pov~

I went into the backyard and saw Stefanie dead with a gun in her hand and a bullet through her head. I ran inside and called the police. Then I called Cam and Nash and the other guys. I was crying. Then I saw the note that she wrote before she killed herself. She left the necklace. She kissed the back. I almost died. I wanted to die. I no longer want to live but I have to. At least for Stefanie's sake. Everyone started coming. When Cameron saw Stefanie, he fell to the ground next to her and started crying. It was really sad. Even Nash was crying. All the guys were crying. It's was on the news and everything. Then I heard a voice in my head and it said "I'm going to be alright." I automatically knew it was Stef. Like I said, you have to try and survive. Do it for her.

- A Couple Weeks Later -

I carry the necklace around with me now. It reminds me that Stefanie is still with me. We decided to have her funeral today. I was all dressed up. Everyone was. When it was time for people to give a speech, Stef's mom went first. She looked at the casket. "She was to young to die. She was only 23. She had her whole life ahead of her. She only started beginning it." She was crying and then left the stage. Cameron went up next. "The way I treated her was horrible. I treated her like garbage and now I wish I could it all back. She didn't deserve this." He felt to the ground on his knees and he was crying badly. Now it was my turn. "I can't believe she's gone. Part of me still feels her presence her in Earth with me right now. It's sad because I was going to propose to her tomorrow." Nash's mouth went open. That made him cry even more.

Mia's pov

She cut me! And then she left! What did I do to her!

I tweeted: i really wish people wouldn't break into my house and hurt me. I've never done any thing to you guys!

About a week later, I was watching the news with Nash and Cameron, when I heard the name. Stefanie Dallas, committed suicide. My mouth dropped open and tears streaked my face. She hurt me, but she killed her self! That's worse. Nash was shaking his head and Cameron was screaming. I ran back to Cameron and hugged him. The three of us cried and cried. Even if I didn't know her well, she was still my friend.

Cameron's pov

My sister is dead, my sister is dead, my sister is dead! Nooo!

Nash's pov


Hayes's pov

What the-

Skylyn's pov

She deserved it!

Mia's pov

I was at the funeral. It was private do I did not say a word about my presence. Yet pictures where leaked.

I would never be left alone!

~Three Years Later~

♡ Taylor's Pov ♡

I still carry the necklace with me everywhere. No ones aloud to touch it. Mia still miss her. I don't know how Cameron is holding up. He told Mia that they need a break so I'm guessing their broken up. Today I saw this fan and she wanted to get a picture with me. She was hot. I heard a voice in my head say "Go for it." Of course it was Stefanie. But I can't do that to her so I turned out and left. Nash broke up with that one fan. Then dated another one. Then another. He went back to the player he was. When Stefanie was around, he controlled himself. She changed

many lives. She didn't deserve this! I'm still mad about it. I miss our walks on the beach and to the mall.

Mia's pov

"My sister is visiting for a few days," I announced. Every one is still so sad.

I still live with Cameron and Nash, but Cameron has been very anti social. I went up to our room and peeked in, Cameron was laying on the bed, still in his pjs. I crawled up next to him and held his hand. I closed my eyes, "I love you," I whispered. He nodded and rolled over.

"Do you want to go on a date tonight?" He asked.

"Sure!" I said. "To where?"

"To the garden, we need to talk." He said. He got up and dressed and I stayed dressed. He put his arm around my shoulder and walked me out to our side garden and sat me down.

"I think we should take a break."

Cameron's pov

I had to break up with Mia, her life is different and I can't deal with the death. It's been 3 years and I should be over this, but I can't.

Mia's pov


~Cameron's Pov~

So I went back home. I just can't take the death of my sister. I should have treated her better than I did. I just totally blocked her out of my life and this is what happened. Taylor said this is all my fault. So I went to my room and layed down. Something feels off about the room. I look and I see Stefanie sitting there. I ran and gave her a hug but I fell through. "Cameron, I'm just a ghost." She said.


C- What are you doing here?

S- I could only visit one person so I chose you. I already talk to Taylor all the time.

C- You chose me?

S- Cameron, you know I love you right. Your my older brother. The best.

C- Thanks..

S- But then you shut me out. That put so much stress on me. I couldn't take it.

C- I am so sorry.

S- Sorry is not enough. Now look where I am. I'm dead Cameron. You caused this stress.

I guess Taylor was right. This is all my fault. Stefanie came and on the bed with me. I wanted hug her. I started crying.

~The Magic~

When Cameron cried, one tear fell on Stefanie. Then she started to come back to life. You want to know why. Because Cameron now loved her and that's all she needed!

~Taylor's Pov~

I was laying at home. I just came from Magcon. This mansion is so empty with Stef. I miss her. Then someone came into the house. I got up to see who it was. It was Stefanie. I couldn't believe it. "Is that the real you" I said. She started running to me and gave me a big hug. I was so happy to see her. I kissed her on the cheek.


T- How you do it?

S- Well, when Cameron cryed, it fell on me and I guess it brought me back to life.

T- Babe, I missed you so much.

S- I missed you to, even though I was always watch up above.

T- Wait, stay right here.

I went to go get the ring. I don't know why I still kept it. I also got the necklace. I put them in my pocket. We were going to the beach. I quickly called someone to write "Will you marry me Stefanie Dallas?" in the sky. I told her were going to the beach.

~Stefanie's Pov~

We were going to the beach. This is what I missed so much. Going to the beach with my Bae. I love it! It felt good to be back on Earth. I called everyone I knew. They all couldn't believe it. Mia is made at me because Cameron broke up with her. Even though I was dead, it is my fault. We got to the beach. No one was there. We started walking and then I heard a plane type of thing in the sky. That's normal in Cali. Taylor whispered in my ear

"Look up" I did and the sky "Will You Marry Me Stefanie Dallas?" I looked at Taylor. He was on his knee. He had this beautiful diamond ring. "Yes!!" I screamed and gave him a hug.

Mia's pov

He broke up with me. I sat down. I saw flashes from the corner of my eye. Paparazzi. I freakin hate them, they think that they can capture every embarrassing moment of my life. I ran inside and sat on the couch. A girl walked out from Nash's room, about my age and asked for my autograph and then left.

Nash walked out and say next to me. "A new girl every night," I said and went to my next photo shoot.

Cameron's pov

When Stefanie appeared, I seriously doubted her presence. But she was here, she was real.

~Mia's Pov~

I was invited to a wedding! It was Stefanie's and Taylor's. I heard about Stefanie coming back. I'm going to the wedding. I guess almost everyone I know is going. Like Nash, all the viners, and Cameron. Great. Nash now has a new girlfriend everyday. He makes out with them and they he breaks their stupid little hearts. How come he didn't do this when he was dating Stefanie. I guess he truly loved her. He's going to the wedding and I want to see how this goes.

~Nash's Pov~

Yep I'm going to the wedding and I'm getting ready right now. When I got done, I got in my car and drove over to where the wedding was being held. When I got there, I saw Carter. "Dude, I saw Stefanie. She looks hot as hell. Shouldn't have let her go." Carter said. I did ignore Stefanie. That's why she moved on. I moved on too. I just can't keep a long lasting relationship like how it was with Stefanie.

~Stefanie's Pov~

I was so excited! It was almost time to do this. I'm so nervous. I walked out with my dad. I saw Taylor there. He looked so hot. I went up the steps. I zoned out for half of the time. Then Taylor said I do and so did I. "You may now kiss the bride." Taylor kissed me. We had to stop because everyone was clapping. I saw Nash fall to his knees. He looked at me and mouthed "I still love you."

-Next Day-

All over the news was that "Famous Viner Committed Suicide." I got scared. It wasn't Taylor. Then a photo was put on tv. It was Nash. I almost died. Nash is dead. Then I checked my phone and there was a text from Nash. I guess it was his last words. It said:

I'm so sorry for ignoring you. I had to do this. I'm just a player. I get girlfriends everyday and everyone only likes me for my eyes. That's it. I just wanted you to know that I always loved you.

-Nash Grier

Mia's pov

My cousin was dead. I had flash backs about him. When I lived in Florida.

Me Nash and will on the play ground, will and Nash playing football, I missed him. I walked into his room. And sat on his bed. What has my life come to?

Suddenly all of my memory came back.

Stefanie pointing the gun at my head. Cameron cheating. Stefanie being kidnapped. I started to cry. Why would she. I remember meeting 1D.

10 years later.

Taylor and Stefanie had two kids. Manny and Elizabeth.

I became a legend, I married no one and Cameron was forever alone.

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