Stupid Young Love

NAME: Hope Marie Williams
AGE: 18
BIRTH DATE: May 12, 1994

NAME: Justin Drew Bieber
AGE: 18
BIRTH DATE: March 1,1994

Hope Williams and Justin Bieber are both from different agencies. One is good and one is bad . You'd expect that one is from the bad and you think you probably know who it is but you may be wrong. They are set to find each other. One is to bring justice, and the other one is to murder them. Follow these two in Stupid Young Love.


1. Prologue

August 26, 1994~ Her heels were clicking against the marble floor she was walking on. The crying sounds of a baby were following. The any was a blue eyed, brunette haired, and tanned certain someone. As the clicking came to a halt, the creak of a rusty door was heard . The voice of the lady filled the room. "I have her director" was the first that came from the lady's mouth. Her voice was smooth and delicate, but the same time it was strong and powerful. She had long blonde hair that had delicately cascaded down her back all the way to her breasts. Her beautiful chocolate brown eyes were gleaming with pride. Her pale skin was cleared from acne. She had a right and fit body. Well she was an agent of course. And soon that would be the little baby girl's destiny too. - August 26, 1994~ His life was a mess. He had been in this crib, in the same room for days. He was well fed and well taken care of though. He was a healthy baby boy. He also had about the cutest baby boy look ever. He had page skin (because he has been inside more than outside) a dirty blondish brownish hair color, and hazel colored eyes. His destiny was also to become an agent. He was to be well trained and indestructible. He was to be the best. Two different agencies. Two different sides. How do you think this will turn out?~~~~ AUTHORS NOTE:: Hey guys this is sammi! How do you like my story right now? I stopped writing Secrets because I didn't have anymore ideas and I'm sorry about that. I really am. Well thanks for reading my prologue of Stupid Young Love. Comment and like please!! *.*
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