That One

Meghan Luton is out of school and has made some money. She moved to the rich neighborhood. It seems the neighborhood is all guys.... She doesn't know why and hopes she meets one. She is single and wanting a boyfriend. But when she is unpacking will she open the door and faint? At her door is Louis Tomlinson!


9. Letting Go

    Ever since yesterday I have been way to overprotective of Kendal. I know the guys found he but what if they didn't? I would die! My baby would be lost and I would be so scared! She's my daughter! I would be sad all the time.

    Louis was on the couch again when I got out of my bed. I smiled. He doesn't want to wake Kendal, she goes to bed before us so you get it! I shook him. "Get up." He rolled over. "Please? For me?" He smiled. "Fine let's go to the beach today then!" I looked in the bedroom at Kendal. "Fine, let's go!" We got ready and left.

    Once we got there I pulled my shirt off. Louis grabbed me and put me on his back. "Gah! Not again!" He went not so deep in the water and let me down. He wrapped his arm around me. We walked deeper into the water. I got to a big hole and fell into it. It was deep and my eyes were open. I felt something touch my back. I turned around and saw Louis smiling. I smiled back at him. I was running out of air so I went to the surface.

    We walked more then I couldn't touch the bottom. I was on Louis' back. We talked then he turned me to face him. My legs were wrapped around his hips. He started kissing my neck gently. He stopped kissing me and dropped me in the water. "Louis!!" I yelled playfully. I looked around. Something touched my thighs and pulled me above the water.

    "All hail Meghan. Meghan! Meghan! Meghan! Meghan!" He yelled. I laughed. The wind was pushing against me. His hands disappeared off of me. I fell in the water. I swam up and laughed. "Louis! Where are you????" I rubbed my eyes then I saw him in front of me. "I won't leave you."

    The sun went down and the street lights turned on. Me and Louis started walking to the shore. His arm wrapped around me. "Your a big tease. You know that right?" I said putting my shirt of my wet bikini. He smiled. "Yes, but that makes you never bored." I giggled. "True true." He smiled and picked me up. He carried me on his back to the car.

    He sat me in the front. He jumped in and started the car. I pressed some buttons for the radio. He smiled at me. "Say something I'm giving up on you..." We sang together. His voice is amazing and mine sounds like shit. He didn't say anything though. "Louis?" I asked. His head turned and he looked at me. "How is it that you can sing amazing and some people can't?" He pulled over to the side of the road.

    "Well I'll tell you this, you sing good." I blushed and looked at the road. "No I don't, you're just trying to make me feel better." He looked at me worried. "Do you feel bad?" I smiled. "No" His eyes were staring into my soul. Not in a bad way, in a flirty way. "Don't worry, lots of peole think they sing bad but they sing good" he smiled at me. "Some people also think they sing good, but they sound like shit." I added, we laughed together.

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